Ashkenazi Jews

Ashkenazi Jews

Ashkenazi Jews

never cease to be amazed at Christian folk who insist that
their attitude and response to opposing ideas and concepts of
truth, are attitudes embracing grace and conciliation. Yet they
devour their opposition the moment they countenance contrary
opinions. It seems to be the case of destroy the investigator
lest the truth be revealed under cross examination. Jesus said to
search the scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal
life, but you will not come to me because I contradict your
concept of truth (paraphrase). Even then, they thought by
destroying a messenger they could protect the message.

The point is, don’t challenge anything on the basis of
your opinions but substantiate it in the "WORD." Having said
that, let me present a very provocative subject - that of
explaining the sub-title to this article "Jews that are Jews or
Jews in name only." History, archaeology, anthropology and
cultures, along with medicine, attest to what I will disclose.
Genetic identification, along with historical archives, both
ancient and modern, also bear testimony to the truth of these
facts, little known, if at all in Christian circles.

I state emphatically I am opposed to anti-Semitism against
Jews. However, I will not embrace nor endorse error or irrational
anti-biblical Messianic teaching involving modern Israel. This
folly is responsible for cloaking this whole prophetic subject
from reality and fact, and paves the very path for an
anti-biblical Jewish Messiah to replace the authentic return of
Christ Jesus.

Rabbi's protest Zionism

Rabbi's protest Zionism

What most messianic advocates endorse, is an all-encompassing
doctrine that all Jews are genuine Jews and TORAH lovers as are
we Christians - WRONG! Most Jews are TALMUD adherents. I
constantly read articles by Christian writers and others,
expressing that the two diametrically opposed viewpoints of these
two groups of Jews in modern Israel just need to reconcile their
differences and come to realize that a divided Israel and
Jerusalem doesn’t necessarily equate to a negotiated
lasting peace.

The motivating power behind these opposing views, few seem to
understand, is not varying opinions….BUT IDEOLOGY. God
said, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge,"
and Christianity works hand in glove with the devil in this
regard. Christians do not recognize these ideological
differences. Jesus spoke of the day when Jews would receive
another Messiah who would come in His place, saying you will
receive that one.

I have questioned many saints around the world without
receiving a historical biblically true answer in regard to
ancient history and modern regathered Israel, to which this
question refers. The question is simply this – "Do you know
there are two groups of Jews and if so who are they?"

The answers range from I do not know, to yes I do know, they
are the traditional Jew and Messianic Jew, to which I respond
that answer is true, but not the groups of Jews to which I refer.
The two groups which I am attempting to identify are

are the genuine Jew.
German tenth century proselytized Kazarian Jews.

Most Christians do not even know the two groups exist let
alone know how to identify them. A correct judgment concerning
who is a Jew will be determined by this very article. It is not a
simple subject to approach or explain, therefore I will not skip
over the issue but explain it thoroughly so there is no room for
doubt. I will also continue in the next issue to validate and
substantiate the facts revealed. WHAT DOES THE SCRIPTURE SAY ON
THIS MATTER? Let me begin by quoting two scriptures from the book
of Revelation firstly.

Rev. 2:8 and 9 - "To the Church in Smyrna, I know your
works and tribulation and poverty (but you are rich) and I KNOW
Who are these
people? Secondly

Rev. 3; 8 and 9 - "To the church of Philadelphia, I know
thy works…you have an open door ….a little
strength……and have kept my word…….I
them worship before your feet so they will know I love thee"

(not them). Who are these people?

Take special note, in Revelation 3 verse 10, the Lord states
"Because you kept my word (This is the TRUE WORD, NOT A
COUNTERFEIT), I will keep thee from the hour of trial coming upon
the world to try them who dwell on earth."
He states,
"Hold fast that which you have, so no one steals your crown.
I am coming quickly."
Jesus states He is coming at a time
when these counterfeit Jews are persecuting the saints before His
return to this earth. His injunction is hold fast to the truth
till He comes.

documentation exists proving these facts, I trust you will verify
them yourself. The Bereans did in the Acts of the Apostles. They
searched the scriptures daily to confirm the truth. A good place
to start is the online encyclopedia and check
for the words "Ashkenazi", "Sephardic" and "Khazaria."

Most don’t realize but Ashkenaz is a biblical name
mentioned in Genesis 10 verse 3, a son of Gomer, who was
Japheth’s son, who was son to Noah. Scripture states in
verse 5, that by these men were the isles of Gentiles divided in
their lands, everyone after his language. It’s interesting
that Japheth’s sons, Gomer, Magog, Madai, Javan, Tubal,
Meshech are referred to in Ezekiel 38 as being prophetically
associated with future nations. Please realize they are the
offspring of Japheth and are Eastern Europe Slavic’s. For a
more in-depth study read "The Jews Of Khazaria" by Kevin Alan
Brook, also "The Thirteenth Tribe" by Arthur Koestler, who is an
Ashkenazi Jew himself.

A highly credible authority on the subject of Ashkenazi Jews
is Brig. Gen. Jack Mohr, the Eisenhower’s administration
Pentagon Chief of Staff. He is now deceased, but was a highly
decorated Korean war veteran, a Baptist evangelist and a
disseminator of modern Zionism. You can check his credentials at
www.scripturesforamerica. org. He wrote many books tracing their
history and background over the centuries till the present. His
investigations concluded the greatest threat to Christian
civilised society and human civilisation as we know it, will
ultimately come from a fanatical, absolutely diabolically
inspired quarter. These are known as the adepts of ancient
mystical secret societies descending from Mesopotamia. They
survive to this day under the guise of benevolent but covert
community orders, lodges and societies.

I have heard a thousand messages on various aspects of these
organised religions and the adepts of these ancient beliefs. I
have heard dissertations identifying the neo-conservative
manipulators of government, education, finance and religion. But
I have heard few who connected the dots and figured out the links
between these diverse groups, and less with the courage to expose

Not surprisingly, Ashkenazi Jews do not revere the Torah (the
first 5 books of the Old Testament given by God to Moses) as the
most sacred books. For the Ashkenazi Jew, the Talmud is most
sacred, and also the Qabbala (spelt with a K or a C also). The
Talmud is the oral interpretation of the Torah, considered by
Ashkenazi Jews to be more accurate than the Torah. Because occult
rabbinical sons of Belial possess mystical interpretive insight
via ancient Babylonian cabalistic alchemy needed to interpret it,
the Ashkenazi embrace the evil Babylonian Talmud communicated to
them while in captivity in 600 B.C. and passed down orally
through the centuries.

The genuine Sephardic Jews, blood heirs of Abraham who have
not been influenced by the Talmud or Qabbala, still hold to the
sacred text of the Torah alone. Knights Templar, the Merovingian
European kings, or Hapsburgs as we now know them (Royal Kings of
Europe), including House of Windsor, are all Ashkenazi Jews.
Validate this by checking the authenticated family historical
archives of Burkes Peerage. It is fact that there has never been
a president of the United States of America elected to office who
is not a direct relative and blood heir to the Hapsburg Kings of
Germany and Europe. Bush, Clinton and Kerry, and all former
Presidents are related to the royal families of Europe, hence
German Khazarian heritage.

It is interesting also to know that the top 35 spokesmen and
powerbrokers in the present Bush administration are all Ashkenazi
European Jews pushing the roadmap to peace in Israel. They are
not concerned for the land. Their only concern is control and
domination of the entire planet and its resources. The records I
possess show irrevocably that the Ashkenazi Jewish heads of power
in government are mostly Masons, guilty of sacrificing many
Sephardic Jewish lives in the mindless, demonic pursuit of

Another issue worth mentioning is the Federal Reserve Board of
USA is not a government agency but totally privately owned by
Ashkenazi Jewish Bankers controlling the entire flow of money
around the world. No wonder Armschel Rothschild once said
publicly "Give me control of a nation’s finance and I care
not who writes its laws." Karl Marx was Ashkenazi Jew and the
Russian revolution was actually a Jewish revolution.

Yona Metzger, the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi and Shlomo Amar, the Sephardic Chief Rabbi

Yona Metzger, the Ashkenazi
Chief Rabbi and Shlomo Amar,
the Sephardic Chief Rabbi

The circuitry linking these nebulous and diverse nerve centres
is Freemasonry and the secret societies driven and fed from the
hub of Ashkenazi Judaism. It astounds me that very few have ever
questioned where the term ‘Nazi’ comes from... Its
root is Ashke-NAZI-sm. Unsuprisingly, in the light of what I have
shared, two High priests exist in Israel at present -
Yona Metzger, the Ashkenazi
chief Rabbi, and Shlomo Amar the
Sephardic chief Rabbi.

Blatant lies undermining Christianity today are behind Dan
Brown’s Da Vinci Code (Priory of Sion secret society). The
psychological thought manipulators behind Hollywood movie
studios, which are all Ashkenazi Jewish owned, are conditioning
us to the final goal of a NEW WORLD ORDER led by a fanatical,
demonised, charismatic Jewish leader enthroned in Jerusalem as
the Messiah. Sound bizarre? Not likely! The Ashkenazi Jewish
Talmudic Temple of Law is complete, awaiting initiation directly
opposite the Israeli Knesset (Parliament).

Rabbis burn Kazarian Zion Flag

Rabbis burn Kazarian Zion Flag

Financed by Ashkenazi Rothschild bankers, it awaits the
reconstituted Ashkenazi Sanhedrin (legal interpreters of Talmudic
Law) formed in October 2005 after 2000 years. The Sanhedrin are
seeking the closest blood relative of King David to rule on a
throne in Jerusalem. This King will be acclaimed to be Messiah,
and Ashkenazi Freemason Hapsburg families believe they possess
pure blueblood Davidic heritage. At this point however, it is
fair to say not all Ashkenazi are bad and not all Sephardim are

Hassidic Lubavitcha Jews are Ashkenazi Jews of eastern
European origin. The following declaration was made in Israel by
a Hassidic Lubavitcha Rabbi. The declaration reads - "LUBAVITCHA

Israel's leading Kabbalist Elder, Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri

Israel's leading Kabbalist Elder,
Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri

Israel’s leading Kabbalist Elder, Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri
calls on worldwide Jewry to return to Israel ahead of coming
disasters which will strike earth." (21. 09. 05 17 Elul 5765 By
Baruch Gordon.)

Between Mincha (afternoon) and Maariv (evening) prayers at his
Jerusalem yeshiva seminary, Rabbi Kaduri issued the following:
"This declaration I find fitting to issue for all Jews of the
world. It is incumbent on them to return to Israel due to
terrible natural disasters threatening the world. In the future,
the Holy One, Blessed be He, will bring great disasters in
countries of the world to sweeten the judgments of the Land of
Israel. I order publication of this declaration as a warning,
that Jews in countries of the world will be aware of impending
danger and come to Israel for the building of the Temple and
revelation of our righteous Mashiach (Messiah) who is alive and
in Israel now."

I have collated a CD-ROM totally from JEWISH and HEBREW
historical and religious archives linking the Ashkenazi Jew with
Europe (particularly Germany) and tying them together with the
Hebrew tribe of Dan. It quotes many Ashkenazi Talmudic Rabbis
through the centuries identifying them in Europe. It links them
with the Bush administration and identifies their web of deceit.
They are into the ancient mystical arts of Luciferian mythology,
thus it is a joke to maintain George W. Bush is Christian. He is
an ardent member of the Skull and Bones Club, a secretive and
sinister group of top military and industrial complex members
related and incestuously connected by diabolic alliances in
pursuing a New World Order. Ever wondered why the tribe of Dan is
left out of the acknowledgements and inheritance granted at the
close of time and mentioned in Revelation 7;4-9? Judges chapter
18 says Dan rejected their inheritance by moving north and
building the City of Dan, going into idolatry till the day of
their captivity. Read Genesis 49 how Dan would betray his
brethren at the close of time. Send AUD$35 plus AUD$5 for post to
The Omega Times for a copy.

Bush with Masonic backers

Bush with Masonic backers

Let me make it absolutely clear! Ashkenazi Jewish leaders who
espouse the diabolic Babylonian Talmud do not accept Christ in
any shape or form and hate with a vehemence all He represents.
READ THE TALMUD FOR YOURSELF and understand it says Christ should
be boiled in his own excrement (actual quote.) There are many
worse than that, and also many condemning you, His followers, to
a damnation of eternal hate because you follow Him. This is my
Saviour we are talking about - JESUS. The Talmud also advocates
paedophilia with those goyim (gentile) as young as 3 years of age
- girls or boys. The ‘goy’ they say is "refuse
without a soul, less than an animal with no redeeming worth."
That is you they are speaking of saints!

Part 2 continues in the next issue.

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