Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Other Signs

Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Other Signs

Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Other Signs

Romans 8:22 is a prophetic Scripture which is being fulfilled
in our day before our very eyes. It speaks of the tribulation of
creation itself, saying –

"For we know that the whole creation groans and labours with
birth pangs together until now."

Apartment building wrecked
by earthquake

Creation itself waits, as we do, for the coming of the Lord.
The verse preceding this one tells us that creation itself also
will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the
glorious liberty of the children of God.

Every indicator points to the fulfillment of this great
prophecy. The earth itself bears witness as it groans and
travails continually, seemingly needing redemption every bit as
much as man does. Every part of our planet seems to be facing
some sort of severe trouble. Much of the nation of France is
facing severe drought this year and the situation is getting
critical. Australia is also facing increasing drought conditions
unlike anything we have seen before. The northwestern United
States is another of many regions facing drought, with Washington
Governor Christine O. Gregoire, declaring a state-wide drought
emergency on March 13th.

Global warming has glaciers around the world melting rapidly.
The ice of South America’s Andes mountains, Montana’s
Glacier National Park, and even Africa’s Mt Kilimanjaro are
liquefying at a great rate of speed. In Frederickshob in southern
Greenland, it was 61 degrees in February, which is warm even in
the summer months of July in that area.

Tidal Wave devastates city

Geologists have now discovered that a major earth plate has
broken in two pieces. The Indo-Australian plate, which holds up
both Asia and India, is now separated. As the earth continues to
move, volcanoes continue to erupt. On February 23rd 2005, The
Korovin Volcano near Atka, Alaska, erupted. On March 9th, it was
Mt. St. Helens that erupted, sending a plume of smoke and ash
over 30,000 feet into the air. On the very next day, March 10th
2005, Mexico’s Volcano of Fire near Colima, began to spew
orange lava.

The great end time sign in Matthew 24:7 of "earthquakes in
various places" is now a present reality.

Earthquakes Feb-March 2005

Tsunamis are not mentioned in the Bible as such, but we must
not forget that they are the product of earthquakes.

We now have a literal avalanche of earthquakes happening daily
around the world. There are now so many of them that it is
impossible to report them all, but in the box to the right are some of the more
powerful recent ones that have occurred this year.

On March 4th, 2005, a swarm of earthquakes began to happen off
the coast of the State of Oregon. Scientists rushed to the area
from the Oregon State University and the National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration. Researchers said, "Thousands of small
earthquakes are happening just off the western coast of the
United States because the sea floor is spreading. We suspect what
happened was that magma pushed up into the crust and the lava may
have broken the surface."

Government emergency officials have been warning that tsumanis
are a very real threat to all the coasts of the United States.
They also state that 52% of the population of the U.S. lives in a
coastal county. To make matters worse, these same officials are
recommending that since people cannot escape the coastlands fast
enough, they should escape upward by going to the upper levels of
high-rise buildings if a tsunami is about to strike.

The devastation that
follows disaster

These are instructions of unbelievable foolishness. No
building code has ever been implemented to take into account a
wall of water 90 feet high, moving at jetliner speed of 500 miles
per hour, hitting a building. No sane person would want to be in
such a building at a time like this – there is no safety
here! The coastlands are extremely vulnerable, and the Bible
makes special mention of them. The word "island" is used in
Scripture to indicate coastland according to Strongs Concordance.
In Isaiah 59:18 we read, "According to their deeds, accordingly
He will repay fury to His adversaries, recompense to His enemies;
to the islands He will pay recompense."

We can only expect the frequency of these signs to accelerate,
as there is no evidence from any quarter to suggest that this
increasing activity of the Earth’s volatile nature will
dissipate. We don’t know how long this season of signs will
continue. It may be a decade, more or less, but at this time, all
we can say is "Come Lord Jesus!

With thanks to David P.