Recently, PC World Magazine discovered that the Xerox Company,
and no doubt others as well, have been working with the US
Government to build a secret tracking code into colour printers.
The tracking code clearly identifies every printed document and
ties it to the machine that printed it. The process involves a
series of invisible dots that appear as a unique and exclusive
code that appears when illuminated by a blue light. If your
colour printer is so equipped, every document you print can be
traced directly to you and your printer.

Mike Musgrave,
Charlotte Observer,
October 19,


Nigerian Ishaya Kpotun Shaba has not set his eyes on his
daughter for 4 years since she was abducted in December 2001 by
extremists bent on converting her and marrying her to a Muslim.
When Shaba reported the kidnapping to the town police, they
showed no interest in rescuing his daughter. Instead, to
Shaba’s shock and disbelief, he was summoned to appear
before an Islamic Court. The Judge called him to his chambers and
told him his daughter was now a Muslim. Later he heard she was
forced to marry a Muslim man in Minna, the State Capital. As in
other Nigerian states where Islamic law has been imposed, Muslims
insist they will not apply it to Christians. Many have found out
how painfully false that claim is, with officials jailing
Christians without cause, and Shariah law limiting job prospects,
removing Church buildings, and forcing daughters to marry
Muslims. In a state where Muslims and Christians are roughy equal
in number, Islamists have deliberately pushed for religious
domination and have largely succeeded.

Compass Direct


Twenty five percent of military vets returning from Iraq are
sick. They are sometimes physically and/or mentally disabled.
There are 518,000 veterans on medical disability even though only
7,039 of these were wounded in combat. The problem is radiation
sickness which comes from the ammunition used by US forces which
is made from depleted uranium, and has been used in both Gulf
wars. The ammunition is radioactive and has a half life of 4.5
billion years. Perhaps this explains why so many Iraqi children
are being born without arms, legs or eyes. Children born to
returning veterans are also being affected. In the state of
Missouri alone, 67% of Gulf War vet’s babies have been born
with serious defects.

Nuclear Information & Resource Service.


LONDON: Introducing English hymns to
far-flung parts of the world was sinful, Archbishop of Canterbury
Rowan Williams declared yesterday.

Missionaries who taught their
converts to sing favourites such as Jerusalem and Hark! The
Herald Angels Sing were making "cultural captives" of them, he
said. Instead they should have left them to produce hymns and
prayers in their own languages. Dr Williams made his remarks to
Anglican leaders from the southern hemisphere at a meeting of
senior churchmen in Cairo.

Courier Mail
Thursday November 3, 2005


A Christian charity is sending a film about the Christmas
story to every primary school in Britain after hearing of a young
boy who asked his teacher why Mary and Joseph had named their
child after a swear word! The Breakout Trust raised
£200,000 to make a 30 minute animated film, It’s
a Boy.
Steve Legg, head of the charity, said, "There are
over 12 million children in the UK and only 756,000 go to church

Ruth Gledhill,
Religion Correspondent,
The Times


The July/August issue of the Lutheran Link contains an article
entitled, "The Boy who lived: A Pastor’s Defense for the
Magical World of Harry Potter." The author of the story is Pastor
Scott R. Howard, who is pictured sitting at his desk wearing his
clerical garments, including his clergy collar. He is also
wearing a pointed hat and holding a wand in his hand, saying,
"Hmmmm. It’s time to "conjure up" my next sermon. This is
no joke. He is seriously defending the Harry Potter

Last Trumpet Ministries
Dec 2005


What does President Bush think about witchcraft? That subject
came up in 1999 when the officials at Arlington National Cemetery
refused to allow the headstone of Pfc Abraham Koolman, located at
gravesite 2861, row O, section 54, to have a pentacle put on it.
It was a witch’s grave, and the family were fighting for
that symbol to be placed on that marker. When George Bush was
asked about it, he told ABC News, "I don’t think that
witchcraft is a religion. I wish the military would rethink this

Charles Arnold.
Pagan Institute Report.
Oct 5,


On November 13th, at least 450 families fled the village of
Sangla Hill, Nakana district in the Punjab region of Pakistan
after an angry mob, estimated at around 2000 Muslims, vandalized
and set fire to buildings. The Christian families have not yet
returned for fear of further violence. Qaiser Felix reports that
3 churches, a nun’s convent, 2 Catholic schools, the houses
of a protestant Pastor and a parish Priest, a girl’s
hostel, and some Christian homes were first vandalized and then
set on fire by the angry mob. The Justice and Peace Commission
issued a statement saying "the local police seem to be party in
this act of terror and using religion for hatred against the
religious minorities, "thus "an immediate judicial inquiry should
be called to establish the causes, effects and responsibilities
of these shameful incidents. Moreover, a strict action should be
taken against the policemen for their criminal negligence."

Assist News Service