Age of Technology – Or is it the Age of Pleasure Simply Gone Mad

Age of Technology - Or is it the Age of Pleasure Simply Gone Mad

Age of Technology - Or is it the Age of Pleasure Simply Gone Mad

For years I and many others
have been told that all the
inventions we are now enjoying are labour saving devices enabling
us to have more free time so that we can live life more fully.
Well I have to ask the question. If that is so, why do we work
harder and longer now than we did when I was growing up in the
sixties? Added to that is the thought that what one bread winner
could achieve then, now requires two bread winners to achieve

I think we have been conned! We now work twice as hard and
double the time to just keep up the finance to pay for these
ridiculous time saving inventions that have to be serviced and
constantly maintained. Oh! But I almost forgot - I am supposed to
be truly thankful that I am so blessed to have them.

I am being facetious you say, to which I respond - absolutely!
Because society has sacrificed its family values and
relationships on an altar of greed and pleasure, we all must now
daily bow and worship, having laboured and striven to achieve
this innovative lifestyle that now enslaves us. We call it
success. God calls it an abomination. Politicians call it
democracy. God calls it rebellion. Businessmen call it asset
accumulation. God calls it covetousness. Churches call it favour.
God calls it deceitfulness. And in all of this we are blinded,
because of our concept of this western God-forsaken idolatrous

It is time we got real with one another and spoke the truth
instead of the psychological claptrap that we hear preached from
the pulpits in today’s churches and nation’s
governments. The Bible states in the book of James, "Let no man
say when he is tempted that God tempted him," or to put it more
plainly in modern English, God has nothing to do with a man
falling into sin. It was man’s own evil lust and desire
that caused him to be enticed and led astray, resulting in his
own destruction.

You ask what am I getting at here? Simply this. We now have
the very society we helped create, formed by our own insatiable
desire for wealth, leisure and pleasure. I’ve seen it and I
am not impressed. Firstly the envy and jealousy inflamed by pride
and arrogance in the pursuit of power is sufficient reason to
reject this philosophy.

Secondly the disregard and superiority displayed by
power-mongers proves this path and policy is not Godly and
certainly not acceptable. Yet this is what is not only condoned,
but is considered normal, both in religion and in politics. GOD

Lies, dishonour, fraud, immorality, perversion, injustice and
corruption are part of our every day life now, and we helped
create it by our own deafening silence when we knew we should
have spoken up and challenged wrong. The biblical book of
Proverbs declares, "Because sentence is not executed speedily
against an evil matter therefore the heart of the children (next
generation) is convinced to accept evil."

All the sages tried to shake us out of indifference –
and do you remember the songs of yesteryear? e.g. Simon and
Garfunkel’s "Sounds of Silence," "Teach Your Children
Well," etc. Then there was Sammy Davis Junior, not that he was
any example to go by, but his message in the song "Don’t
Blame It On The Children," made perfect sense. He sung

We read in papers and we hear on
the air of killing and stealing and crime everywhere,
We sigh and we say as we notice this trend this young generation,
where will it end?
But can we be sure that its their fault alone? I mean may be part
of it isn’t our own.
Are we less guilty, and place in their way, to many things that
lead them astray.
Like too much money too much idle time, too many movies of
passion and crime.
Too many books man that’s not fit to be read, too much
evil, to which they are led.
Too many people encourage the wrong, by too many parents that
wont stay at home!
Kids don’t make movies, they don’t write books, they
don’t make pictures of gangsters and crooks.
They don’t make liquor, they don’t run the bars, they
don’t make laws, or build fancy cars.
They don’t peddle junk that rattles the brain, that’s
done by older folks, greedy for gain.
Delinquent teenagers, how quick we condemn, the sins of a nation
and blame it on them.
The laws of the blameless our savior makes known, who’s
here among us to cast the first stone?
For in so many cases its sad but its true, the title delinquent
fits older folks too.... DONT BLAME IT ON THE CHILDREN.

I want to use this particular article to expose a pleasure
seeking, unthankful society, more interested in pursuing careers,
sport, sexual perversion or political prowess, than taking the
time to teach our children the values of family and friendship
with its built in safeguards of a caring environment, to prepare
and develop them to play their future role in society.

George Hegel

One only has to study the Hegelian Dialectic to understand we
have been led like sheep to the slaughter without so much as a
whimper from the so-called guides of good pure character. The
voiceless church leadership is what I am alluding to here.
Actually many are no longer discerning watchmen, but mostly
deluded conmen. George Hegel lived as a German theologian from
1770 through to 1831 and developed the Hegelian Dialectic. Most
have never heard of him or his teaching, but he and his
diabolical humanistic philosophy was the foundation of all
modernistic reasoning.

Marx and Engels referred to his logic when writing the
communistic manifesto. Hitler refers to the dialectic in his
studies and subsequent conclusion, or should I say delusion. Most
do not know but John Dewey also confirmed his endorsement of the
dialectic process as the basis of his document "The Humanist

Many others attribute their modern approach to his thinking.
Freud and Carl Yung (our modern psychoanalytic pioneers), along
with countless others have embraced this warped excuse for life.
Hegel and his contemporaries such as Emmanuel Kant, Fredereich
Von Schelling, Yohann Fichte, Weishaupt, Voltaire, and
Robespierre have for ever affected and changed our entire
perspective away from a biblical world view to a sinister
socialistic mentality and world view. One where the rich and
powerful rule by virtue of their status and influence as the
divine privileged and where the masses become subservient because
they were born less privileged.

It is now so much part of our educational thinking that I
constantly hear ministers and preachers, even socalled
conservative thinkers, quoting and endorsing the stupidity of
this devilish document. It sanctions all forms of compromise and
liberal thinking out of which is spawned the whole new age
philosophy of God being the cosmic intelligence to which we are
all connected and subsequently part and parcel of.

Many might think I am against wealth and prosperity and
therefore endorse socialism myself. Well you could not be further
from the truth. I believe in rewarding effort and creating
incentives for progress but not at the expense of the poor and
needy. All one needs do is read the biblical book of James with
regard to his chapter on the rich and poor to get God’s
perspective on the matter. It is scathing in its treatment of
disregard for the poor and I am appalled at the evangelical
Pentecostal churches unscriptural attitude to parity, equality
and simple care and justice.

I have travelled through Africa, Asia, and the Pacific and
have seen the destitute begging to just survive and then in turn
return to the West and hear the pious pontification that is now
the acceptable norm of our godless religion that reasons, we are
blessed because of our belief and heritage alone. This absolute
mind numbing stupidity can have a man play a game of tennis or a
game of golf or maybe a game of chess or cards and even have
people pay to follow him, knowing he will receive several million
dollars for a few hours appearance, then subsequently be
worshipped and adored by multitudes as a hero of our time.

This mindless propaganda of the elite has so entrenched itself
in our mindset that a pastor of a large church was publicly
proclaiming that the poor should not be helped because they could
not be entrusted with wealth. Only the rich should be. The
neocons and the multinationals have continued down the path of
industrial revolution paved by the logic of the social engineers
mentioned above, based upon the dialectic process which in turn
was supposed to be the worlds liberation and economic salvation.
Instead it has brought us to the stage where we now have become
enslaved to them for our very existence.

To those who do not understand the dialectic process, Hegel
proposed that no one man possesses truth as we are all on a path
where truth is being revealed more and more each passing day. So
even the Bible can not claim to be truth, as seen immediately
above. Truth is not able to be possessed but is progressive. We
are moving toward truth. Therefore if truth is progressive we do
not have it all yet, but you may have a part of truth just as I
have a perception of it, yet your understanding of truth may be
different from mine.

He then surmised your idea is your theory (thesis). Mine may
be different (anti thesis). We are not to reject each others idea
but find a compromise (hypothesis), whereby we embrace each
others idea and bring about synthesis. The whole process
encourages the emotional rather than the rational so we are to
view our circumstances from a feeling orientation rather than a
doctrinal orientation. So everywhere we find churches, preachers
and educators spewing out abstract rhetoric that appeals to the
emotions, rather than speaking the facts.

It is very interesting that the biblical command, mentioned in
Mathew 28:19-20, states we are to go forth and disciple all
nations and we are to teach them to observe and do all the things
He commanded us to do (not what we feel we want to do). The Greek
word here is didactic - written instruction teaching.
Hegel’s theories however, challenged the scriptures and
said the didactic process (teaching and learning process of
doing) is not important but the dialectic process (discussionary,
sensory and imaginative) is.

Two Greek words – Didactic - non negotiable,
contractual, written law. Dialectic – negotiable,
consensual, oral law.

Now you can see how we are led by a society governed by
situational ethics. In other words, do what feels right instead
of the biblical ethic of do what God commands to be right.

Along with this month’s Cover Article on HAARP, all of
the above is to set the stage for the articles that will follow
in future issues on the technology and machinery that are now in
production that will ultimately enslave us to the point our whole
lives and movement will be monitored and controlled from cradle
to the grave. This whole process was planned centuries ago as the
only foreseeable way that man can survive the future but it was
foreordained by the wealthy and powerful that they should be the
masters of it, and we should be the servants of it, and whatever
they deemed fit we obey as they parade themselves as
intellectuals of the Divine.

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