Ashkenazi Jews – Part 4

Ashkenazi Jews - Part 4

Ashkenazi Jews - Part 4


In this
penultimate article of this series I will deal with
the absolute hypocrisy and the heresy associated with universal
law and the influence of Jewish Talmudic thinking upon it.
Everywhere you look globally there is an insidious cancer eating
away at society, and few if any are willing to identify it let
alone speak against it. Do you want to know what it was that had
Jesus nailed to a cross, as well as countless others through
history? It was the intransigence of humanist dogma posing as
divine truth.

This same pervasive evil that Jesus named "the spirit of this
age" is alive and as aggressive now as at any time in history.
You must have observed the thread of evidence submitted through
these articles and either acknowledged there is a sinister link
to a diabolic plot for world totalitarianism, or alternatively,
rejected the idea as far-fetched and absurd. If your reaction was
the latter then I say "Take off the rose tinted glasses and look
again at the facts - they are not theories!"

Let me start by quoting the Kol Nidre. What is that you ask?
The Kol Nidre is an oath sworn by all Jewish lawyers, judges and
Rabbis on The Day of Atonement which NULLIFIES EVERY OTHER OATH
and takes precedence over all other oaths sworn and pronounced
through the ensuing year, remaining valid till the next Day of
Atonement. Think about this! Do you wonder why there is no
justice in the world? Nowhere is true justice upheld any more.
Not in Government, not in society - not even in our law courts.
Judgment was once synonymous with justice but not any more.
Judgment has no relevance to justice. A judgment is influenced by
he who has the most money to buy a favorable outcome or by he who
has the greatest ability to outwit and deceive his opponent with
lies and hypothetical technicalities. Jesus addressed the
Pharisees as hypocrites, and the word hypocrite means simply to
act, to play a part, or to role play - to be seen as one thing
whilst actually doing something else.

Take the farcical O J Simpson and Michael Jackson trials as
examples of legal theatrics and pantomimes. In Queensland, we had
the Chief Justice Di Fingleton, manipulating another
judge’s decision, and also the political vendetta against
Pauline Hanson. The more we tolerate these hypocritical legal
circuses with their law abusers, the more this sham called
justice undermines society. This art was perfected by the
Sanhedrin and earned for them the word ‘Pharisee’
becoming a derogative term.

The Sanhedrin acted the part as just Judges and interpreters
of God’s law but only to the degree that it served their
own selfish ambitious purpose. The law was reinterpreted by them
to justify wickedness and sanction despotism. A case in point is
the corrupt and demonic Kol Nidre. If you have to swear an oath
then you and I are obliged to make that oath under threat of
contempt. If you then perjure that oath, you can be charged and
imprisoned. Not so Talmudic Rabbis and Jews. They swear a supreme
oath on the eve of the Day of Atonement that gives them immunity
from telling lies and immunity from prosecution till the next Day
of Atonement.

The American Heritage Dictionary explains "KOL NIDRE" as "the
opening prayer recited on the eve of Yom Kippur*, annulling all
personal vows and oaths. Here is the prayer –

"All vows, obligations, oaths and anathemas**, whether called
‘konam,’ ‘konas,’ or by any other name,
which we may vow, or swear, or pledge, or whereby we may be
bound, from this Day of Atonement until the next (whose happy
coming we await), we do repent. May they be deemed absolved,
forgiven, annulled and void, and be made of no effect; they shall
not bind us nor have power over us. The vows shall not be
reckoned vows; the obligations shall not be obligatory; nor the
oaths be oaths." Jewish Encyclopaedia (1901), Vol, page 539.

What septic venom is this, to think that God would sanction
such an abomination? By way of explanation, *Yom Kippur is
‘the Jewish Day of Atonement, marked by prayer and fasting,
mid Sept to mid October’. The Doubleday Dictionary

**Anathema is ‘a formal ecclesiastical ban or curse;
also, any curse.’ Funk & Wagnall’s New College
Standard Dictionary (1947).

The Hebrew phrase "Kol Nidre" means "all vows." Jews invoking
the "Kol Nidre forswear all oaths, vows, obligations, etc. that
will be taken in the coming year, thereby absolving himself in
advance for dishonouring his sworn oath/word. Children have a
similar ritual where a child will cross his fingers hiding his
hand behind his back before promising something. When confronted
about the truth of his promise the child reveals he had his
fingers crossed and was not obligated to tell the truth at the
time the oath/vow was given.

The "Kol Nidre" grants immunity to judges, prosecutors,
plaintiffs and attorneys, and all who lie. It is a selfissued
license to lie, bear false witness and ignore obligations, and
justifies deceit and betrayal. Freemasons who hold many of the
top judicial positions believe in the Talmud and Qabbalah, and
also use the Kol Nidre to protect fellow Masons in legal matters
(Masonic Handbook, page 183). Ever wondered why nobody gets
justice in an Australian or US court when the senior judges are
mostly Ashkenazi Jewish? How can a Jew swear an oath to Christian
powers? It is not permitted under Talmudic Jewish law, but is
allowed by their prayer of "Kol Nidre." Their oaths mean nothing.
The same applies to any Jew taking an oath, whether they be
politicians, police officers, public servants, or military

On reading the Babylonian Talmud, written when the Jews were
in captivity in Babylon, you quickly realize the source of the
satanic mixture and distortion of truth. Many of you will be
familiar with the so-called mythology of the Magician Merlin and
King Arthur’s knights of the Round Table. Well Merlin did
all his alchemy from a book called the Jewish Qabbalah. (also
spelled with a C or a K) That book has been the source of every
evil incantation, invocation and devilish curse since witchcraft
began and was written in Babylon by the father of it all, a man
named Nimrod who built Babel.

The Bible tells us he was a mighty hunter before the Lord and
on that basis many reason he must have been a hero accepted by
God himself. That is not true! If you study the wording of the
Hebrew narrative it actually means he put himself in front of God
and defied God with the intent of usurping God’s throne
just like Lucifer. They are one and the same spirit. The Qabbalah
was written by these same Rabbinical Luciferic sons of the Devil
that Jesus identified as the lawyers of HIS DAY who embraced the
Babylonian Talmud in preference to the TORAH. These are the same
imposters who say they are Jews but are not as they are actually
of the synagogue of Satan. (Revelation 2:8-9 ;& Revelation 3:8-9)

The interesting thing about the Talmud is, it is very hard to
get hold of and has been hidden from public viewing for a reason.
It has always been considered Oral law and not for the
uninitiated, but only for the Jews themselves, and when you see
that it is the collection of all the high priestly
interpretations and definitions attached to the law you then
realize why Jesus called these lawyers "sons of the devil." It
was because they considered their own deviate behavioral acts as
being more important than the law of God itself. No wonder Jesus
said "You are hypocrites who consider of greater importance
the offering on the altar than the altar itself,"
alone makes the offering sacred.

The sinister thing that has secretly taken place under our
very noses, is that our judicial system has been hijacked by
Talmudic Jewish thinking and as a consequence we in the non-
Jewish world are now subject, not to the pure Torah Biblical
truth and law, but to mystical Talmudic elitist

The time is near when you will see the full definition of
Talmudic law forced upon all mankind as the method of controlling
the Goyim (Gentile dogs). Let me make it clear once again, I
refer here not to the true Jews but to the Jew who is not a Jew
mentioned in Revelation 2:8-9 and Revelation 3:8-9.

I want to refer to some teachings that are part of the
Babylonian Talmud so you can see without doubt it has nothing to
do with the Christian Bible or with the God that Christians

In the leading and revered Talmudic Rabbi, Louis
Finklestein’s writings entitled "The Pharisees - The
Sociological Background of Their Faith", He states emphatically
in volume 1 page XX1 of the forward - 'PHARISAISM BECAME
RABBINISM BECAME MODERN RABBINISM. But throughout these changes
of name inevitable adaptation of customs and adjustments of law

When a Jew reads his prayer he is reciting formulae prepared
by pre- Maccabean scholars. When he dons the cloak prescribed for
the Day of Atonement and Passover eve he is wearing the festival
garment of ancient Jerusalem, and when he studies the Talmud he
is actually repeating the arguments used in the Palestinian

In volume 1 of the Babylonian Talmud in the editors preface Ex
5 xi, It states, "The attacks on the Talmud have not been made by
the enemies of the Jews alone. Large numbers of Jews themselves
repudiate it, denying they are Talmud Jews or that they have any
sympathy with it." The article continues, "There are only now a
few Karaites in Russia and Austria and still fewer Samaritans in
Palestine who are really not Talmud Jews." On the same page the
BABYLONIAN TALMUD." This Jewish group of Karaites which makes
considerable effort to reject the Talmud by adhering to Old
Testament are a group historically hated and severely persecuted
by orthodox Jewish rabbinical adherents.

TALMUDIC Jews reject that God is anything like human and think
it blasphemy to say God became a man as Christ. They explain Him
as a force in nature and as the universal consciousness or
Kosmos, or spirit in all creation. God in everything, whereby we
ultimately become God. That is pure pantheism and total new age

It’s worth noting the men responsible for the war in
Iraq are the Ashkenazi Jews in the Bush adminis- tration. Their
intention was predetermined and it is revealed in the 2003 IRAQI
campaign known as "Shock‘n’Awe" which is the Hebrew
Talmudic title of the mystical feminine presence of God known as
the SHAKIN- AH pronounced in the Hebrew as
shock‘n’awe!! (In a later article, I will disclose
information on a document called the "Project for a 21st American
Century" where the Ashkenazi Jews in the 90’s, set out
their Talmudic plan for world domination to make Iraq, then Iran
and Syria, then the world, bow to Ashkenazi Judaism using the
might of the USA.)

The Ashkenazi Talmudic Jew has so influenced Rabbinical
thought that now most Jews think the Talmud is sacred and
divinely inspired. When it is remembered that before the canon of
the Talmud was finished in the sixth century it had been growing
for more than six hundred years, and that afterward it existed in
fragmentary manuscripts for eight centuries until the first
printed edition appeared. During the whole of that time it was
beset by ignorant, unrelenting and bitter foes. Margin notes were
easily added, and in later years, were easily embodied in the
text by unintelligent copyists and printers.

This seems not at all impossible. This means that the Rabbis
own marginal notes and interpretations, even those of the
printers and unintelligent copyists, were added to the text and
became part of the so called sacred divinely inspired Babylonian
Talmud. What nonsense is this?

Let me explain further. According to Encyclopaedia Britannica
the Mishna or Mishanah (alternative spelling) is the oldest
authoritative post-biblical collection and codification of Jewish
oral laws. Compiled by numerous scholars, the Mishna supplements
the written law of the Pentateuch. It presents legal traditions
preserved from 450 BC., the time of Ezra. Intensive study of the
Mishna by scholars in Palestine and Babylon resulted in two
collections of interpretations and annotations called the Gemara
or Talmud. In a broader sense the Mishna and Gemara together make
up the Talmud. Sections of the Talmud are devoted to the laws
relating to different subjects. These divisions or sections are
called Tractates. Remember the Talmud is the fusion of not only
God’s, but also the Rabbi’s, interpretation of all
laws. So the Talmud is the basic rule book or law book of
Ashkenazi Jewish custom. The people who police and enforce it are
the Sanhedrin and they can override the Torah if they deem it

In the light of this, please read the following - One of the
Tractates is called the Sanhedrin. In its introduction page it
states the word ‘Sanhedrin’ has a special meaning
remote from its Greek original. It designates the higher Court of
Law for administering Jewish legal justice of the more serious
and especially capital crimes. The main subject of the tractate
is the composition power and function of these courts etc. This
tractate ‘Sanhedrin’ forms, along with the Makkoth,
the chief repository of Talmudic criminal law. It states that
from this tractate there are two kinds of Sanhedrin, - the great
Sanhedrin consisting of seventy one members (taken from the
original 70 elders of Israel and Moses father in law Jethro as
their head, set apart by Moses to help in administering
oversight) and the lesser Sanhedrin comprising twenty three
rabbinical judges. The same page further states, "In the Talmud,
the Sanhedrin is almost always spoken of as a purely judicial
system … and including a great Court of Justice", hence
our Supreme Courts today.

On page 587 of that same tractate of the Sanhedrin we read
THAT MAN IS LIABLE" ( ie. to be put to death).

This is saying the Talmudic Rabbis have greater authority than
the Word of God itself and therefore possess the Divine authority
to define the law as they deem fit and applicable. What absolute
blasphemous heresy! It is because of this that the Christian
church has been hoodwinked into thinking God endorses all that
the Jewish Rabbis and the Talmud teaches. The modern Jewish
doctrine is so entwined with Babylonian Talmudism that there is
very little that even relates to the true teachings of Moses law
and the Torah (the first five books of our Bible). No wonder
there is so much animosity toward Christ and His followers.

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