The Gay Bomb

The Gay Bomb

The Gay Bomb

by Brian Hay

The insanity of men and their political and military mind
games - where will it end?

In a report recently released by the British Broadcasting
Corporation, it was revealed that the US military and the
Pentagon are working on various sorts of devices that would give
them an advantage on the battlefield. (I will reveal many of
these in due course in later editions of Omega Times) The report
mentioned that their experimentation has taken a bizarre twist by
utilizing the field of pheromones and genetics etc., in their
research of biological warfare.

Several of the plans unveiled are ridiculously laughable,
except for the fact they are deadly serious in pursuing
objectionable and abhorrent ideas. One was to develop a pheromone
bomb that released homosexual attracting chemicals, designed to
inspire cravings that would cause men to lust after another and
turn to sodomy, thus distracting them from the battle at

I am not sure how you will view this but from my perspective
the stupidity, let alone the immorality of this suggestion, puts
the men behind this and their reasoning, in the insane section of
society. Does it not make you wonder that a nation who is touting
itself as the defenders of Christian heritage, promote one
standard for morality in their own nation while advocating
another for the rest of humanity .

As weird as this sounds, make no mistake that the capability
they possess now gives them the ability to activate these very
crude animalistic instincts within man. A field of highly
classified military expertise known as Psych Ops (Psychological
Operations) is also experimenting with some of the strangest and
most corrupt methods of manipulating human nature through mind
control. It is so far advanced that all self respecting human
beings are now in jeopardy of losing their independence. The
scary part of this is that most of this information is
semi-public knowledge but most have treated it as a joke and
would rather not think about it.

Whatever happened to the fact that the church of Jesus Christ
is supposed to be the conscience of the nations. Here is a
supposedly Christian government funding the capability to cause
men to burn in passion for each other. This is Sodom and Gomorrah
on a global scale – it’s SICK!

The Gay Bomb contains what it is known as a chemical
aphrodisiac, stimulating an uncontrollable homosexual desire in
enemy soldiers and combatants. The theory behind this is that it
would create disarray and havoc amongst the enemy troops.
Laughable you say? This is Romans chapter 1 being advocated and
fulfilled here on an unimaginable scale. The very fact they can
even contemplate such a thing is to conclude they have no sense
of right or wrong and certainly no biblical concern as to the
means of warfare and the guiding rules of engagement, let alone
any common decency.

Among other things considered on the planning tables of the
military (but not proceeded with as far as we know) are

A chemical weapon that would make enemy troops a magnet for
swarms of angry wasps or rats.

A weapon designed to inflict a foul and lasting halitosis on
enemy troops, preventing them from hiding in civilian

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