The Bible Codes

The Bible Codes

The Bible Codes

There is a great deal of debate going on around the world as
to the validity or alternatively the lack of validity concerning
the subject of the Bible Code. Most of us are aware that it
exists and that it is controversial and many have written it off
as being of no significance. Contrary to the opinions of those
who would disagree with my assumptions, I feel rejecting the
Bible code out of hand is a grave mistake. As always most human
thinking tends to rationalise anything away that has any
semblance of the unexplainable. I do not suggest for one minute
that we should accept anything we read without intense scrutiny.
That simple folly has provided a vast repertoire of heresy that
now holds the church to ransom. I also do not believe that all
the details found in the codes are satanic and attributable to
the cabalistic dark arts of numerology. The codes are there, that
is for certain and the men who have devoted themselves to the
studying the codes are no fools.

Comprehensive Bible Matrx
on September 11
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Upon studying the pedigree of code researchers, such as the
main founder Dr Eliyahu Rips of, you find
a top leading world mathematician as well as Jeffery Satinover,
Yacov Rambsel of, Doron Witztum of (Hebrew scholars and Torah Rabbi’s),
Roy Reinhold of, and many others. It becomes very
obvious there is more to this than meets the eye, regardless of
what anyone tells you. I have always said that we make a fool of
ourselves and demean God when we conclude anything that we do not
understand must be of the Devil. The simple truth is this, only
God himself is the creator and everything at its origin is from
God. The corrupted, warped distortions of truth we call heresy
and demonic are the Devil’s attempt at taking Gods creation
and twisting it all out of proportion then feeding it back to us
as his own, to convince us he also has the power to create. The
Devil never created anything. He also is a created being (READ
ISAIAH 14 and EZEKIEL 28). Do not give him credit for what he
does not deserve. An example of this is the study of the stars.
Read Isaiah 40:26 and Psalm 147:4 and answer me who created the
stars and who it was that gave them all their names. It was not
the Devil - it was Jehovah, but the Devil corrupted what God
created. Romans chapter one informs us the Devil convinced man to
worship the image of the creatures formed in the heavens made by
the creator rather than acknowledge the creator of them whom they
by allegory referred to.

September 11 Matrix
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Around 1977 I was given an original copy of the
Pentagon-developed Bible Code software program by a top physics
professor in China when they first discovered the codes. I was
amazed at the intricacy of its methodology and how unique it was,
only to find that some men felt it was a hoax and others felt it
was an unnecessary distraction from truth. They then began to
express all sorts of opinions, to which they are entitled I might
add. My own observations and conclusions are that it was brushed
aside as some sort of bizarre over-indulgence of mystical left
field thinking and after much research and intense scrutiny and
soul-searching of the motives of those involved, I have
absolutely no reservation in endorsing and advocating its
credibility. My only hesitation is that you make sure the truth
of the Word of God is not compromised in any way by making it say
something it does not, and that it is not some isolated obscure
theory developed by an overactive imagination.

To me, the principle of how the Bible Code operates is totally
supernatural and cannot be manufactured to the degree of
scientific probability that occurs. I know that simplistic
methods have been utilised to bring all sorts of crazy
predictions, but I do not endorse those. Only when I see proper
process of ethical and plausible calculations applied that leave
you with no doubt as to its facts and statements do I concede
this is God.

As to the argument that many raise who say God would never
have secret messages covertly in his word I say nonsense. God
Himself states, it is the wisdom of God to conceal a thing and it
is the duty of Kings to search out the matter. This is a truth we
would do well to pay more heed to in our modern, lazy,
Bible-bereft Christian society.

The system of finding words within words is known in code
student’s terms as E.L.S. which stands for equidistant
letter sequences. Let me explain! If you were to use the original
Hebrew Torah (it works with the tanach… the other Old
Testament books…. also) and run the computer program
asking it to search for a name or word or place, you would enter
the English words which the program would convert to Hebrew and
then check the entire Hebrew Bible for you. It will check from
right to left (as Hebrew is written this way) then it would check
left to right, then vertically up and down, then diagonally left
to right and right to left. The program will keep extending the
number of sequences between letters. e.g. it will drop each
second letter and check, then if nothing comes up it will then
drop every third letter then every fourth letter and keep going
till it exhausts all numbers or until something does appear. This
selection of numerous consistent equal numbers of letters being
dropped out is what is called equal or equidistant letter
sequencing or alternatively it is called skip sequences.

The Sinking of the Titanic
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I have personally spent a lot of time in my travels around the
world, with men who are very versed in the Bible Codes and would
suggest it is folly to reject the Bible Code as having no
authenticity. I find them fascinating to say the least and very
challenging. I do not accept that they are a figment of
men’s imagination. I am aware that other books have been
tested against the code program with some positive yet limited
results, but you cannot excuse or rationalise the numerous facts
that ensue. A grouping of words spelt out in very close proximity
to one another is called a matrix. When a tight matrix is formed
which means words directly cross other words and many of them
form a very close interwoven pattern the mathematical probability
of this happening by chance is almost impossibleto calculate.

Pres. Kennedy assassination

The final thing I would like to comment on, is that I
personally have difficulty accepting the fact that some try to
prognosticate (predict dates in the future) by using the findings
of the Bible code. In Michael Drosnan’s book "The Bible
Code" he explains how they found Yitzhak Rabins name in the Bible
Code and crossing his name was the word assassination and also
the date that it actually happened well before it took place.
Many other predictions have been found also which have not come
to pass, proving to me that God in his wisdom does not want us
speculating on the future like some gambling lottery. It is
interesting that when some predictions have been made and have
not come to pass the people who made them have re-entered the
same information after the prediction and have found new words
written over the former words, such words as postponed or
annulled etc. In many of the authentic records found by the code
search it is interesting to note, only after the event has taken
place, have they been able to enter the names of central folk
involved which has then become public knowledge, and then they
have found written into the matrix details such as names places
etc. In other words the information is there but you just do not
know what to ask for as you don’t know the people or times
or places involved until after the event has taken place and the
information is made public .