The Club of Rome

The Club of Rome

The Club of Rome

In the recent past issues of the Omega Times, we have briefed
our readers on two New World Order organisations. They were the
Council for Foreign Relations and the Bilderbergers. This article
addresses the third group that Barry Smith identified back in the
1970’s as being organisations dedicated to bringing in a
One World Government. This third group is The Club of Rome.

This group was formed in 1968 by the Morgenthau Group for the
purpose of accelerating the plans to have the New World Order in
place by the year 2000. This target date has obviously been
missed, but the objectives and plans have not changed. Anglo-
American financiers and industrialists from ten different
countries, met in April 1968 at Rockefeller’s private
estate in Bellagio, Italy, at the request of Aurelio Peccei, the
Italian industrialist who had close ties to Fiat and the Olivetti

He claimed to have solutions for world peace and prosperity,
which could be accomplished through world government. The Club of
Rome was established with a membership of 75 prominent
scientists, industrialists, and economists from 25 countries,
which along with the Bilderbergers, have become one of the most
important foreign policy arms of the Roundtable group.

The 1972 publication 'The Limits to Growth' and the recent reprint 'The 30 year update'.

The Club of Rome is essentially a conspiratorial umbrella
organization, a marriage between Anglo-American financiers and
the old Black Nobility families of Europe, particularly the
socalled "nobility" of London, Venice and Genoa. The
key to the successful control of the world is their ability to
create and manage savage economic recessions and eventual

It is also linked with the Illuminatibased Committee of 300
(see December 07 Omega article coming up) and works to bring
about social convulsions on a global scale, followed by
depressions, as a softeningup technique for bigger things to
come, as its principal method of creating masses of people all
over the world who will become its "welfare" recipients
of the future.

The Club developed a plan to divide the world into ten regions
or kingdoms. This is pure One World Order doctrine. America
became the main target of this plan. In 1976, the United States
Association of the Club of Rome (USACOR) was formed for the
purpose of shutting down the U.S. economy.

The shadowy figure of Henry Kissinger, a member of the Club of
Rome and the Council on Foreign Relations, took on the role of
catalyst for this to happen.

Kissinger’s role in destabilizing the United States by
means of three wars, the Middle East, Korea and Vietnam, is well
known, as is his role in the Gulf War. Here the U.S. Army acted
as mercenaries for the Committee of 300 in bringing Kuwait back
under its control and at the same time making an example out of
Iraq so that other small nations would not be tempted to work out
their own destiny.

Club of Rome and its financiers under the title of the German
Marshall Fund, were two highly-organized conspiratorial bodies
operating under cover of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
(NATO) and that the majority of Club of Rome executives were
drawn from NATO.

These executives formulated all of NATO’s policies, and
through the activities of Committee of 300 member Lord
Carrington, was able to split NATO into two factions - a
political (left wing) power group and its former military
alliance. The Club of Rome is still one of the most important
foreign policy arms of the Committee of 300, the other being the

During the period 1968-1972, the Club of Rome became a
cohesive entity of new-science scientists, Globalists, future
planners and internationalists of every stripe. As one delegate
put it, "We became Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors."
Peccei’s book ‘Human Quality’ formed
the basis of the doctrine adopted by NATO’s political wing.
Peccei headed the Atlantic Institute’s Economic Council for
three decades. At this time he was the Chief Executive Officer
for Giovanni Agnellis’ Fiat Motor Company. Agnelli, a
member of an ancient Italian Black Nobility family of the same
name, is one of the most important members of the Committee of
300. He played a leading role in development.

With regard to the Third World, the Club of Rome’s
Harland Cleveland prepared a report which was the height of
cynicism. At the time, Cleveland was United States Ambassador to
NATO. Essentially, the paper said it would be up to Third World
nations to decide among themselves which populations should be

As Peccei later wrote (based on the Cleveland Report):
"Damaged by conflicting policies of three major countries
and blocs, roughly patched up here and there, the existing
international economic order is visibly coming apart at the
seams....The prospect of the necessity of the recourse to triage
deciding who must be saved is a very grim one indeed. But, if
lamentably, events should come to such a pass, the right to make
such decisions cannot be left to just a few nations because it
would lend themselves to ominous power over life of the
world’s hungry."

One needs to have a clear understanding of just why it is that
nuclear power is so hated all over the world, and why the fake
"environmentalist" movement, established and
financially supported by the Club of Rome, was called upon to
wage war on nuclear energy. With nuclear energy generating
electricity in cheap and abundant supplies, Third World countries
would gradually become independent of U.S. foreign aid and begin
to assert their sovereignty. Nuclear generated electricity is THE
key to bringing Third World countries out of their backward
state, a state which the Committee of 300 has ordered to remain
in position.

This ‘doctrine of enslavement’ was revealed when
the Club of Rome raised considerable public attention with its
report ‘Limits to Growth’, which has sold 30
million copies in more than 30 translations, making it the best
selling environmental book in world history. Published in 1972,
it predicted that economic growth could not continue indefinitely
because of the limited availability of natural resources,
particularly oil.

According to its website, the Club of Rome is composed of
"scientists, economists, businessmen, international high
civil servants, heads of state and former heads of state from all
five continents who are convinced that the future of humankind is
not determined once and for all and that each human being can
contribute to the improvement of our societies."

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands

Queen Beatrix of the

The current President is Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan.
Other active members include: Benjamin Bassin, Queen Beatrix of
the Netherlands, Juan Luis Cebrian, Orio Giarini, Talal Halman,
Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Javier Solana, Mugur Isãrescu,
Kamal Hossain, Esko Kalimo, Ashok Khosla, Martin Lees, Roberto
Peccei, Maria Ramirez Ribes, Victor A. Sadovnichy, Adam Schaff,
Keith Suter, Majid Tehranian, Raoul Weiler, Anders Wijkman, and
Mikhail Gorbachev.

The base is much wider however. The Tavistock Institute,
Stanford Research Institute and the Institute for Social
Relations - in fact the entire wide spectrum of research
organizations in applied social psychiatry either had delegates
on the board of the Club of Rome, or acted as advisors and played
a guiding role in NATO's attempt to adopt the ‘Aquarian

The Club of Rome has its own private intelligence agency and
also ‘borrows’ from David Rockefeller's INTERPOL.
Every U.S. intelligence agency cooperates very closely with it,
as does the KGB and the Mossad. The only agency that remained
beyond its reach was the East- German intelligence service. the
STASI. The Club of Rome also has its own highly organized
political and economic agencies. It was they who told President
Reagan to retain the services of Paul Volcker, yet another
important Committee of 300 member. Volcker stayed on as Federal
Reserve Board chairman, notwithstanding the faithful promise of
candidate Reagan that he would dismiss him as soon as he, Reagan,
was elected.

Fernando Henrique Cardoso

Fernando Henrique Cardoso

Historically, the Club of Rome have been very active from its
inception. The Committee of 300 ordered the Club of Rome to use
Polish nationalism as a tool to destroy the Catholic Church and
pave the way for Russian troops to reoccupy the country. The
"Solidarity" movement was a creation of the Committee
of 300's Zbigniew Brzezinski, who chose the name for the
‘trade union’ and selected its office holders and
organizers. Solidarity is no ‘labor’ movement,
although Gdansk shipyard workers were used to launch it, but
rather, it was a high-profile POLITICAL organization, created to
bring forced changes in preparation for the advent of the One
World Government.

It also played a key role in the Cuban Missile Crisis, by
attempting to sell its "crisis management" (the
forerunner of FEMA) program to President Kennedy. Several
Tavistock scientists went to see the President to explain what it
meant, but the President rejected the advice they gave. The same
year that Kennedy was murdered, Tavistock was back in Washington
to talk with NASA. This time the talks were successful. Tavistock
was given a contract by NASA to evaluate the effect of its coming
space program on American public opinion. The contract was farmed
to the Stanford Research Institute and the Rand Corporation. Much
of the material produced by Tavistock, Stanford and Rand never
saw the light of day and remains sealed until now. Take note that
FEMA is a major New World Order front with SEVERAL extensive
operational underground bases which, like underground Trojan
horses, exist beneath strategic locations throughout the United

A book titled ‘The Technotronic Era’, was
commissioned by the Club of Rome. The book is an open
announcement of the manner and methods to be used to control the
United States in the future. It also gave notice of cloning and
"robotoids," i.e. people who acted like people and who
seemed to be people, but who were not. Brzezinski, speaking for
the Committee of 300 said the United States was moving
‘into an era unlike any of its predecessors; we were moving
toward a technotronic era that could easily become a

Bedfellows of the Club of Rome such as the Council on Foreign
Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the International
Monetary Fund, pursue policies that will ultimately result in the
death of upwards of two billion people if they get their way.
Severe population shrinkage has always been the plan of the
elite. The Club of Rome pursues the same agenda, having indicated
that genocide should be used to eliminate people who they refer
to as "useless eaters."