The Emerging Church

The Emerging Church

The Emerging Church

The Emerging Church is a movement already in motion and I
bring a warning to our readers concerning it. It sounds on first
hearing like something hidden about to reveal itself for the
first time, disclosing a scenario that was unexpected and covert
because of its agenda. Does this sound to you like the serpent
satan in the Garden of Eden when he beguiled Eve? To all intents
and purposes, I would suggest that is exactly what it is.

Carl Henry, a well known theologian, has aptly remarked that,
"The intellectual suppression of God and His revelation has now
precipitated the bankruptcy of a civilization that has turned its
back on Heaven only to make its bed in Hell."

Fuller and Princeton Theological Seminaries have endorsed and
teach Emerging Church principles. Many Baptist fellowships
worldwide now espouse it. Rick Warren and his lackeys are also
proponents of this evil, seditious doctrine, and many modern
American and Western religious mega church gurus cling to it like
a drowning man clings to anything he can to stay alive. What a
state the church has come to.

Wikipedia describes the Emerging Church trend as follows - The
Emerging Church is a controversial, 21st century Christian
movement whose participants seek to engage postmodern people
(people who find the historic faith irrelevant and boring.) To
accomplish this, "emerging Christians" reframe Christian belief,
standards and expression to fit a postmodern mold, adjusting
their approach to doctrine and Christian practices

The predominantly young participants in this movement prefer
stories drawn from the Bible over apologetics or doctrinal
exposition. In other words a "feel good" religion rather than
theological faith and factual biblical truth. Their reliance on
open dialogue rather than the doctrinal proclamation found in
historic Christianity leads Emerging Church followers to a
diversity of beliefs, standards, and interpretations of Scripture
within the movement as well as to an acceptance of diversity
itself. They gather around house church movements and places
where freedom of expression is promoted and discipline and
standards are considered legalism, thus rejected.

Critics of the movement are often conservative theologians and
pastors who disagree with the movement’s embrace of
postmodernism, believing such a worldview leads to unorthodox
theology, relativism, universalism, and syncretism. Critics
associate emergent theology with liberal theology. They state
that the church is in a post Christian world where theological
and historical doctrine and structures are no longer relevant, so
we therefore must become more relevant to our society.

That is done, they suggest, by redefining our belief and faith
to suit a world that is no longer dominated by Christianity, but
by multifaith which has a different value system. Therefore we
must become all accepting and loving, tolerant to all faiths and
beliefs; for unity and harmony with mankind is more important
than isolation because of dogma and what they call religion.

Here is what the Encyclopedia Britannica has to say about the
word emerging "To become manifest; To arise from or as if from an
enveloping fluid; To come into view; To arise from an obscure or
inferior position or condition; To come into being through

Most of us understand what Détente is. It means to
become accommodating toward opposing ideas for the sake of peace
and unity. It is the relaxation of policies in order to be more
conciliatory. Maybe the word is better expressed as compromise.
And every where you turn today this word tolerance is rammed down
our throats in the name of political correctness. One thing that
astounds me with the socalled Christian church, is this stupidity
that promotes the humanistic nonsense of unity being the absolute
primary objective of Christ for His Church. Christ’s
primary objective was to die upon a cross to open a way into the
kingdom of God for us who were sinners. We were alienated from
God, and through Calvary, He became the Captain of our salvation
bringing many sons to God, thereby destroying the works of the
devil. True unity will be achieved by those same sons accepting
the conditions set down by our Captain, and adhering to those
precepts in obedience. If we all agree to His defined precepts
then we become one in agreement, aligned in doctrine, and unified
by it.

This ungodly doctrine of "Unity in Diversity" has given rise
to the false heretical belief that we can believe what ever we
like, it does not matter. What does matter is that we all link
arms and sing the same songs on points we can agree on and leave
anything controversial and exclusive outside the bounds of our
fellowship. What foolishness is this? It is nothing short of what
the book of Timothy in the Scriptures calls doctrines of

I believe that a motivating factor in this Emerging Church
teaching is a fundamental flaw in its basic doctrine stemming
from what is called DOMINION THEOLOGY. What is that you ask? It
is the idea that we the Church are the ones who will, as
God’s representatives on Earth, bring about social and
political change globally, for the good of mankind in general.
What is wrong with that you ask? Nothing, as such, but it is the
following aspect I object to, namely that Jesus will not return
until we His Church have established Christian government with
acceptable humanistic morality and justice in all spheres of
international society. Then and only then will He return. This
philosophy teaches that we, His Church, will present Him with a
glorious perfected Kingdom here on Earth, complete with a throne
for Him to rule and reign upon forever, having ourselves in His
Name, conquered evil and established world peace and harmony.

Neville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler

Neville Chamberlain
and Adolf Hitler

After World War 2 ended, there came forth a very pronounced
opinion against what was known as the policy of appeasement, as
demonstrated by the previous Prime Minister of England, Neville
Chamberlain, in his handling of the Nazi German war expansion. He
believed Hitler’s conciliatory overtures toward him, in
spite of the negative skepticism of others. He also promoted the
fact that Hitler had said he was not intending to invade Europe.
What the PM did was ignore the developing evidence and facts,
hoping that being conciliatory would bring forth a similar
response from Adolf Hitler. It didn’t. World War 2 began in
spite of appeasement. The Bible clearly states that the heart of
man is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked and who
can know it.

The Emerging Church as they have so aptly named it, is not the
true Church at all. It is actually an apostate Church evolving
from one contemporary generation and experience to the next,
changing and morphing into every mystical and diabolic expression
of heresy as it goes. It is interesting to note that in the Book
of Revelation, John writes to the seven Churches as he is
instructed to do, and in three of the Churches he makes mention
of the fact that there is in their midst those who hold to the
doctrine of Balaam and those who hold to the doctrine of the
Nicolaitans and those who permit the teaching of the heresies of
that woman Jezebel. What one Christian generation permits, the
next teaches as acceptable. One generation further on, they make
it part of their culture and way of life.

J P Moreland says - "Faced with such opposition and the
pressure it brings, postmodernism is a form of intellectual
pacifism that, at the end of the day, recommends backgammon while
the barbarians are at the gate. It is the easy, cowardly way out
that removes the pressure to engage alternative conceptual
schemes, to be different, to risk ridicule, to take a stand
outside the gate. But it is precisely as disciples of Christ,
even more, as officers in his army, that the pacifist way out is
simply not an option. However comforting it may be, postmodernism
is the cure that kills the patient, the military strategy that
concedes defeat before the first shot is fired, the ideology that
undermines its own claim to allegiance. And it is an immoral,
coward’s way out that is not worthy of a movement born out
of the martyrs’ blood."

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