Hollywood Terror

Hollywood Terror

Hollywood Terror

"I have come
to realise that my theories explained the
degeneration of a great civilisation; they did not prevent it. I
set out to be a reformer, but only became a historian of
decline." Ludwig von Mises

Perhaps the biggest conspiracy at large today is in getting
people to think that there are no conspiracies.

For many years Hollywood portrayals of power-crazed maniacs,
running around mutilating innocent people and blowing up
important places has kept the masses enthralled and entertained.
Of course the reality of such horror and gore is masked behind
widely accepted humanistic philosophies like ‘man is
basically good’, and, with the exception of the odd crazy
person with mental problems, this terror stuff could never happen
in the real world. Think again. The god (small g) of this world
is not a peace lover with an agenda of future and hope ("an
expected end"), but a thief who comes to kill, steal and

There is the possibility that people will label me a
‘fatalist’ as I continue to warn that I believe we
have only witnessed the tip of the terror iceberg – and
that widespread global terrorism will be a feature of life from
now on, until the return of the promised Deliverer. This is a
supernatural problem which requires a supernatural solution.
Those people who still hang on to the myth that ‘Government
is God’ will surely be disappointed.

Most governments are idolatrous systems which deny the
scientific and moral laws of creation. How then can we look to
them for deliverance from the oppressive forces which they have
assisted to bring to power – wittingly or unwittingly?

And as time passes, whenever we are blessed by the
‘Silence’ of no bomb blasts and periods of apparent
peace, we should not misinterpret these as ‘Our security
forces controlling the terrorists’. We cannot even state
with confidence anymore who the bad guys are – as opposed
to the good guys. Unfortunately, this is not Hollywood, but you
can be forgiven for finding the reality twist fiendishly
interesting. Even informal research shows the most bizarre
relationships between the good guys and bad guys.

For example, the technology supplied to the Soviet Union to
build the Soviet war machine, which was the apparent enemy of the
USA (and her allies) was 90% supplied by the USA (and her
allies). In his book "Wall Street and the rise of Hitler,"
Anthony Sutton declares that Wall Street money financed the
German cartels in the mid 1920’s, which in turn brought
Hitler to power. It is all too easy to name Al Qaida as the
enemy. Serious thought should be given to how terrorist groups
are gaining a foothold and resources in many Western nations. The
real issue in both war and terror is made visible when we ask the
question: "Where does the financial interest lie?" And of course
it was God who warned about the love of money and its progeny -

To add insult to injury, British politicians have announced
the possibility of a new ‘Terror tax’ to help offset
the escalating costs of homeland security and attempts to offer
protection to the millions of commuters who need to travel to
work on roads and subways. These are the ‘soft
targets’ as they are known by the cowards who play cat and
mouse with authorities.

A recent report states that investigations into the last run
of bombings in London continues to cost £500,000 a day. The
twist of course is that while Britain, (and no doubt other
Western countries including the USA) look to place the
responsibility for the costs of terror attacks on civilians via
taxation, they continue to fund and operate a munitions industry
which is arguably the biggest industry in the world. To think
that President Bush and Prime Minister Blair would embark on a
war in Iraq without the knowledge that international terror would
most certainly escalate is naïve.

Of course they knew, of course they calculated the cost, and
to that end were/are prepared to sacrifice thousands of innocent
lives in the game of terror. Today’s news states that the
US is committed to keeping 100,000 troops in Iraq for the next
four years. Again I would state - the real issue in war and
terror is "Where does the financial interest lie?"

In God’s dealings with mankind, He has often allowed
adversaries to rise up and wreak pain and misery, until people
cry out for His deliverance. God wants our attention back!
Hebrews 12:26-29 talks about a massive shake up on earth like we
have never seen…"That those things which cannot be shaken
may remain." In these times of uncertainty – may we focus
on the certain. While illusions and lies prevail – may we
know Jesus as truth. "Where sin did abound, there did grace much
more abound."

Remember this! There can be no shadow without light present,
and a shadow is always bigger than the real thing – We also
know that a shadow cannot hurt you."