Dark Forces

Dark Forces

Dark Forces

The real America has
been quietly replaced by a land of dark,
occultic powers controlling masses of clueless people who are
stumbling blindly behind a faulty leadership (major party) into a
predictable morass of serfdom and slavery quite equal or greater
than the days of the Babylonian empire or that of ancient Rome.
Just how did this come about when most Americans are ready to
sock anyone who says they’re not free? Because the power
structure that’s in place, the pressures for conformity,
the selective discrimination based on religion (the Christian
faith) and the enticements to more depraved forms of "pleasure"
have acted as a slow poison to the minds of people who were once
able to think more clearly. They had absolutes and standards, and
have been told for decades now that there are no absolutes, that
"right and wrong" are states of mind.

The unraveling of America is clear enough to the world, it
simply isn’t clear at all to most Americans. To those who
see what should be obvious to all, there is a stigma attached
– "Conspiracy Theorist." It isn’t much different than
people thinking that only lunatics believed man would ever fly in
planes, or space ships, or have electric lights. Herd thinking is
the very substance on which tyrants rely, because they know their
propaganda machines will be accepted by the herds.

In the case of illicit pleasures, the attacks on the home and
acceptance of infidelity or promiscuity, have created a
generation of confused children who will believe anyone who seems
to "know" what is going on and give the children a foundation to
which they can cling, even if it is occult. Those who hate the
Ten Commandments and give way to a gentler, Mother Earth religion
find consolation in undemanding Babylonian-style religion whereas
Christianity demands accountability and repentance for sin. Sin?
Erase that word from the dictionary! It was used by earlier and
"unenlightened" Americans who believed in some Absolute

In this environment, Americans trudge to work and back daily,
if they still have a job, and the retired Americans find
themselves (as has been the case for at least fifty years) of
being told that there won’t be any money for Social
Security. Keep distractions flowing, immediate causes of worry,
and no one will notice what else is going on. That is precisely
what is happening. Dark forces are closing in on the peoples of
the once- Christian world, which in many cases fails to even
resemble the Christianity of the Bible, and even the supposed
Christian Church is going along with all the tolerance.

No one feels anything is worth a fight unless it’s
overseas somewhere, and even then when those people are told that
the war isn’t about our freedom or security, they want to
fight the messengers rather than investigate the leadership. Is
it difficult to see why America, as it was, has only a remnant of
faithful Americans who will challenge the system? We’ve
always had to first fight the twits in our own country before we
could get them to throw aside their blind trust in our so-called
leadership and see what the issues really are. The average
American who watches major media news is ready to kick the spit
out of anyone who says he isn’t free, yet he will get into
his car and strap himself into a harness because it’s the
law; he will pay illegal taxes because he’s afraid of the
government; he will drive to a job he hates, knowing he may never
get any return on his Social Security taxes; he will even
volunteer to join the military to fight for the freedom of this
country that hasn’t been under attack by foreigners since
the end of World War II. Then he will stand outside in the cold
to smoke because the city passed an ordinance, with or without
any vote, to tell business owners how to run their businesses,
and keep his mouth shut when a couple of men walk by smooching
each other. But he’s free! Say what?

These same people will refuse to vote anything but major
political party because they feel their vote will be wasted, yet
they don’t consider that their present restraints, and
those in place as law but not enforced yet, are there to destroy
the last vestige of his freedom. It’s extremely difficult
to get any viable third party in place when the American
population is divided between the appearance of two parties that
have a single agenda and merely different methods to get there
... and that agenda is to take down America and meld it into the
Global Governance village of highest occultism and moral

This observer is not at all against change but rather all for
change, particularly a change to a new regimen of real American
spirit and understanding under the absolutist rule of law based
on the same premises as our founding documents. Changing the
judiciary from activism and making law, back to interpreting law
is progressive change, not regression. When rights become
privileges, then citizens are serfs and representatives are

That’s precisely where America stands in 2005/2006. By
the end of it, there is no telling what will occur. The plans are
there, but then the plan to invade Iran seems to have been
somewhat upset by a major earthquake and tsunami. Did we do that
with some of our extreme technology? Or was that a warning that
an absolute Creator is displeased with the conduct of the people
of this earth? Where might the next disaster strike? Hurricanes
struck four major blows at the United States in 2004, making it
the worst year on record for hurricane devastation.

There’s a message in this but the people aren’t
reading the signs. Hours will be spent on reading about some
supposed code in a painting by Da Vinci, but little to no time
spent in reading the signs falling upon the earth from "natural"
causes. People will follow like sheep, and sheep are herded
either for the shearing or for the slaughter. Our sheeple will
find that both are occurring and will continue to occur.

Whatever "Happy New Year" meant in the past, it doesn’t
mean the same thing now because the same things that make for
some measure of happiness in a world of mortals, of sickness and
suffering, of pain and despair, aren’t in place any longer.
Romanticizing this era cannot absolve it of its destructiveness,
and kissing Mother Earth’s trees won’t stop the
onrush of raging tides and rivers. If there is a "manifest
destiny" it is not in conquering the lands of others but in
stemming the tides of evil that are dropping over the earth like
dark ashes from a great volcanic eruption, one that makes
anything thus far seen by man totally miniscule by comparison. In
such a condition, ashes have beclouded the eyes and thoughts of
those who cannot fathom what is taking place and either deny it
or rationalize it. Either way, it is a form of acceptance in the
face of denial, a strange sort of paradox of man seeing his own
blindness and denying it.

Since we are a product of what has gone before as much as of
the influences exerted directly upon us as people in a segment of
spacetime, we should be able to make the comparisons with what
has gone before, but we as a people collectively don’t wish
to do that. It is unpleasant. Except for its part in bringing
together a land where deception could grow unnoticed and ripen
into the huge harvest of evil fruit being cast about today,
America might as well never have been discovered. What appeared
to be a bright and shining light to the world around it has shown
itself to be absorbed in the darkness enshrouding the world at
large, and perhaps leading the evils of the day.

To those who know there is a grand and overriding absolute and
immutable plan, rejoice. To those who love ashes and sackcloth,
they will abound. Choose whom you will serve.

© 2005 Dorothy A. Seese
Dorothy’s career began as a child actress
between 1939-1942. At the end of World
War II she became a student at U.C.L.A.
where she received her liberal arts
degree in Political Science.
Printed by permission