The Lord has caused me to see the development of the
"inserted microchip" as a prime element relating to the
times in which we live. Today, I saw another step towards the
fulfilment of Bible prophecy in the newspaper. A number of times
the chip in the arm is mentioned but in column 2 they went over
to the ‘waving of the chip in the hand’. If you want
to place this paper clipping in the Omega Times, edited or not,
please do so as to warn the people of that which is surely to
come. Kind regards in His love.


Thank you so much for taking the time to send the clipping
(The West Australian July 23, 2007). Besides the point you make
in your letter it also mentions that companies in the USA are now
chipping their employees as a security measure. This is just the
beginning, mark my words. We have not duplicated the newspaper
clipping you sent as Brian Hay has written a lot of information
concerning chips in The Cashless Society which appears in this
issue. -Editor


We really do enjoy reading your magazine and read with
interest the signs of the times and what is to come. Just as a
matter of interest, we received the letter enclosed from a
friend. He was sent it through his computer on the Internet (we
don’t have one). Keep up the good work. It’s good to
have men of God to really look into the Word of God and explain
it to us. God bless you all.


Thank you for your kind words and the letter containing
the interview with Rick Warren. I was saddened to see his wife
has developed cancer but horrified to read that Rick Warren said
"…that in spite of the prayers of hundreds of
thousands of people, God was not going to heal Kay…"
Unless God has specifically spoken, then saying those words are
resignation and defeat at best and a curse at worst. I would
rather live a faith-filled life than a purpose-driven one, and
our prayer would be that they would truly understand that, and
receive a revelation of "..by His stripes, we are
healed!" The words of the Bible are just printer’s ink
on paper until we give them supernatural power by believing in
faith, not doubting, that the Word is true and every man a liar!


Enclosed is a copy of the latest issue of ‘On
. It contains interesting information which
might be relevant to your publication or activities. As noted on
the second page, this legislation has been recommended by the UN
to be made law by member states signing and ratifying it. Our
Government does not tell us these things and they have ratified
many UN laws which will overrule our sovereign laws when the time
is right. As can be seen on pg 2, there is a dual court system
installed in each signing nation which denies people fair trials
or justice.


Thank you for passing on this publication. There is no
doubt that our Government is being coerced into conforming to UN
wishes, and their reluctance to inform the electorate is either
fear or UN control. -Editor


Having recently read your publication I was very impressed by
the depth of the articles, the Church just doesn’t know
what is happening in the world. We are so engrossed in ourselves.
However, the story of the USS Eldridge and something to do with
the time warp reduced your credibility a notch. It was a hard one
to swallow but every other article was outstanding. I would like
to request your publication but can they be backdated as I read
with interest "The 13 Degrees Of Freemasonry" but I
think it was part 2. Also have you ever published information on
the Jews rebuilding of the Temple? I would be interested in such


Thank you for your kind comments. With regard to the USS
Eldridge, our advice to you is the same as we say to everyone
– check it out yourself! Books on the subject, Popular
Science and the Web are good places to begin. Regarding
subscriptions, backdating is possible. Finally, in response to
your request along with others, Brian Hay will be writing an
article on the rebuilding of the Temple in the December issue.