Whales Defy Darwin

Whales Defy Darwin

Whales Defy Darwin

The relentless
lie of the Theory of Evolution continues
unabated, as people, in their sin nature, prefer to believe a
load of unproven, theoretical rubbish, to the only valid
alternative, which is a Creator God, who is the righteous Judge
of all mankind.

While many Scientists today are turning to the Creation
account, this is not so in our learning institutions, which are
branding the minds of our young people with evolutionary theory,
which in turn, is shaping tomorrow’s majority opinion.

For any genuine observer, there are thousands of unanswerable
proofs that place the Creation sword deep into the heart of
Darwin’s ungodly theory. Here is just one of those

The largest mammal on earth, or more correctly, on the earth
or in the sea, is the Whale. A definition of the word mammal
would be to describe a group of life forms which are distinctive
from all others through the fact that they suckle their young
from the time of birth.

Because the mother Whale suckles her young underwater, there
is a question here as to how this could be possible. The answer
is – the mother Whale has been equipped with the most
extraordinary nipple. It is designed in such a way as to allow
her baby to suckle the available milk without letting any sea
water into the baby’s mouth.

If an Engineer was asked to design a mechanical apparatus to
do the same thing it is fairly certain that with today’s
technology, a successful prototype would eventually be
constructed to emulate the effect of underwater feeding.

However, it would certainly cost a lot of money to develop. It
would also take many attempts to reach perfection so that it
worked correctly. Also it is highly unlikely the apparatus would
be as small and compact as that which occurs naturally in the
female Whale.

Yet the Whale’s nipple was designed to work perfectly
the very first time it was used!

If it didn’t, the baby whale would get a mouthful of sea
water every time it went to feed and ultimately perish. A nipple
that was in a process of evolving would be the sure path to
extinction of the species. Surely Creation and a Creator God who
got it right first time is the only answer to this puzzle!
Excerpt from "The Ultimate Question"by Allan