The Abolition of Britain

The Abolition of Britain

The Abolition of Britain

The EU again steps into the End Times spotlight with the
abolition of Britain now set for May 2009. The Chancellor of
Germany, Angela Merkel, persuaded President Barroso of Europe to
present her "Declaration of Berlin" for all EU nations
to sign on the 25th March 2007. This declaration committed all
nations to sign the sixth and final EU treaty. This sidesteps a
vote of the people - the other five treaties were signed by the
Queen without the consent of the people.

This final treaty will adopt the EU Constitution. Frau Merkel
wants this signed before the European elections in June 2009. The
EU constitution in turn will abolish the nations of Britain,
England, its 48 counties, monarchy, common law, and the
Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem parties (clause I-46-4).


  1. Since 1972 The Queen has illegally signed
    five of the six EU Treaties.
  2. The five treaties define and build the EU as
    an unelected dictatorship.
  3. The EU's laws, passed by Westminster, give
    it the powers of a police state.
  4. The sixth EU treaty will complete the abolition
    of Britain as a nation - the Queen could sign it in as little as two

Britain will then be sealed inside the nation of the European
Union, a dictatorship with a soviet style constitution, and the
laws of a police state. The 111,000 EU regulations will then turn
the former nation of Britain into a soviet- style command
economy, with unemployment and poverty. A foreign power, the EU,
will then rule, and enforce the laws of a police state.

The sleepy UK press and media haven’t noticed, but
Britain would have been abolished in November 2006, if the French
and Dutch hadn’t voted down the EU Constitution. Instead a
sixth and final Treaty will now be signed; after which EU
Commissioners will have the power to impose the Constitution (and
the Euro) on Britain, and enforce the laws of a police state.

The EU has already denied the most basic of human rights - the
right to vote against the EU and to keep one’s own nation.
The majority of the British people don’t want to be in the
EU. But they are being forced in against their will.

The six treaties have been gradually removing democracy. For
thirty years British laws have been "harmonised" with
the EU; 70% of the laws now passed by Parliament are EU laws.
That’s the real reason people have lost interest in
politics because the EU has taken away the ability to change

Common law, where the government was the servant of the
people, is now largely replaced by the EU’s Corpus Juris,
which puts the government above the law. Most rights have already
been lost, including habeas corpus. The power of
government grows unchecked, as does that of large corporations.
Politicians continuously lie about the EU, pretending it’s
not significant.

The EU’s auditors have found that fraud is so widespread
they’ve refused to sign off the EU’s accounts for
each of the last ten years. Whistleblowers like Marta Andreason,
the EU Budget Director, who in 2005 found the EU couldn’t
account for 95% of its £66 billion budget, are simply fired
for telling the truth.

EU Europe works by bribing politicians with huge salaries and
expenses to vote for Europe, against the best interests of their
own voters. As a result all three parties are in favour of the EU
- Westminster acts like a one party state of politicians: the
Lib-Lab- Con. EU corruption is now exploding through the British
Civil Service, local government, and the 7,000 quangos. The
EU’s 111,000 regulations, when fully enforced, will
transform Britain from a free market economy into a Soviet style
command economy, closing hundreds of thousands more

The EU has already taken the British fishing industry, which
now costs Britain £5 billion p.a. EU damage to other
industries (like forcing the closure of the Rover Car Co) cost a
further £20 billion.

Before joining the EU, Britain had an even balance of trade
with them. Now EU regulations have fixed a £22 billion year
trading loss with the EU on our balance of payments. The nation
would be enormously more wealthy remaining independent.


The Queen signed the 1992 Maastricht Treaty, which adopts the
EU Regionalisation Plan. This will abolish England’s 48
counties and replace them with 9 European regions, each with
their own Regional Capital, which reports directly to Brussels,
not to Westminster. This effectively obliterates the country of
England. For example the County of Cornwall is replaced by the
South West Region, which stretches from Lands End and includes
Gloucestershire and Wiltshire; its regional capital is Exeter. As
this move is unpopular it is being kept lowkey and will not be
implemented until the sixth treaty is signed, when we lose our
right to object.


From Sunday trading, where large stores force staff to work
Sundays for derisory pay - or they don’t get a job, to the
deliberate undermining of the family and teachers, to sex
education for the under 13’s, to children being given
obscene homework, - its all traceable via a compliant government
back to the EU over the last 34 years, as it successfully
implemented the subversion of the Frankfurt School. While inside
atheist Europe, British Christianity has almost died out; safety
on the streets and a great chunk of civilised life has left with

The EU has controlled the nation’s immigration since
1997. 903,000 immigrants arrived last year according to the city
forecaster Capital Economics. The Amsterdam Treaty handed control
of our immigration to the EU. 30,000 a year used to arrive - the
EU’s increased it by 30 times. That’s why house
prices have been screaming up. Infrastructure and services
can’t stand such huge numbers and is breaking down in some
cities, where English people are becoming a 10% minority. But the
EU controls it, not the Foreign Secretary, and he has no power,
no options but to do as EU policy dictates, and accept it.

In the EU, (which means in Britain) government is above the
law. The EU’s corpus juris now pervades right through our
legal system. A policeman was let off by magistrates this year
(2005) for driving his private car at 159 mph in Ludlow, Shrops.
Under Corpus Juris the government are above the law and cannot be
prosecuted The judge ruled correctly under EU law. 45,000 police
officers got off speed cameras in this way in 2004, although
their speeding killed 44 innocent people. (Daily Mail

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II


The EU arrest warrant (signed by the Queen on 18th November
2003) allows arrests without charge and indefinite holding with
no right to see a solicitor, make a phone call, or even a right
to a trial. You can simply disappear.

Under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act (SOCPA) 2005,
one can now be arrested and held in the cells by any police
officer for any petty offence, like dropping litter. Before EU it
had to be an offence that carried a 5 year jail term to act that

The Civil Contingences Act 2004 allows government to
confiscate anything you possess permanently; you have no right to
object. This includes your house. It also gives government the
right to forcibly move its population around to different
locations; you can be left with no place to call your own and
live like a refugee. The only check and balance here is a
Minister just needs to utter the words "This is a national
emergency." If a demonstration or strike occurs that
government doesn’t like, they can cut off all
communications in a town - phones, mobiles, the internet, TV, and
block all access to that town including closing roads and
railways. It has all the powers and more of Hitler’s
Enabling Act of 1933.


At the Labour Party conference the police held an 82 year old
man, Walter Woolfgang, and denied him access to the conference
under the EU’s "anti terrorist" legislation
because he had shouted the word "nonsense" at Jack
Straw, who was speaking about Iraq. Terrified the true nature of
the laws were escaping too early that have been passed on behalf
of the EU, the Labour Party stopped the police and begged the man
to return to conference.

On October 25th 2005 Miss Maya Evans was arrested under the
Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005, for a lone protest
at the Cenotaph by reading out the names of the 97 British
soldiers killed in the Iraq war. She was arrested by no less than
14 police officers and found guilty at Bow Street Magistrates
Court on the 8th December 2005. Would you hand over our nation,
to be ruled by a foreign power, with oppressive laws like these?
That’s what’s happening!


These laws make protest very difficult; If someone did hold a
General Strike and blockade Westminster it would now require some
bravery: the powers the EU has demanded from our government
enable it to respond in a way similar to the Chinese
government’s in Tiananmen Square should it so wish. It is
no coincidence that since 2004, all MP’s offices in
Westminster are guarded by police with machine guns, inside and


All these new EU laws, including massive "anti
terrorism" acts (recently 2000, 2001, 2005) were passed with
the pretence they were only directed at terrorists, or in the
case of Asbos, ruffians who terrorise the streets. In each case
they are used far more often against ordinary law abiding people,
particularly to suppress dissent. (91% of those detained under
Terrorism Acts are innocent and have been improperly arrested.
Most of the remainder are charged with offences that have nothing
to do with terrorism, but cover up over zealous arrests).


Under EU law the "Shoot to kill" policy did not need
democratic authorisation. Just two senior police officers
authorised the police to kill British people. A democratic vote
by Parliament was not required, but even that would not have
legalised the killing under British common law. A recent victim
was an innocent Brazilian, Jean de Menezes, shot dead in
Stockwell underground station, even though he was being held down
by police officers at the time of the execution. The police used
dum-dum bullets, outlawed under the Geneva Convention because
they blow a man to pieces inside.

The police can no longer be convicted for killing innocent
people - Philip Prout, shot at Lewannick in East Cornwall is just
one of 30 people shot dead by police since 1992 when corpus juris
crept in. At least one was shot in the back; most were no threat
to anyone. Not once since 1992 has a policeman been convicted of
any crime for these murders.


In addition to many more laws than those above, add the
107,000 regulations, and whole bureaucracies such as VOSA
building up networks of cameras and databases to record movements
and criminalise people who can’t comply. Persecution is no
longer confined to motorists; under EU Corpus Juris our courts
have become extensions of government power instead of independent
arbiters of justice.


On the basis of the laws and treaties already signed by the
Queen and Prime Ministers, what will life be like in the EU after
the 6th Treaty is signed?

• Westminster Parliament immediately becomes pointless as
its remaining powers are transferred to Europe.

• It is the formal end of Britain and England as

• Britain’s 153 embassies around the world will be
closed as the ink from the Queen’s signature dries. (As
Tony Blair refused to admit this has been agreed to, Jose
Zapatero, the Prime Minister of Spain, confirmed it in a February
2005 radio broadcast.)

• After the EU abolishes the 48 counties, ones address
will change from 4 High St, Taunton, Somerset, Great Britain, to
4 High St, Taunton, Area K, European Union. (The glorious EU
county "The South West Region" has had the postal
address "Area K" assigned for over a decade.)

• The Official National Anthem of the EU, which you
should have known since 1971 is based on the melody "Ode to
Joy" by Beethoven, formally replaces ‘God Save the
Queen’. The EU flag replaces the Union Jack, and the red,
blue and white nautical ensigns etc. (The EU Commission has
already ordered (24.11.2005) our Merchant Navy to fly the EU flag
in place of the red Ensign.)

• The EU takes ownership and command of our Police, Army,
Royal Navy, RAF, nuclear weapons, currency reserves, North Sea

• Serving officers in the police, army, navy and air
force already know they will have to take an oath to the EU
instead of to the Queen. If they don’t many have been told
they will be dismissed. The EU will have complete military
control of the UK. The UK Independence Party will be banned under
the 1999 ruling of the European court of Justice case c274/99,
where it was held that it is illegal to criticise the EU.

• The Conservative, Labour and Lib-Dem parties will be
abolished (only pan EU parties like the EPP or PES are allowed
– see clause I.46.4 of the EU Constitution). It will then
be blindingly obvious to even the dumbest politician there is no
reason to keep Westminster open, and that the EU has the legal
right to close it.

• Many people will be excluded from the jobs they know
best, as the EU’s demand that you must pay to be re-taught
the job, and pay for a certificate before you can be employed,
becomes universal.

• Hundreds of thousands more small businesses will close
on the enforcement of the remaining 100,000 EU regulations the
government has already passed. Several million will be
permanently unemployed as a result.

• All will be criminalised by the 107,000 regulations.
It’s impossible to know or understand 107,000 regulations,
and the poor can’t possibly afford to comply. Everyone will
be subject to frequent fines and arrest as a result. Here are
just 2 examples:

(1) Under EU regulations it is now illegal to repair your
plumbing, electrics or your car (from 1st January 2006).

(2) If you buy a boat over six feet long, built after the EU
Recreational Craft Directive of 1999, and don’t pay the EU
£4,000 to "measure" the boat, you get 6 months
imprisonment. Britons will live under permanent threat of arrest
and fear of the knock at the door that takes one away.

Massive corporations will do well, but with huge immigration
allowed from the EU, they’ll be able to pay minimum wage
everywhere, not just in the provinces as they do now. If you
don’t accept the minimum they’ll employ a Pole or a

Big corporations will also have a near monopoly (with the
government) on employment and will be able to dictate
unfavourable terms to staff without fear of contradiction. Plum
government jobs and corruption will ensure the wealth of
politicians, bureaucrats, their businesses and associates at all
levels of government, including local government and amongst our
7000+ quangos. Taxes will rise more steeply to pay for the even
larger explosion in government growth and corruption

There will be no redress through local democracy because there
won’t be any. The nine UK regional governments, which
replace the 48 counties and councillors, will be unelected (see
the European Regionisation plan). British citizens only vote will
be to the powerless EU parliament. Britain will be ruled by the
25 unelected Commisssioners, and have have no redress at any
level; becoming as poor but with less freedom than Soviet

If any demonstrate or protest they can be seized and relocated
to another region. The EU Arrest Warrant and Civil Contingencies
Act 2004, with 20 other oppressive Acts the Queen has signed
between 1972 and 2005, give the government absolute power. They
can shoot if they wish with no legal comeback - the shootings of
innocents Philip Prout and Jean de Menezes were entirely legal
under EU law.

The tendency to pick on Muslims, as Germany used to pick on
Jews, has already begun. Europe will be a very nasty place.

How long will the EU last? Eventually, perhaps 15 years down
the track, Europe will collapse under the weight of its own
corruption, bureaucracy, and regulations. After the collapse
Britain may be able to leave the EU, if a dictator has not taken
advantage of the complete absence of democratic checks and
balances by seizing power. The Constitution of the EU is similar
to the Soviet Union’s. That dictator is free to choose
between a Soviet or Nazi style government. Then it could take 70
years to break free.