From the Editor

From the Editor

From the Editor

Dear Friends

I am compiling this edition of Omega Times bubbling with
excitement at what lies ahead of us in 2005 and beyond.

Is it a paradox to say "We are living in the end times" and in
the very next sentence proclaim "What wonderful days to be
living"? Absolutely not!

When believers in Christ acknowledge that scripturally
‘the night’ (darkness and end- time perplexity)
precedes ‘the light’ of Jesus return, we gain such a
sense of purpose and clarity of mission. This hope truly eclipses
any hint of gloom.

Exciting news for Omega Times readers

Many of you our readers know that we have endeavoured to keep
this ministry going to provide a witness and warning of
Jesus’ imminent return in the days in which we live. The
Omega Times Quarterly Update has focussed on ‘Living for
Jesus’ in the end times, not being afraid or given to
burying our heads in the sand. I do trust this message has been
coming through clearly.

On a personal note, it hasn’t been an easy road working
full time in a job which requires me to be away from home every
week (speaking in prisons and organisations), and then dividing
weekends between family and the ministry of the Omega Times. We
have managed (just) to date, and are very excited to be
announcing some substantial changes to our ministry structure and

At the end of 2003, the Omega Times changed from a
subscription basis to a donation-only basis, which was a personal
decision of faith. We asked the Lord at that time to sustain us,
and in so doing confirm His blessing on the continuance of this
ministry. It was very much like Moses cry "Unless you take us
hither, we don’t want to move from here..."

We have marvelled at how, through the gifts of many of you, we
have not only been able to continue in this work, but the
readership of Omega Times has increased dramatically - to the
extent that we need to develop a firmer infrastructure to carry
it forward. I can no longer carry the ministry alone – as
many of you who have written to us with questions and information
can appreciate, given my delayed response, time has been a major

I am thrilled to introduce Pastor/s Allan Rasmussen and Brian
Hay to you, who will be taking the management of the Omega Times
off my shoulders. This will mean that I will be released from the
operational side of the ministry, and will focus as a
contributor/writer and itinerant ministry.

The ministry office will shift to Queensland, Australia in May
where the Omega Times will continue to be published.

Changes which affect you

We are returning to a subscription payment basis, which for
many takes the headache out of knowing how much and how
frequently to send gifts.

Details on how to subscribe are available by clicking on the following link: Please ensure you respond immediately in order to
receive the first edition of the new look Omega Times, to be
published the first week of June, 2005.

The Omega Times will increase from 12 to 16 pages of
information and articles relating to bible prophecy and the end
times. Each edition will be full colour – easier to read,
and an attractive professional witness. It will be bi-monthly (6
editions per annum) instead of quarterly, and will be delivered
on time, thanks to Allan’s background experience
in the printing industry and business acumen. Another real plus
will be the reinstatement of the "Letters to the Editor" section
due to the additional space being available. Letters to the
Editor provide a great forum for specific teaching and
exhortation, and was always appreciated by readers.

Background of Allan Rasmussen and Brian

Brian came through the ranks of the Salvation Army and Open
Air Campaigners in New Zealand, an evangelism outreach to which
my father (Barry Smith) was also heavily involved.

He is now based in Queensland Australia, and travels
internationally speaking on end time prophecy, New World Order
Globalisation plans and activities and has a powerful prophetic

Allan, his wife Paulette and two adult children are New
Zealanders who have been living in Brisbane, Australia, for the
past 14 years. Before leaving NZ, he was a successful businessman
who served as a Lay Pastor, Marriage Celebrant and Dean of the
Bible School in a Church of 800 people. Allan was involved for 14
years in FGBMFI New Zealand, as a Chapter President and also
ministering throughout the country. He is the author of two
books, "The Ultimate Question" and
"Spellbound", an expose on hypnotism which is about to
be published. Allan also presents "Personal Evangelism"
seminars and has written a Foundations programme to
establish people in Church life. He is the founding Senior Pastor
of Bay City Church in the Bayside area of Brisbane, a Church
which began out of a Barry Smith Crusade in the 90’s.

The Smith Connection

Allan worked closely with Barry Smith in the early years of
his ministry, organizing a team for 6 weeks to hand-collate
Barry’s first book Warning, in the rumpus room of
his home. There was no finance back then to run the pages through
a normal binding process. This relationship continued with Allan
proof-reading Second Warning.

Onward and upward

So, all in all, these are exciting developments which will
provide you with a better quality production, and consistent
delivery. Did I hear a hearty "Praise the Lord"? Please note that
you must fill out the subscription form by visiting the following page
as no subscriptions
will be automatically processed into the new system.

Saskia and I would like to thank you for your prayers and
financial support over the past year. We are so looking forward
to working as part of a team from now to bring you an even more
effective Omega Times publication from June, 2005.

Christian Love
Andrew & Saskia Smith

Israel Tour

In October I will be co-leading a bible study visit to Egypt and Israel "Following the
steps of Moses" with Pastor
Ian McCormack, known as ‘the jelly-fish man.’ Many of
you will have heard of Ian’s afterdeath experience and
subsequent conversion to Christ after being bitten by deadly box
jellyfish off the coast of Mauritius. This is an outstanding
opportunity to gain many useful insights into the Word of God.
Many have said that ìthey have learnt more about the Bible
on this three week tour, than from years of personal research and
studyî. Perhaps they are referring to the tremendous sense
of ‘confirmation’ one experiences when seeing the
actual places first hand – bringing the Word of God to life
- geographically, agriculturally, culturally and

for further information.