Confronting the Cults – Christian Spiritualist Church

Confronting the Cults - Christian Spiritualist Church

Confronting the Cults - Christian Spiritualist Church

The Christian
Spiritualist Church are a cult which is highly
dangerous in that they espouse the love of God, call their
leaders ministers, usually with the title "Reverend", yet
leadership is held by those who are trained and successful as
practicing mediums and hold seances as part of a worship

It is hard to think of a group of people who are more deluded
than the Spiritualist, especially when they respect the Bible,
but apparently are blinded when it comes to the dire warnings of
the fate that lies ahead for those who practice as a medium, by
calling up spirits from the invisible realm.

Let me say right here that manifestations DO occur, and
spirits DO manifest. The problem is, the spiritualist is
absolutely blinded to the fact that these are demons they are
calling forth. It doesn’t take much more than a cursory
glance at the Bible to see that God has given no permission or
reason for communication with or from the dead. In Luke 16:20, a
story of Lazarus the beggar and the Rich Man shows Abraham
himself has no commission to allow the Rich Man or any other
person, to return to earth to warn the 5 brothers of the horror
of hell. One rising from the dead is enough proof in the eyes of

The Spiritualist Church

Spiritualist Churches are found around the world, but are more
common in English-speaking countries. The origin of Mediumship is
usually linked to the Fox sisters, the Fox family being
foundational to this new movement, even though there were later
claims of fraud and controversy.

What do Spiritualists believe? Well it depends where you live.
For example one spiritualist group in the U.S. suggests that
spiritualists don’t believe in reincarnation. Here in
Australia though many spiritualists do believe in reincarnation.
Other spiritualists believe that all spiritualists should be
Christian. Not surprisingly some feel the opposite! While this is
confusing, it does appear that everyone appears to agree on the
following points.

  • A belief in a higher power (God)
  • A belief in life after physical death
  • A belief in communication to/from the spirit world.

Spiritualist churches are places of worship for the
practitioners of Spiritualism. The Spiritualist service is
usually conducted by a medium. There is an opening prayer, an
address, hymns and finally a demonstration of mediumship. Through
engaging their intuition, they attempt to contact with the
spirits of the dead. This is known as opening up.

In Britain especially, such mediums are trained to produce
clear evidence that the spirit contacted is the person they claim
it to be before going on to give any "message" from the spirit.
Such evidence can be details of where they lived, including
addresses sometimes, particulars of illnesses suffered and
notable events in their lives, often known only to the person in
the audience being given the information. The standard of
mediumship varies greatly but the best do produce startlingly
accurate information about the spirit with whom they are in

Once again, I should mention that this powerful evidence of
"life details" is the highly dangerous and acceptable sugar
coating that can suck gullible people in so easily. Because the
source of that information is totally misunderstood, being from
demons rather than from the Spirit of God, this has great
potential to lock people in spiritual chains which will
inevitably lead to God’s terrible judgement on them.


It is just about impossible to get to grips with Spiritualist
doctrine in order to compare with traditional Christianity.
Perhaps it’s because there is very little emphasis on it.
Listed below are some comparisons we are able to make which
demonstrate how brazen these people are in using the term

Spiritual Healing

Even more horrific is the fact that Spiritual healing forms a
major part of Spiritualist Church life. I say horrific, because
it is the source of the healing that is the problem. Because
satan is the author of sickness and disease, he is well able to
lift symptoms and infirmity to suit his own demonic purpose. If
you are not praying "In Jesus Name" then any healing occurrence,
especially if you are opened up to the demonic realm, is not
going to be a healing by the atoning work of Jesus on the

A Spiritualist writes, "We have, in our Church witnessed many
"miracle" recoveries associated with everyday illness, terminal
diagnosis and psychological disorders, whether healing has been
administered directly or by absent healing prayers. It is
important that healers do not build up hopes unduly with a
patient, no promises of cure should ever be made, however a
healer should not limit the power of healing even in extreme


As one would expect in a cult, the teaching on repentance is
wishy washy. They state – "Wrongs which cause injury to
others require repentance, forgiveness and restoration of
wholeness. When one has hurt someone else, unless she apologizes
to that person, repents for the hurt caused and is forgiven, she
will carry that burden into the spirit world. If a person can
take this step while still on earth, and in particular can make
amends for any wrong done, this will do much to enhance his
status in the spirit world."

Spiritual Relationship

None with Jesus as personal Saviour. Much with spiritual
entities (demons). Again I quote – "Unknown to most of
humanity, the moving back and forth of spiritual beings to their
loved ones on earth is going on night and day, all over the


Traditional Judeo-Christian teachings describe a single
incarnation with eternal, personal existence after death. Many,
but not all Spiritualist churches teach the reality of
reincarnation. They use many contemporary writings and some
established Eastern teachings to embrace reincarnation as a real

Phenomena Described

Perhaps the final word to describe their belief system in
general should rest with the words from the brochure of the First
Spiritual Temple, an independent Christian Spiritualist Church.
They declare – "Throughout our 120- plus year history, we
have presented teachings which are both traditional and eclectic.
The scope of our teaching ministry ranges from more traditional
Christian theology, to modern and ancient Spiritualism, to
parapsychology, to metaphysics and what is known as the Ancient
Wisdom. This includes: mediumship and channeling; spiritual
healing; psychic awareness; reincarnation and the great Law of
Karma; death, dying, and life after death; and so much more."

The Spiritualist declares the Bible to be their "Holy Book"
but seem hellbent on ignoring the warnings in that same book
concerning the practices these people base their whole idea of
worship and gathering on. Keep away. It’s toxic.