New Age – Old Lie!

New Age - Old Lie!

New Age - Old Lie!

by Allan Rasmussen

I have just finished writing a book on Hypnotism called
"Spellbound," which exposes the dangers of hypnotherapy, its
occult base, and the risks attached when one allows themselves to
be hypnotized. I have realized through writing this book that
this is just the ‘thin edge of the wedge’ when one
considers that our society is being swamped with New Age healing
practices, holistic medicines and wellness programmes. The worst
aspect in all of this is the gullibility of people in allowing
themselves to be opened up to the occult and the spirit realm,
which is the operating power behind most of the common practices
in alternative health.

Just as in hypnosis, none of these alternative practitioners
can give a rational, scientific, clear and concise report of the
physics, chemistry, and dynamics of the healing process that
supposedly operates in these practices. If you are currently
undergoing alternative therapy, ask your Practitioner to explain
EXACTLY what makes their therapy work. They can’t –
except for some mumbo-jumbo about energy fields etc.

Nor do they meet acceptable result levels when scrutinized by
empirical tests. A group of Iridologists (an occult practice) in
the USA were given a series of tests where just 2.6% of them
managed a correct diagnosis of patients. That places these
so-called "professionals" in the same class as charlatans and
hucksters, who prey on people in real need, yet do not deliver
what they promise.

It is an embarrassment that some Pastors and Ministers, and
large numbers of Christians, who in seeking relief from medical
and physical problems, have turned to alternative health
therapies and practices without checking them out. They seem
totally oblivious to the dangers inherent in them, and unseeking
as to what God Himself thinks about the situation. Some of these
people, when given warning of the dangers of alternative
treatments by enlightened Pastors, or Christian Doctors, have
reacted in anger close to violence, which in itself, demonstrates
that they may be victims already of a spirit operating and
oppressing them.

It must be said that many practitioners of alternative healing
have no idea of the real root of the therapy they practice. All
will espouse the ‘cause and effect’ they have been
taught, and most have a genuine concern and a commendable desire
to help the afflicted.

The answer as to why they have a steady stream of clients
coming to them for help is easily understood. Some of these
reasons are -

  1. Medical Science manages illness rather than heals. This is
    verified by the incredible, but largely unknown statistic that
    something like 98% of all prescribed drugs are designed to
    alleviate pain, manage the problem, and provide relief, rather
    than heal. (That is a very sobering thought!) Even operating
    theatre procedures by and large either cut away, replace, insert
    or join, and then the body itself obliges by delivering a measure
    of self-healing for surgical wounds.
  2. The easy access (no long waiting lists through lack of
    finance or skilled Doctors) and simple diagnosis techniques make
    for a more satisfactory experience with alternative
  3. The holistic approach by New Age therapists where body, soul
    and spirit all matter, shows a wide interest and a compassion for
    the individual not always seen in Medical circles as witnessed by
    the Dr Death scandal in Queensland recently.
  4. Most inquirers of alternative therapies have already been
    through the medical and hospital system, without receiving the
    desired results. Many see they have no alternative but to seek
    alternative therapy.

In part 2, in October’s edition, I will write more on
God’s alternative, which is Divine Healing. I mention this
because I need to address a doctrinal issue before listing some
of the more common New Age therapies. The doctrinal issue is
this. It doesn’t matter so much what the world thinks, but
for the committed Christian, we must believe that Jesus heals,
and that sickness does not come from God, but from the enemy of
all mankind, satan himself. Lack of sound teaching has robbed
much of the Church from understanding this. God never put
sickness on anyone! Who would want to serve a malicious,
double-minded God who on one hand says, "by My stripes you are
healed," and on the other, inflicts us with sickness, infirmity
and disease? By that measuring stick, any person turning to
Christ would be a fool!

Because God is healer and satan is the author of disease, it
follows that satan can not only inflict sickness, but temporarily
REMOVE or weaken it! I am convinced that this is the strategy of
the deceiver in many cases – people are drawn into an
occult, New Age therapy, and see some relief. Note I specify "in
many cases." Certain procedures, such as massage and
physiotherapy for instance have real therapeutic value. The
danger is when occult power lurks in the background.

This real or perceived relief that comes from holistic sources
draws the patient in further to the core of the therapy which is
precisely where the danger lies and the enemy wants them. This
thought is strongly supported by the fact that we do not see
published, or hear testimony of many, if any, medium or long term
healings using New Age holistic techniques.

In fact, the reverse happens. When one exposes themselves to
the demonic spiritual realm, they allow entry by satan into
one’s life rather than God Himself. Unless there is
repentance and God intervenes, there can only be healing if it
suits the enemy, but in such circumstances, satan always wins,
because if we open ourselves up to the demonic spiritual realm,
we face spiritual death through (1) breaking the 2nd commandment,
(2) not having faith in God, (3) disobedience in touching the
unclean thing, and (4) by not treating Jesus as Lord.

Read Deuteronomy 13:1-5 and 2 Thessalonians 2:9. God warns us
that spiritual miracles can occur and still be false. They are
counterfeits – miracles, signs and wonders which the Bible
attributes to satan. Let us now look at some common practices
which no Christian should be involved in. Four will be dealt with
here. Another six will be documented in the October Omega


This common practice seems to be everywhere in our society.
Yoga is a ‘fringe therapy’ rather than a mainstream
holistic therapy, because it has more to do with meditation and
exercise, but it is extremely popular. Most women at some time or
another, have had an invitation to join a Yoga class. The
benefits are very convincing, and a part of the lure is
relational, where one can meet others on the same level. Exercise
in a non-exhausting way also is a powerful attraction to many

Yoga however, is based on the Hindu religion, and every
position or ‘pose’ has a spiritual purpose and
meaning. The word ‘yoga’ is derived from two Sanskrit
words, ‘yo’ and ‘ga’ which simply mean
man and God. Because Hinduism believes that the physical body
holds the spiritual body in bondage, then the practice of Yoga
and its exercises has the objective of releasing the spiritual
body so that it may fulfil the end result which is union with the
God-force. While on the surface this seems a wonderful
proposition, the God-force spoken of here is demonic. This is
double-speak for being demonized, although the teachers of Yoga
have no idea of this spiritual reality having anything to do with
this practice.

The 6 main branches of Yoga are, Hatha, Bhakti, Raja, Jnana,
Karma and Tantra. Styles include Hatha, Ashtanga, Bikram and
Kundalini. The last mentioned, Kundalini, is the most powerful
known style of Yoga. It is designed to awaken the Serpent force
of Kundalini which resides at the base of the spine in the
genital area. This demon called Kundalini, once awakened, then
moves up the spine to the brain and manifests itself as the
"third eye" in the middle of the forehead.

There is a Sanskrit name and an English translation for each
the poses used in Yoga. Mantras, unique formulas of sacred
syllables, are one of the earliest components of Yoga. My
recommendation is this, especially if you are a committed
Christian - If you need exercise or want to enjoy a group
activity, go to a Gym or see your Doctor for help. Whatever you
do, don’t get caught up worshipping Hindu demon-gods, for
that in essence is the heart of Yoga.


This offbeat therapy is related to other therapies which claim
to identify the different areas on the whole body on just a small part of
the body. In the case of Reflexology, the foot becomes a map of
the body, and the technique used is the same as Acupuncture, but
without the needles. Pressure points are applied to the feet
according to the "foot map." Those who claim to be practitioners
of Reflexology, explain how this therapy works, by giving the
same reason many other New Age health therapies offer –
that it works by channeling energy, and by removing blockages
preventing energy currents flowing through the body.

My question is, "Why would my feet in particular be a
reservoir of energy that could be channeled to other parts of my
body?" People believe this lie because there may be a perceived
result. There is some energy source of power operating here, but
it is not a resource of the natural makeup of one’s feet!
As in Yoga, Reflexology’s operating source of energy is
spiritual, but not of God – therefore it is anathema to the
Christian. The deception of Reflexology descends deeper into a
spooky, pseudo-Christian offer by most practitioners to impart
Cosmic Energy (??) through the laying on of hands. It if
wasn’t so serious, it would be laughable.


The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy describes
Aromatherapy as the skilled and controlled use of essential oils
for psychic emotional health and spiritual wellbeing – an
interaction between therapist and client to bring forth healing
energy. Aromatherapy is a term coined by French chemist
René Maurice Gattefossé in the 1920’s to
describe this healing practice. The term Aromatherapy is
misleading, since the aromas of oils, whether natural or
synthetic, are generally not themselves therapeutic.

The Aromatherapist views disease as being a sign of imbalance
between body, mind and spirit. One technique of diagnosis is by
"dowsing" or obtaining information from an evil spirit. This
particular technique is pure divination, expressly forbidden in
Leviticus 20:6 by God. A snip of hair or a piece of the
patient’s finger nail are placed in the centre of a dowsing
disc. The action of the pendulum suspended above the disc allows
the aromatherapist to decide which essential oils should be used
to bring inner balance and healing, and the means by which they
should be administered.

Like all New Age therapies, there is an element of truth
attached to them. If I have a cold and stuffy nose, I may use
Vicks VapoRub, which is a mixture of camphor, menthol and
eucalyptus oil. Strictly speaking, that could be called
Aromatherapy, but it’s done without divination or a spirit
operating. The New Age, holistic version of Aromatherapy is a
pseudoscientific alternative medical therapy, with overtones of
folklore, anecdotal after-the-event testimonials, New Age
spiritualism and fantasy.


Dr Usui is the founder of Reiki. He started a Reiki
organization in Japan as a result of a time when, after fasting
and meditating for several weeks, he had a mystical experience on
Mt Kurama, where he hallucinated and heard voices giving him the
"keys to healing."

Larry Arnold and Sandra Nevins claim in The Reiki Handbook
(1992) that Reiki is useful for treating brain damage, cancer,
diabetes and venereal diseases. If the healing fails, however, it
is because the patient is resisting the healing energy. Reiki is
very popular among New Age spiritualists, who are very fond of
"attunements," "harmonies," and "balances."  Reiki apprentice
healers pay up to $10,000 to their masters to become masters
themselves. The process involves going through several levels of
attunement. One must learn which symbols to use, when to call up
the universal life force, how to heal an emotional or spiritual
illness, and how to heal someone who isn’t present. This
method of occultic healing touch is one of the more pervasive New
Age therapies that we hear of, being widely practiced. In Reiki,
a person’s Chakras, or psychic centres, are injected with
energy so their "Life Force" can be activated. This has
absolutely nothing to do with the James 5:14-15 ministry of the
laying on of hands as taught in the Bible, even though a Reiki
practitioner will tell you that Reiki comes from God.
Unfortunately, it’s power comes from that other "god," His
name is satan. The bottom line is that in fact Reiki is simply
another term used to describe the channeling of demons into
people. They explain it’s mechanism with the usual New Age
mumbo-jumbo. Here is an example. "It is the God-consciousness
called Rei that guides the life force called Ki in the practice
we call Reiki. Therefore Reiki can be defined as spiritually
guided life force energy. This describes the experience most
people have – Reiki guiding itself with its own wisdom, and
being unresponsive to the direction of the Practitioner." Tell
that to a patient in a Reiki practitioners office and they will
nod their head so as not to appear ignorant, but the truth is
they wouldn’t understand a word of what is utter
gobbledegook!! If this Reiki spirit won’t follow
instructions then all they are going to do is play Russian
roulette with a demon.

Part 2 of "New Age – Old Lie" will appear in the October
issue of The Omega Times.