Satanic Symbols

Satanic Symbols Satanic Symbols It seems that every organization today has its own identifier or symbol, usually shown as a graphic based logo which appears on equipment, transport, buildings, manufactured products, advertising, and everything else that can be personalized. Unfortunately, that trend also applies to less acceptable organizations around the […] Read more »

Mind Emails

Mind Emails Mind Emails Amid health authority warnings on the dangers of young people being overexposed to radiation from mobile phones, the Education Department in NZ is wrestling with students’ inappropriate use of mobiles during school time (notwithstanding the implications of diminishing spelling and verbal communication skills). In the current […] Read more »

A Fish from Another Time

A Fish from Another Time A Fish from Another Time - The Coelocanth Biologists, through archeological research, identified fossils of a primitive fish called the Coelocanth which by their investigation was judged to have lived 2-3 hundred million years ago. This is such a staggering block of time that it […] Read more »

Darwin’s Bankrupt Theory

Darwin's Bankrupt Theory Darwin's Bankrupt Theory In the last 50 years in particular, we have seen the rise of Darwinism and the propagation of the Theory of Evolution overtake the world like a flood! It seems that every secular school, college and University teaches Darwin’s theory as though it were […] Read more »

News Briefs

News Briefs News Briefs PHONE IMPLANTS Nanotechnology will make mobile phones tiny enough to be imbedded under the skin, making the device subdermal except for the earpiece. Keypad would either be on the sleeve of ones shirt or appear as an interactive hologram Courier Mail April 20 2005 BIBLE BAN […] Read more »

Whose God is He Anyway?

Whose God is He Anyway? Whose God is He Anyway? A civilisation is born, reaches its maturity, and dies. This is the pattern of history. So it was with the Babylonians, the Persians, Greeks and Romans - but what about the Jews? It is interesting that often in Christian circles, […] Read more »

13 Month Moon Calendar

13 Month Moon Calendar 13 Month Moon Calendar - Rationalization and eradication of all things Christian It has been said everything is changing. If people are taking comedians seriously and treating politicians like a joke, then I guess for us, it is time to reconsider man’s grip on life. Not […] Read more »

Deceit in the Vatican

Deceit in the Vatican Deceit in the Vatican It is an absolute fact that God dearly loves EVERY Catholic. After all, He went to the Cross on their behalf. Nor can one deny the commitment that many Catholics have in their denomination. What God despises however is the system and […] Read more »

Majoring on Minors

Majoring on Minors Majoring on minors - An explanation of Keys in music Funeral music is often in the minor key. Heathen music and wailing is often in the minor. It was sin that introduced into creation the minor note. One note can transform a major chord into a minor […] Read more »

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Letters to the Editor BIBLE CODES Do you have any views or opinions regarding the Bible code? Is the word of God encrypted in the Torah and other books of the Bible? Is it to be believed or is it to be disregarded? I cannot make […] Read more »