The Bible Codes – Part 2

The Bible Codes - Part 2

The Bible Codes - Part 2

The major matrix for
"Tsunami" is located in Jeremiah 31:9 to
32:28. This section of Scripture was written in 606 BC., that is,
2,611 years ago (dated 2005). When the specific detail of its
contents is considered, it becomes at once most remarkable that a
work of such great antiquity should contain insights as the words
that appear in the matrix, the probability of chance and the
cause of the disaster. Truly, the Bible is the Word of God. This
Book has no equal anywhere on the planet.

Pastor Hanny Yasaputra from Indonesia makes an unusual
observation - "The Tsunami occurred on the day after Christmas
Day, December 26, 2004! When the 8.7 earthquake shook Nias, it
was the day after Easter, Easter Monday. People began saying,
‘The Christian God is displeased with us.’" Indonesia
is the world’s most populous Islamic nation.

Moshe Aharon (Morris) Shak cites several words in his
magnificent article on "The Tsunami" in the March–April
edition of Bible Code Digest. Many of these words became the
basis of this writer’s research for this article, and are
used with his permission.

Moshe Shak bases his matrices on strict rules as outlined in
his book Bible Codes Breakthrough. He only uses
statistically significant terms, and many other strict rules to
minimize the chance of presenting bogus "codes." There are four
words in the Bible Code for Tsunami - Tsunami, the Tsunami, to
the Tsunami and Tsunamis. In the Book of Deuteronomy, Chapter 30,
Verse 4 to Chapter 32 Verse 27, the word Tsunami is paralleled by
the phrase 26 December, 2004. In the immediate vicinity is

The harvest of words in Jeremiah 31:9 to 32:28, just 60
verses, is quite astonishing. In it, there are 494 terms. This
makes 8.23 occurrences for each verse! 39 separate, distinctive
words are employed. The surface text of these verses deals with
the happy return of Israel to the Promised Land, God’s
Mercy, A New Covenant, Jeremiah buying a Field and Jeremiah


The precise, specific date of the occurrence is recorded - 14
Tevet, Year 5765 (26 December, 2004.) Not only is this amazing,
it appears in the passage twice! This immediately arrests the
attention of the inquirer. How amazing that such an ancient
document should pin-point a cataclysmic event over 2,600 years in
the future!The word, Water, occurs 153 times, or nearly one-third
of the total. This is linked together with Sea, occurring 121
times, which contributes one-quarter of the overall number.
Together these two words, Water and Sea, comprise in excess of
50% of the number of terms used in the entire matrix! Thus, the
writer of the Bible explains that a Tsunami is composed of sea

The next series of words align themselves under the heading,
Judgment. This word appears eight times. Destruction, 4
times; Fierce, once; Force 25 times; Punishment twice; Strict, 13
times and Vengeance, five times. Who can doubt that these
particular words define such great devastation?

There are thirteen words that fall under the category, The
Cause of the Destruction
. These are Child, once; Enforcement,
once; Humiliation, three times; Lie, once; Lust, once; Passion,
once; Promiscuity, eleven times; Prostitute, eighteen times,
Prostitution, nine times; Sex, sixteen times; Slavery, twice;
Tourism, once; and Wild, four times. Here is revealed the reason
for the judgment of God.

The Nations mentioned in this Bible Code are Malaya
[Malaysia], twice and Thailand, once; The word East, appears five

Words that reveal this event is a sign are, Enlighten,
nine times; Message, seven times; Religious, once and Sign 27
times. This mammoth event, as a sign, portrays an enlightened
religious message. What enlightenment? What message? And most
important of all, what religion?

Specific words that show that this Tsunami was commanded by
are: Command, four times; Order, eleven times and Speech,
four times. In addition, the word, Army, illustrates that this
cataclysmic event is the vehicle of God. It appears five


The following seventeen words were researched but do not
appear in this matrix of the Bible Code. The majority appear in
their own right individually, but not in this matrix.

Asia, 6 times and 114 times; Africa, 27 times; there are four
words for Anger that were researched. They appear 3, 26, 48 and
633 times respectively. Behaviour does not appear. Decree does
not appear at all. The three words for Deformation appear, nil,
once and one thousand, one hundred and sixteen times. Enforcement
comes up ten times.

The four words for Flood are revealed 4, 39, 42 and 81 times
respectively. Footrest appears once and 19 times respectively.
Ethiopia shows up sixteen times. The two words for immoral, the
cause of the disaster, show up a phenomenal nil and one thousand,
two hundred and sixty-six times respectively. Hell appears, nine
times. India, ninetythree times. The nation of Indonesia, where
the disaster took place, does not appear at all! The word
netherworld (underworld), comes up five hundred and forty eight
times. South appears thirty times.


14 Tevet (26 December), as stated above, appears twice in this
matrix. The Probability of Chance of the combined occurrence is
one to eleven thousand, four hundred and eighty two! Sex has a
probability of chance of one in eight hundred and forty-nine.
Command, 1:574; Force, 1:300; Tourism, 1:200; Finally, punishment
has a probability of chance of one to 64.


Tsunami and Slavery each have the probability of appearing in
this matrix of one to thirty-nine. Promiscuity and prostitution,
one in two; Lust and Passion, one in one and 14 Tevet (- 27) and
14 Tevet (+27), one chance in two.


The R+ factor is a formula used in calculating the overall
possibility of chance for the entire matrix appearing in the Old
Testament. Thirty-three words, with a combined number of seventy
terms yield an R+ factor of 37.197. This translates to one chance
in 1.573,982,8 times 10 to the 37th power! Expressed another way,
the number would look as such
15,739,828,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000! This is one
chance in fifteen undecillion.(15
plus thirty-six zeroes [figures]). This is very much on par with
the Ratzinger codes. Both these are slightly smaller than the
Judas codes discovered in Genesis chapters one to three.

Roy Reinhold, a leading Bible Code Researcher, explains that a
majority of scientists in the world believe that chance in the
universe cannot exceed one in ten to the 25th power. The chance
of the code in this article far exceeds this scientific law of
chance! Therefore, there is no chance at all. This matrix appears
in the Bible by design, or rather, by a Designer. Someone with
the power and a reason concealed this code. However, it is the
honour of kings to seek out a matter (Proverbs 29:2) and this is
what has been accomplished by the writer of this article.


The following words show the R+factor of the chance of
probability: Tsunami, 0.633; 14 Tevet, 4.060; Year 5765, (2004),
0.404; Judgment, 1.416; Command, 2.759; Speech, 3.294; Sign,
0.633; Water, 0.903; Force, 0.523; Sea, 0.295; Destruction,
1.595; Punishment, 1.809; Order, 0.771; Enlighten, 0.515;
Religious, 0.140; Message, 0.510; Fierce, 2.477; Promiscuity,
0.243; Prostitute, 0.003; Prostitution, 0.243; Wild, 0.220; Lust,
0.511; Slavery, 1.596; Lie, 0.355; Sex, 2.978; Child, 0.026;
East, 0.981; Enforcement, 0.365; Passion, 0.151; Tourism, 2.301;
Humiliation, 0.955 and Strict, 2.929.


The following four statements have been extracted from the
March-April Edition of the Bible Code Digest.
( They are cited with their permission.

South Asia’s Sex Trade and Child Slavery

Prior to the Tsunami. A number of reports regarding the rapid
growth of the sex trade and child slavery industries in South

International Labour Organisation.
August, 1998: During 1993, 1994, the number of female, male and
child prostitutes ranged from 140,000 to 230,000. It has grown
considerably since then.

The Anti-Slavery Society.
A 2003 article records, Families are convinced to give up their
children to be trained for a good job, while in reality the
children are being kidnapped and put into abusive sweatshop

The United Nations Children’s Fund.[UNICEF]
On 29 September, 2004, the BBC News reported: The growing
number of women and children in the sex trade in South Asia was
upwards of 500,000!


What about all the innocent men, women and children?

Isaiah 57:1, 2 "The righteous perish and no one ponders it in
his heart: devout men are taken away, and no one understands that
the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil. Those who
walk uprightly enter into peace; they find rest as they lie in

Permission request to publish received from and Moshe Shak.
Copyright © Alister John Lowe, 2005
Dr Lowe Th.D., Ph.D. is a Bible researcher
and author who lives in Brisbane, Australia.
See the October issue for Alister’s books