Purpose Driven Deception

Purpose Driven Deception

Purpose Driven Deception

No doubt
once again I will find myself in hot water with the
following article, and the ire of many good, but naïve
Christian believers will be directed at me because of what they
see as my narrow critical viewpoint. Firstly, let me make one
thing clear. The truth alone is my concern, not sentimental,
emotional and unbiblical heresy peddled by modernistic Christian
popularists whose agenda is to create a one world religion and
utopia upon earth.

Rick Warren

Rick Warren

In recent days Rick Warren has publicly confessed to having
been a member of the Council for Foreign Relations for 15 years!!
This is a matter of public record, having been televised. Barry
Smith revealed 25 years ago that the CFR, the Club of Rome, and
the Bilderbergers were all organizations whose mandate was ONE
WORLD GOVERNMENT! Now the Church is faced with the ‘Purpose
Driven Life’ author and Saddleback mega-Church builder
being exposed for the charlatan he is.

Apart from this exposure of an antichrist agenda there are
other serious things wrong here. The era of the hyped-up
tele-evangelist has, in my opinion, done more damage to the
foundation of Christian doctrine and biblical truth than any
other single issue. For this reason I am extremely concerned at
Warren’s new wave of American-driven heretical foolishness
that will once again move the church further away from the
childlike trust of the heart, to the rationalisation and
intellect of the head - from men to methods, from character to
charisma, from sainthood to systems, from relational Christianity
to institutional Christianity.

The church will lurch once more toward justifying the end by
whatever means necessary. I have observed over my forty years in
Christian ministry the absolute folly of trying to change the
historical message of the gospel to a more contemporary and
socially relevant gospel. Each time without exception, the
message becomes more diluted and less relevant.

One major fact about the Bible that evangelicals throughout
the centuries have known, is that the truth needs no explanation.
It will be recognised and assimilated by man wherever he may be
on the face of the earth. All that is needed is the prerequisite
that he seeks truth. Jesus said the Holy Spirit’s role is
to take the Word of God and convict men’s hearts of sin and
convince them of righteousness.

Unlike any other book, the Bible has within it the power to
change men’s lives. Jesus said, "The words I speak are
spirit and life to those that hear them."
He is saying that
you do not need someone else to explain the Bible and interpret
it to you if you really want to know the truth. The Holy Spirit
will convict you and convince you in your conscience. He will
teach you individually and personally as to what the Bible, Gods
Word, expects of you. The Gospel of John 1:12 expresses this
fact, "that to as many as received him as Saviour to those
ones he automatically gives the power through their initiation
into salvation to become or subsequently know the truth of being
God’s children."

1 John 2:27 also conveys this truth - "The anointing which
you received of Him dwells in you, and you need no man to teach
you, for the anointing teaches you all things, and is truth, and
does not lie….. even as it taught you, live in

Today we make young believers dependant upon us so that they
can not get by without our control or influence over their lives
and by doing so we reinforce our insecure positions with
longevity by keeping those under us continually reliant upon us.
Thus we are no better than the ungodly priests throughout history
from the time of Eli who did not teach his sons fully in the ways
of the Lord, but kept the truth from them so he could remain in
power over them when he was ninety years of age. This has been an
issue right up to and beyond the reformation under Luther. Martin
Luther restored what we know as the priesthood of the believer.
In other words, he challenged the Catholic Bishops and Pope by
saying man does not need a mediator or representative between God
and man. Christ alone is that mediator - we need no other.

I am not saying we do not need gifted teachers. What I am
saying is, if you as an individual desire truth, you will find
it, and your spirit will correspond with God’s Spirit
confirming within your heart whether what you have learned is
right or wrong, heresy or biblical fact. Christian folk all over
the world have now been seduced into believing that every new
seminar, revelation and preacher must be embraced and heard so
that we can become fully equipped and trained in our ministries.
We open our spirits to every weird and extreme doctrine,
espousing the true with the false, not discerning or knowing the
difference between them. The only way you will know the truth is
to read the Word of God. To the degree you spend time in his Word
in the pursuit of truth will be the same degree you will walk in
it and recognise it.

My disgust with today’s church is that as I travel I am
finding many churches no longer have the Bible on their pulpits.
It has been replaced by manuals, books and marketing concepts
such as Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven nonsense. These
constantly communicate and convey to us that systems and methods
involving men’s intellect and psychology are what God is
into. We are told in the Word THE SERVANT OF THE LORD MUST NOT
STRIVE, yet Warren invokes upon us this need to be driven by
purpose, PARTICULARLY, HIS IDEA OF PURPOSE. This is heresy.

Foolish leaders lower the bar of spirituality by teaching
watered down truth and compromised versions of Scripture along
with the poisonous psychology of political correctness, seducing
souls and minds of men into believing we can superimpose our own
interpretation on the Word of God. Below is an up to date
conversation with investigative Christian journalists who are
awake to truth and the subtle deceptive nonsense of
Warren’s heresy.

President Bashar Assad

President Bashar Assad

On Dec 4, 2006 an article appeared in newswithviews. com
thanking Joseph Farah for reporting the recent antics of Rick
Warren, via worldnetdaily.com and warning the desensitised
western church of Warren’s unbiblical views. Farah, a well
qualified, capable investigative Christian journalist, challenged
Warren regarding the latter’s diplomatic initiative trip to
Syria where he offered the proverbial olive branch to radical
Islam on behalf of American Christianity.

As if he speaks with any authority, specifically on my account
is laughable to the extreme. Warren himself does not represent a
biblical world view but a political New World Order viewpoint,
especially shown in his visit to Syria’s regime to discuss
religious cohesion. Farah castigated the Purpose Driven
guru’s compromising overtures with the leading Islamic
terrorist engineers, writing, "Let’s be clear about why
Warren is being criticized for this trip to Syria - It’s
not because he met Syrian President Bashar Assad who murdered
Christian political leaders like Pierre Gemayel and continues his
repressive policies. The criticism is for playing footsie with
the Dictator, condoning his atrocities against believers and
non-believers alike, and denying the persecution of the church in
Syria thus adding injury to insult, by considering radical Islam
worthy of compromise and consultation with Christianity.

It’s peace at any price! And now we hear Warren is a
member of one of the New World Order’s most prolific secret
elitist organisations from his own mouth – The Council on
Foreign Relations. This organisation has been responsible for
much of the genocide and war on earth, again powered by the
wealthiest neocons of the world’s top companies and
bankers. It is a diabolical cauldron of evil whose only claim to
fame in my estimation and many others is their embodiment of the
doctrine of One World Government, and the domination and
destruction of all things Christian. I had some respect for
Warren before these revelations, but absolutely none whatsoever
since hearing this - HE IS A CHARLATAN, A WOLF IN SHEEPS

Farah continued his report saying, "What Warren did in Syria
is what he’s done all along in America and elsewhere with
the dialectic church - withholding inconvenient truths about sin
and the call to repentance for the sake of results and
relationships." Going soft on sinners is his specialty!
That’s how you ‘build bridges,’ exponentially
grow churches, and dialectically achieve ‘unity in
diversity,’ - by putting absolutes aside and dialoguing
differences away until everyone’s conscience is seared and
conviction vanishes in the ambiguity of religious relativism.

The church growth movements have always compromised with
reprobates and covered evil. Warren uses this template to
manoeuvre his mesmerised fans into believing his teachings and
practices are all scriptural, when in fact, nothing could be
further from the truth. It might seem practical to fellowship
with evil and overlook wickedness and rebellion for the sake of
progress and unity (results & relationships), but the fruit
of such friendship is always rotten - and only the ignorant and
arrogant are foolish enough to believe they aren’t
adversely affected by abhorrent affiliations. Proverbs 7:27-28
says – "Can a man take fire in his bosom, and his
clothes not be burned? Can one go upon hot coals, and his feet
not be burned?"

Christians with little discernment or regard for Biblical
absolutes see Warren as brilliant, because the church has
acquired a taste for men of ‘smooth words.’ He was
generously rewarded with record-breaking book sales and empowered
with celebrity status. Warren though, is just another pop
preacher with a ‘whatever it takes’ philosophy. Like
the dialectic church, the dialectic government also saw Warren as
brilliant, offering him the world stage to present his Global
P.E.A.C.E. Plan - a pulpit usually reserved for high-powered
politicians, corporate heads, world leaders and wealthy elites
who have long been considered the enemies of Christ.

Warren didn’t take that stage to proclaim the Gospel of
repentance and faith as men of God are called to do - he went to
Syria to sell his P.E.A.C.E. Plan. Rather than demanding
repentance he ignored Assad’s atrocities, granting those
with a working knowledge and understanding of world affairs, like
Farah, the ability to identify him as an

Part 2 will follow in the April
2007 issue.

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