Ethnic Cleansing – A Crime Against Humanity?

Ethnic Cleansing – A Crime Against Humanity?

Ethnic Cleansing – A Crime Against Humanity?

In today’s educated, sophisticated, humanistic world,
one of the major "no-no's" is ethnic cleansing. That means to
remove people from a certain location simply because of their
race or religion. It is considered "a crime against humanity."
When it was taking place in Kosovo a few years ago, an outcry
went up from many Nations. U.N. and NATO forces were quickly
despatched to intervene and stop it. The question I want to ask
today is "why are the same nations and the U.N. now promoting
ethnic cleansing in the Middle East?"

When God miraculously resurrected Israel in 1948, the Jewish
people held out a hand of friendship to the Arab people who were
then occupying the land that has been eternally promised to the
Jewish people. About 350,000 accepted the offer and stayed in
their villages while about 650,000 were duped by the Arab League
into 'temporarily' moving out while the Arab armies invaded the
fledgling state to annihilate the Jews who were living there. The
Arabs who stayed prospered and their families now make up the 1
million Israeli Arabs, the majority of whom enjoy a comfortable
and safe lifestyle, living side by side with the 5.5 million
Israeli Jews. The Arabs who left have been living a miserable
lifestyle in the various refugee cities that were established for

Now we have the situation where the so called refugees demand
to come back to the locations where their families used to live.
At the present time, Gaza and most of Judea & Samaria are the
areas they demand to come to. In reality, (and some have said it
publically) they want all of Israel - Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa,
Tiberius - ALL OF IT. And unlike the Jews who are happy to live
side by side with Arabs who are willing to live in peace with us,
our 'peace seeking friends' are demanding that every Jew be
removed from the areas they are scheming to re-occupy. Isn't that
ethnic cleansing? And the US, UN, EU, UK, Russia and many others
are promoting it. One has to ask when it comes to the Jews, why
the double standard?

We firmly believe there is another Holocaust just around the
corner. The signs are all in place. Rising anti-Semitism, not
just in one country like the previous Holocaust, but this time
all around the world. A number of large companies boycott Israeli
products and the World Council of Churches has joined the
boycott. One of the first things the Nazi regime did was to
prohibit doing business with the Jews. Can you believe it? People
who consider themselves Christians are declaring "don't buy from
the Jews!"

The Nazis also created "Judenfrei" - towns
and cities that were free of Jews. All of the Jews were removed
(the majority executed). That was ethnic cleansing. And now the
Western World has joined with the Arab nations in demanding
Judenfrei towns and cities in the Middle East. Not only is it
worse than what happened in Germany, because this time they are
ethnic cleansing the Jewish people from the land that is 100%
rightfully theirs - given by God Himself. It is another clear
sign of Satan's impending attempt to rid the world of the Jewish
people - the ultimate Holocaust.

The Gaza disengagement, soon to be followed by disengagement
from towns in Judea and Samaria then East Jerusalem is ethnic
cleansing. President Bush, Condalessa Rice, Tony Blair, Jack
Straw, President Putin, the World Council of Churches, and many,
many pastors are for it. Ariel Sharon, Shimon Peres and many Jews
in Israel and around the world are for it. Even some Messianic
Jews I know are for it. It is ethnic cleansing and it is a major
step towards Satan's vision of a Judenfrei world. Do not be
deceived by the lies of the media and manipulative speeches of
George Bush, Tony Blair or Ariel Sharon, but pray for the
political and religious leaders. We need to pray that this
satanic deception will be broken and their eyes will be opened to
see the truth. Sharon's ethnic cleansing plan must be brought to
a permanent end.

Used by permission