From the Editor

From the Editor

From the editor

Greetingsto all our readers. At about the time you receive this
magazine I shall be departing with the Omega Times tour group to
the Holy Land. I would hope to be bringing back some fresh
insights regarding Israel, which we will publish in a later

THE OMEGA TIMES is a bi-monthly,
full colour magazine, sold by subscription
and through selected retail outlets,
which looks at world events in the
light of Bible prophecy, and promotes
Bible truth. We seek to draw comment
from reliable sources, but absolute
accuracy (apart from Bible Scripture)
cannot be guaranteed. Articles which
are not written by the publishers of
Omega Times do not necessarily
reflect the views of the Omega Times.


Editor: Allan Rasmussen
Publisher: The Reflections Trust
& The Hay Family Trust
Mail: PO Box 1174, Capalaba, Queensland 4157, Australia
Phone: +61 7 3245 1026
Design: Sharryn Rasmussen
Print by: Akitiara Corporation
Sdn Bhd

We continue to be delighted with the growth and scope of the
magazine – we are now posting into 32 Nations. Praise the
Lord for His goodness! The next magazine we produce will mark our
first anniversary in the new format. We thank all our subscribers
in advance for your re-subscriptions – it is our life
blood. As we have said before, if you have an issue with what we
do – tell us. If you enjoy what you see – tell

In the past year we have introduced to you some new
contributors – Dorothy Ann Seese, Michael C Ruppert, and Dr
Alister Lowe. We are in the process of bringing a set of new
writers to you, who are experts in their respective field of
ministry. More on that next issue. Our continuous aim is to go
from good to better!

It’s likely we will be in New Zealand later this year to
hold public meetings. If you, or your Church would like to extend
an invitation to minister, whatever country you live in, we would
be happy to consider it. We are at a time when more than ever,
End Times teaching needs the maximum exposure.