7 Year Rome Treaty

7 Year Rome Treaty

7 Year Rome Treaty

Most do not realize but all the pieces of the puzzle are
almost in place. All that remains is the public announcement. We
are facing the most insidious evil ever unleashed upon mankind
and whether we like it or not, it is going to happen. We are
about to yield our whole freedom and future civilization
worldwide to these power-seeking imbeciles called the
internationalist elite.

The laws have all been upgraded and internationalized under
the auspices of the International Criminal Law Court which has
its newly built headquarters funded by the Rothschild’s,
awaiting its inauguration and initiation. This building sits
right opposite the Israeli Knesset in Jerusalem.

At the pinnacle of power in this Jewish Masonic Temple of Law
is a seat upon which the Supreme Judge of the highest earthly
court will sit. It is ascended by 33 steps (Masonic symbolism)
and it sits directly beneath a glass pyramid with an all seeing
Eye of Horus (satan) overhead. Significantly, the actual law
governing the transition of this totalitarian law drafted for the
U.N. is known the SEVEN YEAR TREATY OF ROME. Here is the actual
reference quote from the UN website with comments in

"In this connection, we urge all States to sign and ratify the
Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, to enhance the
effectiveness of the United Nations in the maintenance of peace
and security, by giving it the resources (world tax) and the
tools (ICC and UN world police force) required to promote
conflict prevention, the peaceful resolution of disputes,
post-conflict peace building and reconstruction, and by
strengthening the capacity of the Organisation (UN) to conduct
peace keeping operations."

The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court is in
fact "the Constitution" of the ICC, and on face value, does not
present itself as a peace treaty. However, Article 121 states -
After the expiry of seven years from the entry into force of this
Statute, any State Party may propose amendments thereto.

Article 123 states - Review of the Statute 1. Seven years
after the entry into force of this Statute the Secretary -
General of the United Nations shall convene a Review Conference
to consider any amendments to this Statute.

What we have here is a seven year term of honouring the legal
power of the International Criminal Court in the hands of the
United Nations, through a treaty formed in Rome under
International law otherwise known as Roman law. What is the
purpose of this treaty? – "To enhance the effectiveness of
the United Nations in the maintenance of peace." This makes the
Rome Statute effectively a PEACE TREATY of SEVEN YEARS

Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court is now fully
ratified by the required 60 nations. As at 11 April 2002, there
had been 66 nations pass over their power to the UN. Now that
there has been 60 plus nations ratify this treaty, your country
is bound and committed to serving this treaty regardless of the
fact of whether they signed it or not. In real terms the Rome

The actual articles of "GLOBAL GOVERNANCE," a fancy name for a
New World Order, were written by none other than Mikhail
Gorbachev whilst living in the most prestigious military base in
the USA, the PRESIDIO in California. He was funded and supported
by the US government. The Document is now known as THE EARTH
CHARTER for a New World Order. Everything is in place. World
Government is coming to your place soon!