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A recent speech by Pope Benedict XVI has uncovered the fact
that he is a "stalking horse" for the New World Order. Perhaps we
are seeing the future "False Prophet" displaying his real heart
before the main event.

During Mass at St Peter’s Basilica, the Pope said that
recent decades have seen a ‘challenge to globalise.’
"The need has emerged to elaborate a new world political and
economic order, but at the same time and above all, a cultural
one – that is, renewed humanism," he said.

"At the start of the Third Milennium we find ourselves smack
in the middle of this phase of human history, that someone at
some time dubbed globalization." The Pope said that while
politicians, scientists and researchers play important roles in
the modern world, "today more than ever, it is necessary to place
at their side the leaders of the great non- Christian religious
traditions as well as Christian Church leaders. Religious leaders
of all faiths must play a role in ensuring that the spiritual and
cultural aspects of life are not found wanting as man tackles the
challenges of globalization."


Pope Benedict XVI has invited Henry Kissinger, former advisor
to Richard Nixon, to be a political consultant and part of a
Papal "advisory board" on foreign and political affairs. He has
accepted. This will certainly involve Kissinger advising on
Islam, Palestine, Israel and Iraq.

In view of the Muslim hostility to Benedict’s recent
Regensburg speech, Kissinger might provide advice on dealing with
an increasingly fractious Islamic world. Not that Kissinger is
acceptable to Muslims either. One Iranian radio station has
already reported this appointment to be a "Papal-Jewish"

This mixing of Church and State is suspicious to say the
least. Who will be advising who? This liason may well prove that
the Vatican has the US in its pocket, influencing American
foreign and domestic policy.

The plans of the New World Order cannot be discounted either,
especially when as far back as 1823, the Rothschild’s took
over the finances of the Vatican.


We have already reported a campaign led by Monsignor Walter
Brandmuller, head of the Pontifical Committee for Historical
Science, to rehabilitate Judas Iscariot, the man who betrayed
Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, which is aimed at persuading
believers to look kindly at a man reviled for 2,000 years.A side
effect (and perhaps a driving force) of the
‘rehabilitation’ of Judas will help the Pope’s
drive to improve Christian-Jewish relations, which he has made a
priority of his pontificate. What we haven’t reported up to
now is this - the move to clear Judas’s name coincides with
plans to publish the alleged Gospel of Judas for the first time
in English, German and French. Though not written by Judas, it is
said to reflect the belief among early Christians, and now
gaining ground in the Vatican, that in betraying Christ, Judas
was fulfilling a divine mission, which led to the arrest and
Crucifixion of Jesus and hence to man’s salvation. The
great danger here is that if Judas is rehabilitated and the
Gospel of Judas is printed in these major languages, it will be
seen by some as Scripture, confusing the already muddied waters
as to what and what isn’t holy writ. The track record of
the Catholic Church is poor in this regard. They are guilty
already of accepting the Apocrypha as Divine writing, which of
course, it is not. (see "The Gospel Truth" in this issue.)