Project Monarch

Project Monarch

Project Monarch

From the
beginning of time, there has been a powerful desire
within corrupt and evil men to control and direct the lives and
souls of others. It has raised despots from every generation to
seek devilish techniques and systems with the ability to
manipulate and influence the less fortunate.

History continually reminds us, evil diabolic minds build
their ego and self esteem by controlling others. Warped
governmental, political, legal and military people are hard at
work to create the means to manipulate masses according to their
twisted ideology.

The justification is that society needs restraint and the most
efficient restraint is authoritarianism. A very fine line exists
between subordinance and subservience. Subordinance by virtue of
its meaning suggests one is willing to take a position under an
ordinance. Subservience implies forced enslavement of one under
domination of another. This is what some government and military
have done through history and continue doing today.

Project Monarch is an example of this recurring evil. It is a
US Government funded, CIA based programme involving highly
complex forms of trauma-based mind control. Until recently, the
man heading up Monarch from San Francisco’s Presidio
military base was CIA Colonel Michael Aquino, a Philippine
American, who was directly in charge of this demonic programme.
Research reveals Aquino to be an avowed Satanist, a high priest
of the Temple of Set. He took orders directly from Dick Cheney
and Bush Senior, who also are alleged satanists under sworn
affidavit given by Anton La Vey’s now Christian Pastor son

A little research will have one find Monarch-related documents
relating to the Stanford Prison experiment and also the Milgram
experiment conducted under the close direction of the CIA and its
Frankenstein university of choice, the Stanford Research

Banned book in America,"Trance
the Formation of America" and
biographyof Candy Jones and her
mind-shattering ordeal in the
hands of the CIA

A book which is now banned in the USA is "Trance Formation of
America" which is the personal testimony of a child sex slave
named Cathy O’Brien. Bush Snr and members of his
administration are key figures all the way from John F
Kennedy’s presidency till the present. The book tells how
they inflicted the most dehumanising torture and disgusting acts
upon their child Monarch sex slaves. The transcript of the
Franklin Affair and Christian District Attorney John DeCamp, a
former Nebraska state senator, tells of the uncovering of the
massive child sex ring operating at the highest levels of power
from the White House. De Camp tried to prosecute Bush senior but
could not get anyone with enough courage to prosecute it.

It is all there for those who read, but Christians do not want
to get contaminated with such sordid goings on or become
involved. Nor do they stand up and protest, because it may cost
something. What despicable nonsense! We are the conscience of God
to our nation. No wonder Islam is rising so fast, as the voice of
protest against injustice, in spite of their extremism. The sheep
keep grazing while the carnivorous wolves of darkness prowl.

Project Monarch mind control victims were used to make snuff
movies at the International governments secret brothel and
bizarre gathering place of Bohemian Grove in California. Alex
Jones was the one who covertly videotaped meetings and broke open
the secrecy of this place. This is where abducted children are
also put to work for the CIA to provide favours to the Elite.
They were inducted into severe experiments under Project Monarch,
being trained to extract information from targeted people. These
children were tortured beyond belief and deeply traumatized.
Their whole duty was to entice world leaders into bizarre acts of
indecency and record same with their now highly developed Project
Monarch extra sensory capability, while the predators actions of
compromised behaviour was filmed clandestinely for later
blackmail information extraction.

Countless others, now adults, as well as Cathy O’Brien,
have gone public, but CIA misinformation has made exposure
difficult. La Vey Snr, the founder of the Satanist church in
California, and his son, La Vey junior, were present, along with
Bush Snr and Jnr on multiple occasions when human sacrifice was
offered. None have ever been charged.

Project Monarch also uses brain transmitters to control
people. A 1968 textbook "Bio-Medical Telemetry" (by Dr Stuart
Mackay, of University of California, Berkeley), used by the
Swedish Defense Research Institution’s educational unit,
reported, "Among many telemetry instruments used today, are
miniature radio transmitters one can swallow, carry externally,
or surgically implant in man or animal. They permit simultaneous
study of behaviour and physiological functioning. The scope of
observations is so broad its possibilities are limited only by
ones imagination."

Dr Jose Delgado, pioneer of electronic brain stimulation (ESB)
funded by U.S. Office of Naval Research and CIA, stated in his
book, "Physical Control of the Mind" (published in 1969), "The
use of brain transmitters can conform one to political systems.
Autonomic and somatic functions, individual and social behaviour,
emotional and mental reactions may be invoked, maintained,
modified, or inhibited, in animals or man, by stimulation of
specific cerebral structures. Physical control of brain functions
is a demonstrated fact. We can follow intention, developing
thought and visual experience."

Project Monarchs latest capabilities can extract brain neuro
signals, remotely reconstruct them, changing intention and
inducing the corresponding emotions. The Gold Coast Bulletin on
Saturday 3rd March 2007, carried an article confirming this,
saying computers can now with accuracy read your mind from a
remote brain scanned image without your knowledge. It is the
process of brain printing or nuero mapping.

Early electronic implants gave way to newer versions of liquid
crystals, injected directly into the bloodstream lodging inside
the brain. Two-way radio communication with brain transmitters
has been possible since 1950, including voice messages and
‘returned thought.’ Not to mention the ability to
transmit by particle beam to a subject via satellite.

CIA Headquarters, Washington DC

CIA Headquarters, Washington DC

Most of it started with Nazi Germany in experimental death
camps with the butcher of Berlin, Joseph Mengele, who was given
passage to the US under cover of Project Paper Clip in 1946. Carl
Jung also was a compatriot to Hitler, introducing Hitler to
occultic Aryanism and mystical Hinduism. No wonder our society is
so secularly humanistic and warped. One of Jung’s students,
a female American Nazi sympathizer, worked alongside him. She
also possessed equally bizarre ideologies. Margeret Sanger was
her name. She was connected with Canada which became an offshore
laboratory for CIA’s Project Monarch experiments on
unsuspecting human orphans.

The videos and records of twisted debased experiments, show
the depravity of humanity - simple innocent victims of
Frankenstein experimentation when all they wanted was help and
love. Sanger was a major influence behind the Family Planning
Institute which established abortion on demand and the doctrine
of Eugenics.

‘Woman," she said "were the mistress of their own body
and had the right to abort unwanted eaters from an already
crowded society." She was an avowed socialist financed by the
Rockefeller foundation. Eugenists believe in selective breeding,
sterilization, and euthanasia. Sanger argued for these. She had a
sordid affair with the author H G Wells. This Fabian Socialist
was an avid supporter of Eugenics and a One World Order. His
novels often were about these issues.

Let me make one thing clear - there is no overcrowding on
Earth. If you took everyone on Earth and put them into one place,
they would all fit into the State of Texas, with each one having
room enough to live and work comfortably. Also, if you were to
take all the money in the world and distribute it evenly,
everyone would have around three million US dollars.

Margeret Sanger, Founder of Planned Parenthood said, "The most
merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant
members is to kill it." (from Women and the New Race Eugenics
Publishing Co., 1920, 1923)

On blacks, immigrants and indigents, "...human weeds, reckless
breeders, spawning human beings who never should have been born."
(from Pivot of Civilization referring to immigrants and poor
people.) Margeret Sanger proposed The American Baby Code which
states, "No woman shall have the right to bear a child... without
a permit for parenthood."

Planned Parenthood was American Birth Control League until
1942. (Backlash against Eugenics and its ties to Nazis compelled
the name change.) The Eugenics movement advocated forced
sterilization of "feeble- minded" US citizens hoping to insure
racial purity; a tragic attempt to create Sanger’s race of

Another US Family Foundation (AFF) board member was Margaret
Thaler Singer, credited three times in a Project Megiddo report.
Singer worked in psychology, particularly with "psychological
persuasion," promoting deceptive business practices, political
propaganda, and torture of prisoners of war. Psychological
persuasion techniques include any action designed to influence
another to respond in a predictable, desired fashion.

Another AFF Board Member, late Dr. Louis Joylon "Joly" West, a
longtime professional associate of Singer and a psychologist
during 1950s, engaged in mind control experiments funded by the
CIA. Early government "mind control" studies sought how to make
one act against his own will, even if it conflicted with basic
laws of human nature like self-preservation.

CIA-backed studies, on unwitting, non-volunteer human subjects
involved giving LSD mind bending truth drugs to seek out
"potential uses" the mind-altering effects of the drug might have
that could benefit the government. During investigations by a
Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, chaired by Senator Frank
Church, in the 1970s, it was revealed West was involved in
drugging unsuspecting targets, administering electric shock,
destroying memory, and "programming" individuals to kill,
creating human robots under psychiatric, drug-induced control.
West’s involvement in CIA programs, and his connection to
Singer, linked them both to AFF.

An interesting truth revealed to us by God, came from a well
respected Chinese Christian leader around 1930. Watchman Nee
recorded prophetically in his book "Latent Power Of The Soul", of
the approaching blurring of the lines between the demarcation of
the soul (mind) and the spirit and suggests the Book of
Revelation predicted the time of the end when men will trade (buy
and sell) using or controlling the souls (minds or memories) of

One CIA experiment, searching how to induce amnesia, found
pulsed microwave can over-stimulate acetylcholine production in
the brain, a neurotransmitter associated with storing memory.
This is known as Electronic Dissolution of Memory. Whilst a
person is subjected to the wave they cannot store any memories,
and are left with amnesia or "missing time." They can be
influenced to have amnesia about their amnesia. The book, "The
Mind Manipulators", by Alan W. Scheflin and Edward M. Opton Jr,
published 1978, states "The E.D.O.M. alters time senses by
emitting radiowaves and ultra-sonic signals, which control memory
storage chemicals in the brain." This process
‘erases’ specific classified memories from
individual’s who leave sensitive governmentt agencies. This
technique leaves one with so-called "missing time" similar to
alleged alien abductions. "We have the technology to induce
amnesic periods in laboratories, and don’t need alien
intruders to help explain how they can be induced," Glenn
Crawzcyk explains.

The movie, "The Manchurian Candidate," shows the sordid detail
as to how the Secret Service works. Nothing is beyond their power
and their black budgets. Anything can be hatched in secret behind
closed doors - all for our good of course. They operate beyond
the reach and constraint of not only the citizens who elected
them but also the unawake politicians as well. A very sinister
and elite group of people work at the forefront of nation’s
governments with the sole intent to bring the world into slavery.
Check out the U.N. documents entitled Agenda 21(agenda for the
21st Century) then compare it with the US Project For New
American Century written back in Bush Snr’s reign and you
will find them the same. They work to fulfill their diabolical
plot without deviating from it at all. Where are the voices?

In Germany they came first for the Communists, I didn’t
speak up - I wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for Jews -
I didn’t speak up I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for
trade unionists - I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t
a unionist. Then they came for Catholics, and I didn’t
speak up because I was Protestant. Then they came for me. By that
time no one was left to speak up.

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