Harlotry, Media and Prophecy

Harlotry, Media and Prophecy

Harlotry, Media and Prophecy

In a world which has gone absolutely berserk with attempts at
being politically correct, I should feel awkward at what I am
about to write. But then again, we are reminded that we ought to
fear God – and not men... OR popular media.

I believe it important to honour people upon the completion of
their earthly sojourn, but one cannot help but notice the
‘worship’ that mainstream media, international
celebrities and leaders, and prominent Christians have lavished
upon the head of the Roman Catholic Church, John Paul ll. Such
extreme respect and reverence, such an outpouring of emotion as
people from all walks of life mourn the passing of a most
significant world leader – some say he was the greatest
voice for peace ever!

I am not interested in taking a party line on this – I
haven’t looked for a Protestant point of view. I can state
I am not anti-catholic, and appreciate the good work of many
individuals who are perhaps more devout in their Christian
service than I, BUT "To the extent that something agrees with the
Word of God, we can agree with it". And surely this must be the
standard by which believers in Christ measure all things?

Any person who stands "In the place of Christ" whether he
calls himself Pastor, Bishop or Pope – can be seen as an
anti-Christ. John the Baptist directed us in the right attitude
"He (Jesus) must increase, but I must decrease."i

"When a Pope is crowned in Rome, so says the Encyclopaeia,
these words are spoken over him. Receive the triple tiara and
know that thou are: a. The Father of Kings and Princes b. The
Pastor of the Universe and the c. Vicar on earth of our Lord
Jesus Christ... Vicarius Filii Dei – one who stands in
the place of Christ

The Bible teaches otherwise: "For there is one God, and one
mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus."iii

Accolades have flowed like a great river since Pope John Paul
ll moved on to the after-life. Corrupt people and good people
alike loved this Pope. President Fidel Castro praised the Pontiff
as a "tireless fighter for friendship among peoples and a friend
of the poor"iv.

Dr. Billy Graham said that that Pope John Paul II was the most
influential voice for morality and peace in the world in the last
100 years. "And tonight, I have a very strange feeling of loss. I
almost feel as though one of my family members has gone. I loved
him very much and had the opportunity of discussing so many
things with him..." Dr. Graham said. Larry King asked Dr. Graham:
"Did he actually say to you once, "We are brothers' "? "That's
correct. He certainly did" replied Graham.v

Chuck Colson (Founder of Prison Fellowship) praised Pope John
Paul II as "one of the truly heroic figures of the 20th
century... The Pope's willingness to reach out to Christians
outside of the Roman Catholic faith was critical to promoting
unity across the Christian family. His vision, his determination,
and his loving spirit will be missed by Christians around the
world," Colson saidvi. wwwDeMossNewsPond.com.pf.

The big question is – Who will follow

One Christian journalist writes "Maybe when his name is
announced we will be as surprised as we were when the gregarious
priest from Poland was named to the papacy. If that is the case,
hopefully the next Pope will not only follow in the footsteps of
the last, but even outrun him in many ways...

I only hope that he is a Pope who understands the psyche of
the American church; a Pope who is able to rule with a strong and
unwavering hand, but who also knows that the church has to be
held together and that continued good relations with all sectors
of Christianity (and the world's other religions
Editors emphasis) is the only way the total Body
of Christ will thrive as the world becomes more complex."vii

Understand that a One World Church must emerged which will
incorporate ‘all religions’ under Rome.
Prophetically, the final world church will be united through a
powerful leader identified as the ‘False prophet’. It
is he who will assist the antichrist (world leader) to power and

He will display supernatural power and will unite many
religions into harmony and tolerance, a harlot system, or one
which goes with many men.

The true Bride of Christ continues to prepare for the return
of the true Messiah – and will be targeted for persecution
by the false Church system. Read Revelation 13:11-18.

For further information as to who might be in line for the
position, I refer readers back to an article written by Andrew
Watson (Omega Times, November, 2003) which provides a profile of
Cardinal Jean Marie Lustiger in the light of St Malachy’s
prophecies. End Times writer Hal Lindsey also looks at the topic
in an article entitled ‘An extraordinary prophecy?’ -
at WorldNetDaily.com, April 8, 2005

Don’t be fooled – religion and a personal
relationship with God, through the blood of the Lamb, are two
very different things. One can provide eternal life, one
can’t. One stands in the place of Christ, one is the real

ìThou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve
them: for I the Lord Thy God am a jealous God...
"And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the
word of their testimony..."

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