Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Thank you very much for the recent issue Vol 2 No 6 and the
article on "Homosexual Onslaught." Your last paragraph seemed to
jump out at me (quote) "the only way to stop this onslaught on
Christian values and Christianity is a national uprising against
HR254 in the USA, and an awakening worldwide of a slumbering

I really agree with you on the homosexual and lesbian problem,
Sodom and Gomorrah once again! Yes we must all agree as the body
of Christ to stand firm, shoulder to shoulder.

Years ago the Lord put a real burden on my heart to stand firm
against blasphemy, and I did what I could but one voice
didn’t do the job. More and more now my heart is being
pierced each time I hear the Lord’s name being misused. If
we were Muslims we would have made sure our voice was heard!

I received two replies to my vast mailing to the media (copies
enclosed) and in each there was an opening to complain more
often. I’m afraid I got very disheartened but now, as
things have progressed so far, I feel the Lord saying that the
door is open once again, and to grasp the opportunity. If we all
stood firm on the points of blasphemy and homosexuality/
lesbianism then we could not be ignored.

Enclose is a cutting from the ‘Mail on Sunday’
dated 29th April 07 about Mr Blair becoming "World Vicar"! What
do you think of that??? May the Lord richly bless you. Thank you
so much for keeping us up to date with all that is going on in
these end times. Yours in the wonderful name of Jesus.


The cutting referring to Tony Blair has been reproduced in
"Bits’N’Pieces" in this issue. You may also read a
linked article to the one you refer to titled "Pornography" which
also appears in this issue. Thank you also for you kind words and
generous donation toward the ministry. -Editor


The Holy Spirit told me that I am only to read the 1611 King
James Authorized Holy Bible. If I read any version Bible I shall
be accursed.

The New King James version has occult in it. I have seen the
occult in the 1881 Revised version and I believe all versions
have the occult in them. A true believer showed me this in his
uncle’s 1881 version.

Why then have you dared to advertise version Bibles for sale.
I notice you make no mention of the one true Bible. You may very
well be accursed. Do not make light of this information.


If the Holy Spirit told you to read the KJV, we are happy
with that, but if other versions are accursed, why hasn’t
He told everyone else – after all, the Bible teaches there
is no partiality with God. Secondly, Proverbs says "A curse
without cause cannot alight." Therefore we reject your view we
may be ‘accursed.’ That is Old Testament Law –
we live under Grace. Even blaspheming Jesus name does not cause
one to be accursed. Only the blaspheming of the Holy Spirit has a
parallel with the Old Testament in making one accursed.

Secondly, by your logic, everyone before 1611 who read
Scripture must have been accursed. So must every version produced
in another language! This is plain foolishness. The KJV is a
great Bible, but it is still an interpretation from the original
language. No doubt you will be shocked to hear there are 22,000
translation errors from the original Hebrew and Greek into your
beloved KJV. Granted, the vast majority of these are minor, but
errors nevertheless. The one true Bible must be the ORIGINAL
language of the manuscripts handed down from the original
writers, not the interpreted words into a foreign language, which
English just happens to be in this case. Translators will always
struggle to translate the nuances and shades of meaning from one
language to another. The two best versions today, virtually
without translation error, are The Literal Translation by Jay P
Green (Sovereign Grace Publishers) and Gary Zoella’s
Literal Version. Unfortunately both of these are in small
circulation. As a footnote the most popular version, the NIV,
contains 22,000 errors of translation also, but some of these are
very serious, leaving out "There is not now no
condemnation…" from Romans, and other glaring errors. This
is because the MSS used was the corrupt Vaticanus B.

We quote back to you the same ending as your letter – Do
not make light of this information! -Editor


Dear Omega Times, I am one of your readers, and I keep alert
for news in the media as I think the time is close. Tony Blair
has just formed an agreement with the EU, which will bypass the
British people who have been promised a vote on the constitution
before it can go through. So now there is a constitution in all
but name, agreed. And there is now to be a permanent EU

A few days ago Tony Blair’s name was put forward for the
post. Tony Blair said NO. Wasn’t it Barry Smith who used to
say (1) leak it, (2) deny it, (3) do it. We shall see!

I know that Tony Blair is a liar, the father of spin,
he’s a great one for getting things in through the back
door, then there’s nothing you can do, it’s too late.
At the time of our last election I looked up a website which gave
the voting record for all MPs on Christian issues. I also checked
Tony Blair’s record. He voted less than most MPs, and when
he did, it was 100% in the other direction from Christian

After the EU meeting, he went to visit Pope Benedict and had a
1 hour meeting (10-20 mins usual for heads of state). His wife is
RC, and there has been talk about him converting over. When he
went he took a present of a picture of Cardinal Neuman who
converted from C of E to RC.

He says when he retires from being PM he is going to start up
a think-tank (not the right word, but something like that) to
encourage religious harmony. Sometime ago there was a TV poll for
the top religious icon (something like that). The voters voted
Tony Blair into No. 1 spot. I know I thought if I was Tony Blair
I’d be scared.

Do I remember hearing from someone that there could be
something odd about the Antichrist’s eyes? At one of the
elections the conservatives brought out posters showing
‘devil eyes’ which were definitely meant to be Tony
Blair’s. Am I making something out of nothing? I
don’t know, when I started this email I was still shaking a
bit with the shock. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not
scared, I belong to Christ. All the best, God bless you.


See Bits’N’Pieces this issue for more on Tony
Blair. -Editor