By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them – How the Mufti Tried To Fool Us

By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them - How the Mufti Tried To Fool Us

By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them - How the Mufti Tried To Fool Us

The Grand
Mufti of Australia’s Muslim community, Sheik
Taj El-Din El-Hilali, cannot be trusted to put Australia first,
stand in support of religious freedom, or be believed as a man of
peace and truth. Andrew Bolt writes, "The transcript of what the
Grand Mufti REALLY said in a Mosque in Lebanon while on a visit
there doesn’t just prove that he’s an extremist who
urges even children to die in a jihad, it also proves that he and
his chief spokesman cannot be trusted to tell the truth about
what he’s up to."

The Grand Mufti of Australia

The Grand Mufti of Australia
Sheik Taj el-Din El-Hilali

Australia’s top Islamic cleric says he is a man of peace
and truth, but preaches of a war that requires men to prove their
manhood to God. The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils,
which in 1988 made Hilali the Mufti to help prevent him being
expelled for his extremism, say "He did not hold such radical
views", being "a very moderate Islamic leader." 1988 was a long
time ago and change is possible, but not so long ago, this is
what Hilali spoke in the Sidon Mosque in Lebanon, before the
latest conflict there. You make your own mind up whether
Australia failed in not expelling him. The transcript comes
courtesy of the Australian Embassy in Lebanon.

"Brothers of Islam, there is a war of infidels taking place
that requires real men and strong positions that prove our
manhood towards God," he thundered. "How many Palestinian women
are being imprisoned by Zionists in Israel? How many women were
raped in Bosnia, Herzogovina and Chechnya? Where are the real

"Where? The real men were in Hezbollah," he said, "And real
men were now needed to ‘answer the call of Jerusalem’
– and those who care for their living more than they do for
he who gives life are not real men."

"Children and mothers are crying. Sons of Islam, there is a
war of infidels taking place everywhere. The true man is a boy
who opposes Israeli tanks with strength and faith. The boy, who
despite his mother’s objections, goes out to war to become
a martyr like his elder brother. The boy who tells his
mother…’Oh mother, jihad has been imposed on me and
I want to become a martyr.’"

"What’s more", Hilali said, "Perhaps we will find one
day an Islamic revolution, and Islamic ideology in Western
countries. Don’t be surprised if one day you hear the
muezzin calling for prayer and saying, ‘Allah is
great’ from the top of the White House."

Referring to the al-Qaida attack on the United States that
killed some 3000 civilians, Halali declared, "September 11 is
God’s work against oppressors. Some of the things that
happen in the world can’t be explained. A civilian airplane
whose secrets cannot be explained – if we ask the pilot who
reached his objective without error, who led your steps? If we
ask the giant who fell, who humiliated you? Or if we ask the
President who made you cry? God is the answer."

"Islam was advancing everywhere", Hilali said. "Everyone is
converting to Islam – soldiers, pilots,
engineers…those who are spending money to stop the ways of
God will spend their money but will be defeated eventually."

As Andrew Bolt explains, "This is what the Mufti preaches in
Arabic, just as he was once filmed in his Sydney mosque calling
suicide bombers "heroes." Bolt asks, "Why did the Keating and
Hawke governments not only fail to deport Hilali, despite his
extremism, but make him a citizen? And how worried should we be
that Hilali is being challenged for the leadership of his Mosque
by two preachers even more extreme than he?"

Australia is on the slippery slope where through vilification
laws, people can be jailed for saying something hurtful about
someone’s race or religion. The Steve Bracks government was
the forerunner of such change. Queensland has to all intents and
purposes followed. We now have the spectacle of two Pastors,
Danny Nalliah and Daniel Scot, defending themselves against a
complaint of vilification made by the Islamic Council of
Victoria. The question is, why hasn’t this Mufti been
arrested and charged under the same laws that the two
Danny’s have been charged under? Has Australia become a
nation of double-standards?

When good people find themselves in a position of facing jail,
we must ask what has happened to our once great nation, and is
there anybody with the guts and the righteous indignation to
demand a return to sanity. Or will the revered Aussie cultural
‘asset’ of "she’ll be right mate," finally
become the very thing that buries this nation and its heritage in
a brave new world run by multicultural zealots?

Quotes from Andrew Bolt by permission.
Andrew Bolt is a
respected Australian
journalist based in Melbourne.