The US economy is beginning to show the cracks of
disintegration. Following the decision not to sell off the US
seaports to the United Arab Emirates, the UAE announced that they
were about to switch 10% of their foreign reserves from the US
dollar to the Euro. Meanwhile the US Government has now announced
it is refusing to publish the M3 macro-economic indicator, which
discloses the amount of US dollars that are in circulation around
the world. The inherent secrecy of such an act shows that where
there is smoke there is fire. On March 8th, 2006, the Treasury
department announced it had taken money from the civil service
pension fund to avoid hitting the 8.2 trillion dollar level of
debt. A collapse is inevitable. This amount is hard to grasp but
consider that light, traveling at 186,000 miles per second, in
one year travels only 6 trillion miles – 2 trillion less
than the US dollar debt, which incidentally equates to $1,500 for
every living soul on planet Earth!


Promise Keepers once again are causing concern, this time for
another reason. For those who think that the Promise Keepers
organization is a good thing, why is their official lapel pin the
exact image of a man receiving the fellowcraft or second degree
of the Blue Lodge? An enlarged picture of this bronze pin, has an
image of a man with his left chest bare, a hoodwink over his
eyes, a rope or cable tow around his neck, and an
athame’ or ceremonial killing knife in front of
his face. This is pure Freemasonry.


Another slap against Christianity is to take place on a
repulsive television programme called "Will and Grace", which
will feature guest star Britney Spears. Spears, who is infamous
for her half-naked dances with live snakes, is to do a cooking
segment on the programme called Cruci-fixins!

Associated Press. Feb 9 2006