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For those who are informed already as to the meaning of the
title of this article a challenge awaits you. Soon, you will have
to face up to the fact of being confronted with what is now
beyond doubt and well beyond the point of no return - the
Biblical prophetic close of this age. To those who are not
informed as to the meaning of the title above let me give a brief

In the apocalyptic book of Revelation, the very last book in
the Bible, there is in chapter thirteen - a clear picture or
summary of what the end of civilisation as we know it will look
like. Many rationalists debate its authenticity. Others deny its
truth as being speculative theory, while others dismiss it as

Revelation 13 gives a cryptic overview of a system that will
ultimately arise upon earth that will seek to control every
individual alive that no one may buy or sell without first having
received the Mark of the Beast on one's hand or forehead.

As a student of Bible prophecy, I have researched these and
other Bible prophecies as well as extra biblical (ancient
predictions other than scriptural) prophecies over forty three
years. I am more convinced now than I ever was of their accuracy
and precision. I write this article not just to stimulate your
urgent interest in this matter, I also wish to bring to your
attention the fact that the Bible’s accuracy in this regard
confirms to me and hopefully to you also, the love that God our
creator has for each individual, in that He attempts to warn us
and prepare us for the final outcome.

This outcome is the result of unredeemed man’s absolute
disregard for anything else on earth other than his own warped
and selfish greed. It should also challenge you, and I hope it
does, in this way - that you might realise that if this Bible is
so accurate in its disclosure of the future, then you will
concede there must be a benevolent God who has an intimate
knowledge of not only space and time, but also of you and your
future, resulting in you taking the time to find Him for

Chapter thirteen of the book of Revelation, gives a cryptic
overview of a system that will ultimately arise upon earth that
will seek to control every individual alive that no one may buy
or sell without first having received the Mark of the Beast on
one’s hand or forehead.

This proceeds from a man that will ascend to the position of
universal power and dictatorship over the entire planet, whose
only personal mandate is to crush everything and everyone that
opposes him. So great will be his conceit and arrogance that even
the very sovereign God of creation Himself will be forced to step
in to break his maniacal grasp at power. The Bible predicts it
will be a time of immense trouble and pain on earth such as has
never been experienced historically prior to this time. Unless
God Himself intervenes, no human being will be left alive on

So great will be his grab for totalitarian control that he
will declare himself to be god. The part that amazes me is not
that he does this, as it has been attempted many times before in
history, but the fact that the prophecies declare he will beguile
and deceive the entire world, and most Christians along with
them. Jesus said that the very elect of God will be under such
persuasive influence at that time that they also, unless
extremely alert to truth will be taken in by him.

The prophecy tells us this man will be known as the
Antichrist. The Greek word for ‘anti’ is
‘vicar’. It always astounds me why we ever chose a
word in human vocabulary to address our spiritual leaders that
conveys with it the connotation of one taking the place of
Christ. I refer to the word VICAR because that is exactly what it
means – ‘to stand in the place of or to take the
position of.’

You understand one of the doctrinal truths in scripture
central to our faith is what is called the vicarious suffering.
This means Jesus took our place and suffered for us. We do not
have to account for judgement of our personal sins as He took
that burden upon Himself. So here you see the truth of this word
‘vicarious.’ It’s meaning is to stand in
one’s place, and to take their position.

This is a title I personally would not want to attach to
myself for two reasons. Firstly, my humanity reveals my
unworthiness to identify myself in any way as being part of
Christ’s High Priestly atoning sacrifice, and secondly, I
would be unwilling to use a word, that in any way would portray
my prideful nature and convey the audacity to consider myself as
Christs substitute but also as the word "vicar"
suggests – Christ’s replacement.

This Antichrist who will be worse than all the historical
antichrists, will assume power over all governments, all
universal law, and all global resources. Through the power of
banking and monetary exchange he will control everyone and
everything on earth. This is the very immediate future we have to
look forward to. The scary part is that with the Christian church
becoming so caught up in the devilish seducing spirit of mammon
and prosperity teaching, far too many are now completely unaware
of their precarious position in this worldy system, placing their
dependency upon wealth and an ungodly practice of laying up
treasure on earth. Don’t get me wrong. I am not against the
ability to earn and get ahead, but when it becomes the driving
force behind our every pursuit and the motivation that takes
priority in every decision, then we are in jeopardy of losing our

You may not be aware, but since the 1960’s, banking
families and governments have been perfecting the means and
method of control to subjugate all mankind under the heel of the
obscenely wealthy who believe they have a mandate to rule the
world. These are the Ashkenazi German Jewish bankers who monitor
the entire money flow of international finance covering the

They are the private (not government) group known as the
Federal Reserve Board, who utilise the treasonous agreement made
in WW2 known as the BRETTON WOODS AGREEMENT. This was signed into
power by Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill, to divide the world for
their own greedy gain.

Let me make it clear that the men behind this end times plan
to rule the world are not Jewish by blood nor by doctrine. They
have no allegiance to the true Torah at all. Their doctrinal
loyalty is to the Babylonian Talmud and to the Qabala. Both these
books are volumes of the doctrines of devils and humanistic evil.
These are the people who are mentioned specifically in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9.
These men and many others with them, intend
enforcing humanity under the jackboot of totalitarianism by
controlling man’s ability to earn a living and provide for
his family.

You may find this fanciful and unbelievable but I have a
recording on audio of a recent World Forum meeting (an
ultra-secretive gathering of world bankers, businessmen and
politicians with a one world government agenda.) The speaker, a
renowned global politician, refers to all humanity other than
their own wealthy elite, as being the drones necessary from which
they are to procure the cannon fodder to accomplish their

RFID Card Reader and RFID Identification Card as issued by the Geneva Convention

RFID Card Reader and RFID Identification Card as issued by the Geneva Convention

The technology to implant chips in humans has been
experimented with as far back as the sixties in last century.
Testing took place on the incapacitated and insane, and also on
unsuspecting criminals in American prisons. It progressed through
to a technology which is now used in the military and is
spreading into the political arena. Do you realise that it is now
mandatory in many classified positions of intelligence to have an
identification chip, without which you can not hold down your
job? Right now, chip implants are being introduced into the
Justice Departments and security-conscious companies across the
world - kept quiet and covert of course, but true

The radio frequency identification (RFID) tag system is being
introduced by many major companies all round the world now, and
shortly you will have no choice in the matter unless you refuse
to purchase their products. This is serious friends, and so
close. Yet the church sleeps on while the enemies of Christ sow
their tares amongst the saints.

Constance Cumbey, an American Attorney, wrote an article
for newswithviews. com on June 27, 2007. In
it, she states, "There are days reading the news that I have
to pinch myself. Surely this is some type of a bad dream from
which I shall soon awake. Unfortunately, the painful realization
is that I am awake and this Orwellian nightmare is really

She mentions the fact that the American Medical Association
has recommended chip implants as being somewhat beneficial.
Cumbey says that the article confirming this, "Radio
Frequency ID Devices in Humans", is downloadable online at
www.amaassn. org.

Even in the face of questionable health after-effects which
the AMA accepts, they push for the implants anyway. Digital
Angel, the chip which is named as such by Applied Digital
Solutions of West Palm Beach, Florida, has now been passed for
human implanting by the Federal Drug Administration in US. We
also know this by the name "Verichip."

The same plastic content that encases the chips' electronics
is that from which plastic skin is manufactured, so it grows
into the flesh... becoming very difficult to remove.

Constance Cumbey further publishes a series of risk
assessments associated with the chip. These are serious concerns.
Big Brother attempts to assure us we have nothing to fear because
government will always respect our privacy and profile. What rot!
All it takes is a situation for a dictator or crisis to arise and
your socalled private information will be made public.

The same plastic content that encases the chips’
electronics is that from which plastic skin is manufactured, so
it grows into the flesh becoming part and parcel with it,
becoming very difficult to remove. All your health, banking and
criminal records are encoded within it and a personal unique
number identifies the RFID tag sending out a constant
electromagnetic signal.

One of the most foolish and bizarre recommendations from
medical people and the Verichip company itself, is that the chip
can be electronically wired to release drugs and other
pharmaceuticals into the body via satellite, so the patient does
not have to worry about administering his prescription. What a
great opportunity for social euthanasia and population control,
and don’t tell me it wont happen. Just read Agenda 21 of
the UN World Population Growth Report and consider the demonic
element of control should this be allowed. All this is possible
because your position can now be identified anywhere on



"Homeland security" plan even forcible RFID
implantation. In 2006, the British press reported on a "USA
discussion of chip implants for migrant workers." According
to that account, Verichip chairman Scott Silverman, made such a
proposal on Fox TV. The colourful British account of his
appearance notes even more powerful factors operating here. Tommy
Thompson, formerly the Homeland Security Chief is on the Board of
Directors of Applied Digital Solutions!

A Google search using the terms "RFID chips",
"prisoners" and "implants" yielded much
disturbing material showing that perhaps this was not a new
development. One disappeared story, still available as of the
time of this writing on a Google cache was entitled "44,000
Prison Inmates to be RFID-Chipped." The program was to be a
"pilot project," stating that similar projects were
underway in other places. Just remember that when Jesus was born
the angel warned Mary and Joseph to flee to Egypt when the decree
went out to number all people on a register. That is an
interesting word by the way. Part of that word
‘gist’, means info or details, hence the purpose of a
register is to gather all info and log it all on to a data base
somewhere for later use and administrative control of your very
person and future.

None other than ‘700 Club’ host Pat Robertson,
among others, has given their personal endorsement to these
devilish schemes. Don’t trust your future to men such as
Robertson who has even endorsed the assassination of leaders like
President Hugo Chavez. Robertson’s people informed
Christians there was no biblical injunction against taking this
body implant as "they were taking it voluntarily." Only
if it was compulsory would the wrath of God be initiated.

This is foolishness to say the least, but I suppose the fact
is the blind of America lead the blind once again. Those who take
the mark end with horrible sores all over their body.

There was an attempt to give Americans a national ID card back
in the late 1990s. It was buried as a stealth measure deep in one
of the legislative packages Bill Clinton signed, and would have
gone into effect in the fall of 2000. After grassroots protests
erupted, the measure was repealed. This was before 9/11, of

So much for the idea that the Real ID Act of 2005 is about
fighting terrorism. Many of us have concluded that the "War
on Terrorism" is fraudulent - a scare tactic aimed at
persuading us to progressively relinquish our freedoms to central
Government. The official line appears to run something like,
"We will keep you safe, if you give us more power."
More and more Americans aren’t buying it, especially with
the mounting evidence of mass deception within government and
cooperation on the part of greedy corporations.

The plan is one global new-age religion - a world where there
will be no financially independent middle class and where
individuals will be controlled through technology and information
consolidation. Arguably this has been the evolving goal since the
day "Colonel" Edward Mandel House established the
Council on Foreign Relations in New York City. House is the son
of a Rothschild agent and Fabian socialist, who was the anonymous
author of the revealing "Philip Dru:
He was also Woodrow Wilson’s
right hand man, and liaison to the international banking cartel
that had created the Federal Reserve.

The super-elites of today operate in
"shadow-government" outfits like the Fabian Society,
the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers group, and
many more. They exist in global financial hierarchies - huge
foundations like Ford and Rockefeller. They ultimately wish upon
us a world in which every individual is "chipped" with
a unique identifier and literally cannot buy or sell without

Filmmaker Aaron Russo (America: Freedom to Fascism) reports
that he was told this openly by Nicholas Rockefeller. Dissent
will be easy to deal with in such a world. Simply turn off the
identifier, something that can be done by remote, in principle,
from anywhere in the world.

Total control overtakes a population that accepts control and
will not dissent. We either face this while there is still time,
or else endure the alternative of total enslavement. Stop it we

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