From the editor

From the editor

From the editor

Greetings to every subscriber and reader around the world. We
have truly been overwhelmed by the kindness of sentiment and the
highly encouraging words that many of you have taken the time to
convey, both before the release of the new-look Omega Times, and
especially since its release. Also we acknowledge the many
prayers of the faithful which have contributed greatly to the
result so far.

THE OMEGA TIMES is a bi-monthly,
full colour magazine, sold by subscription
and through selected retail outlets,
which looks at world events in the
light of Bible prophecy, and promotes
Bible truth. We seek to draw comment
from reliable sources, but absolute
accuracy (apart from Bible Scripture)
cannot be guaranteed. Articles which
are not written by the publishers of
Omega Times do not necessarily
reflect the views of the Omega Times.


Editor: Allan Rasmussen
Publisher: The Reflections Trust
& The Hay Family Trust
Mail: PO Box 1174, Capalaba, Queensland 4157, Australia
Phone: +61 7 3245 1026
Format: Sharryn Rasmussen
Print by: Open Book

This is very sobering because it makes us realize how
important it was to not only carry on a wonderful ministry, but
also to inject new life into it. I cannot begin to tell you what
sort of a mountain we had to climb. I think the Lord must have
given us a "Damascus road experience" and temporarily blinded us
on our journey, for if we had been able to clearly see the
difficulties that lay ahead, I am not sure we would have started
the journey.

We are full of admiration for Andrew Smith who struggled
single-handedly for a long time, working hard to maintain the
ministry first begun by Barry Smith. We have had the invaluable
help of two other people to bring about what we see now as a
small miracle. Sharryn has simply done the impossible by taking a
highly complex software programme and wrestling it into
submission without any training. The format and layout of the new
magazine is the result. Lurking in the ethereal world of
cyber-space, Paul Jones has prodded, encouraged and cajoled us as
he used his great professional skill in writing software
programmes and web-hosting, to usher in the considerable changes
needed in the Website that were established more quickly and
efficiently than we ever thought possible.

While the reversion to a subscription-based magazine may have
been a shock for some, the commercial reality in today’s
world is that to produce a magazine of this quality at relatively
low print volumes is a costly exercise indeed. Having said that,
we welcome your prayers and your support as we step out in
ever-increasing faith to issue No 2, which features an increased
number of pages and even better quality gloss art paper.