Purpose Driven Deception – Part 2

Purpose Driven Deception - Part 2

Purpose Driven Deceiption - Part 2

We began
last issue by revealing that Rick Warren has publicly
confessed to having been a member of the Council on Foreign
Relations (CFR) for 15 years. He is a One World Government
believer and planner. This was followed by his visit to Syria to
meet with President Assad. I commented that Joseph Farah of
www.newswithviews.com said that Warren was not being criticised
for meeting a man who has murdered Christian political leaders
like Pierre Gemayel, but for condoning his atrocities against
believers and non-believers alike, and denying the persecution of
the Church in Syria, considering Islam to be worthy of compromise
and consultation with Christianity. Here now is Part 2.

Shortly after the Assad incident, Warren hosted an AIDS
conference at his church, inviting an array of "progressive"
speakers that included a pro-abortion Senator and a gay physician
- point being - this is just business as usual. "Playing footsie"
with evil is what being Purpose Driven is all about! Before it
was called "Purpose Driven" it was called "seeker- sensitive", by
pastor Bill Hybels who similarly invited scoundrels like then
President Bill Clinton to speak at his Leadership Summit held
annually at Willow Creek Community Church in Illinois.

In March 2001, the Chicago Daily Herald reported that a forum
was held at Willow Creek for the world’s five largest
religions entitled: "Forum Unites Diverse Religions", where the
church’s spokesman, David Staal, was quoted as saying "All
pathways to heaven and God are not the same; that’s the
reality." The Herald went on to say that "organizers of the forum
preached respect between the faiths" and "encouraged the
representatives of Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and
Judaism to revel in their diversity" - not a concept you’d
find in the Bible.

It is also worth noting that shortly after Sept 11th, Hybels
invited a Muslim cleric, Fisal Hammouda, who had addressed that
earlier forum, to return to Willow Creek where Religion Today
said he explained how "the Koran does not allow violence against
innocent people." In an October 17th, 2001 summary piece,
entitled: "Willow Creek Church Welcomes Muslim Cleric’s
Perspective," Hammouda was quoted as telling the crowd of 17,000,
that they (Muslims) "believe in Jesus, more than Christians."

The dialectic church was not Hybels’ creation. Before
him, was Dr Robert Schuller and his Self Esteem Reformation. The
list goes on, like socialism, which is essentially what
we’re talking about. They just keep reintroducing it under
fresh titles and marketing campaigns taking the church further
and further left with each new version. When Warren’s star
eventually fades, like Hybels’ and Schuller’s,
another will rise to take his place.

Warren says he’s sorry to Farah. The People’s
Pastor was quoted as saying "It is evident from your columns and
e-mails to others that I hurt, angered and offended you
personally by what I said in a second email to you. I am truly
sorry, and I humbly ask for your forgiveness. I am commanded by
God to ‘Show respect for everyone, to love my Christian
brothers and sisters. Fear God. Show respect for the king.’
1 Peter 2:17. I’m sorry," said Warren.

Any time you challenge today’s dialectically trained
pastors and church growth leaders regarding their scripturally
errant words and ways, they invariably try and turn it into a
relationship issue to avoid the truth. Most in the church today
are unprepared to deal with this tactic. The average Christian
doesn’t even know such a thing exists. Having been taught
by their Pastors to feel and experience each other’s
emotions and "think relationally," (play footsie) rather than
know and obey God’s absolutes, they are seduced and
sidetracked into surrendering their conscience to the collective
for the brotherly benefits of progress and peace.

This is how you bring conflicting governments, economies and
religions together to build a New World Order and a One World
Religion - by persuading extremely diverse people groups from all
sectors of society to put aside their differences, find common
ground and exchange eternal truths for pragmatic promises and
relativistic reasoning.

"America’s Pastor" Warren rarely misses an opportunity
to highlight his books or the influence of his PEACE Plan. But
his latest boast reveals a depth of deception that demands both a
sober response and a public warning. First, let’s review
some recent events. On Nov 13, Rick Warren met with Syria’s
Grand Mufti Sheikh Badr al-Din Hassoun in Damascus. Their
dialogue was publicized by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) in
an article titled, "American Priest" (Warren) says "No peace
without Syria."

Warren on Monday said... "80 percent of America rejected what
the US Administration is doing in Iraq considering US policy in
the Mideast wrong." He expressed admiration of Syria and the
coexistence he saw between Muslims and Christians, stressing that
he will convey this image to his church and country.
WorldNetDaily founder Joseph Farah wrote, "Rick Warren wrote to
me this morning to protest this column. He claims he didn’t
say anything he was actually quoted as saying by the official
press in Syria. However, in a video he states, ‘Syria does
not allow extremism of any kind.’ Rubbish! Syria is, in
many ways, the No. 1 sponsor of terrorism in the world.
Here’s what the Syrian Arab News Agency reported –
‘Warren hailed the religious coexistence, tolerance and
stability that the Syrian society is enjoying due to the wise
leadership of Assad.’"

The following assassination of Pierre Gemayel, a Christian
anti-Syrian official in the Lebanese government, (therefore a foe
of Syrianbacked Hezbollah terrorists) should shatter those public
illusions of tolerant coexistence. Finally, in a startling expose
Joseph Farah wrote, "I pointed out to Warren that WND attempted
to contact him about his trip. No one from his Saddleback Church
ever returned our calls the day the story broke. I’m sure
since you were warned in advance by the State Department that you
took the precaution of recording your own words. I suggested in
my response that we look forward to seeing the transcripts."

"I really didn’t expect to hear from Warren, Farah said,
"but, a few minutes later, I did, with an absolutely stunning
retort. He let me know he is a close friend of President Bush and
many, ‘if not most, of the generals at the Pentagon.’
He also told me he did not tape anything while in Syria,
‘because it was a courtesy call, like I do in every
country.’ Warren explained that he had also counselled with
the National Security Council and the White House, as well as the
State Dept, before his little courtesy call. ‘In
fact’, Warren added, ‘as a member of the Council on
Foreign Relations and Oxford Analytica, I might know as much
about the Middle East as you.’"

Saddleback Church Video Venue

Saddleback Church Video Venue

"What could drive Pastor Warren to lie and deny his taped
dialogue with a Syrian Muslim leader? Not one to let lies go
unchallenged, I wrote back to Warren with a link to the YouTube
video in which he appeared, asking, ‘If you didn’t
tape anything, what’s this?’ It might be that Rick
Warren, deep in the bush of Rwanda, never received those last
questions, because he never responded – at least not in the
last three days. He did, however, within minutes make sure the
YouTube video he recorded independent of his meetings with the
Syrian brown shirts was removed from the network.

So why would the globalist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
invite a Christian Pastor to join its secretive, anti-Christian
organizations? Bill Clinton’s mentor, Carroll Quigley, an
influential professor at the Foreign Service Georgetown
University, wrote in Tragedy and Hope – "There exists, an
international Anglophile network which operates the way the
radical Right believes Communists act. This network, of Round
Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with Communists, or
any other groups. I have studied it for twenty years, and was
permitted for two years, to examine its papers and secret

Quigley described The Council of Foreign Relations as a
driving force behind global transformation, steering U.S.
sovereignty to regional union with Canada, U.S. and Mexico under
the UN. He writes, "At the end of World War 1 this secret
organizational system had to be extended. The Royal Institute of
International Affairs, the front organization, had as its nucleus
in each area submerged Round Table Groups. In NY it was known as
Council on Foreign Relations, a front for J. P. Morgan. The
original plans for R.I.I.A. and C.F.R. were drawn up at

Warren’s global PEACE Plan fits into this New World
Order system of partnerships and networks between government,
business and churches. Governments wield both financial and
legislative power and Warren is the Pied Piper that ushers
churches into the organizational web envisioned by the CFR. How
might Rick Warren benefit the elite Oxford Analytica, which works
with globalist power brokers such as J.P. Morgan, the Aspen
Institute, and World Bank? The same power brokers steering CFR
also guide Oxford Analytica. Its founder, David R. Young,
explains – "I joined the National Security Council staff as
Kissinger’s Administrative Assistant in 1969. The next four
years in the White House - until 1973 - I observed how Kissinger
used his own personal network of friends around the world. I
could not avoid a very simple idea, namely - this reservoir of
talent must provide a way of harnessing it, as a bridge to reach
business and governments outside. With help and encouragement
from my mentor at the Rockefellers, J. Richardson Dilworth, I
tried the idea on David Rockefeller, then Chairman of Chase
Manhattan Bank; Walter Wriston, then head of Citibank; Robert
Engle, then Treasurer of J.P. Morgan; and Sir Siegmund Warburg.
All felt the idea was sound and worth pursuing."

Why would Warren lie about his taped, much publicized dialogue
with the Syrian Muslim leader? Like CFR, Warren has mastered the
dialectic skill of double speak. He hides his emphasis on social
collectivism behind Biblical words that promise oneness in
Christ. And he promotes the Communitarian agenda while
acknowledging Gods Kingdom. Warren’s deceptions began years
ago, when he adapted his famous five purposes to a postmodern

Postmodern worship is designed to stir good feelings and
collective zeal. It may echo Biblical words, but points to a
positive and permissive God who will cheer our self-centred
nature and excuse our unholy ways. Organized purpose-driven
"fellowship" follows dialectical guidelines. Small group members
are trained in unbiblical tolerance, feelings - not fact-based
‘sharing’, and hostility toward
‘offensive’ Biblical absolutes. In contrast, Biblical
fellowship implies genuine believers with a common delight in
Gods Word, will, and holy ways.

"We’re all in this together," said Warren at the liberal
Baptist World Alliance’s 2005 Congress. Baptists can
"celebrate our diversity and celebrate our unity", he continued.
"I see absolutely zero reason in separating my fellowship from
anybody." Today’s purpose-driven leadership requires
submission and loyalty to "the group" and its postmodern social
ethics — not to Gods Word demanding collective

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