Israel’s Darkest Days – Jews Expel Jews

Israel's Darkest Days - Jews Expel Jews

Israel's Darkest Day - Jews Expel Jews

Sharon, Bush
and the World will pay a high price for the Gaza
Disengagement. Ezekiel 13:10 says "Because, even because they
have seduced my people, saying, Peace; and there was no

Watching the events of the last few weeks has left us in shock
and despair. Many in Israel and many around the world are
weeping, as the heart wrenching images of the ethnic cleansing of
the Jewish residents of the Gaza Strip continue to dominate the
news. It is very difficult not to ask the question "Why Lord? Why
didn’t You answer the prayers of millions of Christians and
Jews around the world? Why didn’t You watch over Your word
never to uproot the Jewish people again? Why did You allow Your
murderous enemies to celebrate what they see as victory for
violence and terror? Lord, why even give them one inch?"

Of course I don’t have the answers to those questions,
but Josie and I maintain our stance that the Gaza Disengagement
is the work of evil men and women. On the surface it looks like
the responsibility for this trauma, which has brought Israeli
men, women, children and even IDF soldiers to the point of
hysterical sobbing, lies with PM Ariel Sharon.

If this military removal of people from a particular location
had happened anywhere else, it would be called, "A Crime Against
Humanity", and Sharon would soon find himself answering to the
International Court of Justice. Some have accused Sharon, who was
once the Zionist warrior responsible for the establisment of the
settlements in the first place, of coming up with this inhumane
and criminal plan to cover up charges of serious political and
financial corruption.

Sharon does not bear the responsiblity alone. US President
George Bush is also responsible as it is he and his Sate
Department that has applied intense pressure on Sharon and the
Israeli government to comply with the US/Quartet Road Map for the
Middle East peace. As you will realize after reading the news,
the prospects for peace are nothing more than humanistic fantasy.
The only thing that Israel’s retreat under fire will
achieve in doing, is to encourage the Islamic world to continue
to support the Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al Qaida and others, to
continue to use incessant terror attacks to drive Israel further
and further out of their legitimate territory. First the
settlements in Judea and Samaria, and then Jerusalem will be the
Palestinian path to the complete annihilation of the State of

We are not the only ones saying this. Many Christian
commentators like David Hunt, Bill Koenig and Pat Robertson are
saying the same thing. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are openly saying
the same thing. One has to wonder whether Ariel Sharon and George
Bush ever get to hear these reports. I am sure they do, so then
one has to ask the question, "Why are our leaders giving in to
these terrorists?" The obvious answer is simple - OIL! In
today’s world oil is the most precious commodity. Oil is
more important than people.

However, the responsibility does not stop at the White House.
Most of the key US leaders are involved in the New World Order.
Both President Bush’s were members of the Skull and Bones
Club, which enlists members for The Order, a New World Order
group whose primary objective is to bring in a one world
government and a one world religion. The majority of upper US
leadership has always been Freemasons. Shimon Peres is also
connected to the Freemasons, the CFR and other NWO organizations.
In 1998 the CFR devised the plan to take Gaza and all of Judea
and Samaria from Israel and give it to the so-called
Palestinians. Sharon claims to have only decided on the
disengagemnt plan last year, but I heard an IDF officer say on
the radio today that they had been preparing for this shameful
day for 2 years. There is much more to this than meets the

The battle for Gaza seems to have been lost - for now. Sharon
says Israel will never return to Gaza. But the God of Israel says
otherwise. In Genesis 15:16 and Psalm 105:6-11, the Creator of
the Universe promised all of the land of Canaan, plus much more,
to Abraham and his descendants as an eternal promise. In
Jeremiah 30:3, the God of Israel says that He will bring Abraham’s
descendants back to possess the land. Whose report do you
believe? We believe the report of the Lord. Some day, some way
God will give it back to Israel, along with the land from the
Nile to the Euphrates.

The forced ethnic cleansing of Jews from their land in the
Gaza Strip will prove to be very costly for Israel, for Sharon,
for George Bush and for all the other nations who have taken the
Devil’s side in the conlfict over Gaza. (Those that did
nothing actually took the Devil’s side by default.) It has
already cost Israel dearly. Israel is a different country today.
We have lost 1100 citizens over the last 4 years and now we have
surrendered. We have lost a part of our heart. We have lost our
national integrity. We have lost Ariel Sharon, our once great
leader. By his evil actions he has lost his right to lead the
nation of Israel. And we stand to lose a lot more yet as we look
to the USA instead of looking to Yahweh. It will cost Ariel
Sharon his political career and reputation. He will go down in
history as the Jewish Prime Minister who ethnic cleansed the
Lord’s land then gave it away to liars, thieves and

A Christian author and Middle East expert says the US and
other countries backing Israeli Prime Minister Ariel
Sharon’s Gaza expulsion plan will be held accountable to
God for those actions. It will cost George Bush and USA dearly.
And it will cost all of the other nations and leaders who took
the Palestinian side. We expect to see these ‘debts’
called in very quickly.. History clearly tells the story of what
happens to those individuals and nations who touch the apple of
God’s eye. (Zecheriah 2:8). Just ask the Egyptian Pharaoh,
Nebuchadnezzar, the Medes and Persians, the Greeks, the Romans,
and the British.

Joel 3:2 says - "I will also gather all nations and will bring
them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat. And I will fight with
them there for My people and for My inheritance Israel, whom they
have scattered among the nations, and divided My land."

Please continue to pray that the Lord will quickly raise up a
standard against His enemies and against the enemies of His Land
and His people, Jewish and Christian. Please pray for healing of
the emotions of the settlers and all the Israelis whose hearts
have been ripped open by the events of the last few months.
Please pray that the real intentions of the enemy will be exposed
and all of those who have conspired with them against
Israel’s right to dwell in the promised Land will either
repent or be removed.

The Lord bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense
of her right to exist on the land given to the Jewish people by
the God of Israel. Please pray for the settlers to remain strong
and united against the Sharon government’s plan to eject
them from their rightful land.

David & Josie Silver are the
of "Out of Zion Ministries", based
at Mt. Carmel in Israel