Thank you for the continual high standard of The Omega Times,
the quality of both production and content is excellent. I
enclose some pages of Bucks Theological Dictionary, (2 Volumes)
of 1821, which I have had for many years. These are his entries
on two subjects which are mentioned with some frequency in the
O.T. I trust you may find them interesting. (a) The Illuminati. A
new cult just 45 years old! (b) The KJV Bible. You will see that
the section on Bibles is of considerable length. It starts with
No.1, Armenian and goes right through to No.43, Welch! No, this
is not a misspelling! In this section the 1613 Bible is referred
to as the King James Bible; and I find no reference to it being
titled ‘Authorised.’ (Often said by present zealots
as if it was thundered from heaven!)

But, why should I read ‘suffer’, when it should be
‘let’? Or ‘let’ when it should be
‘restrain’? Or ‘prevent’ when it should
be ‘precede’? (See Mark 10:14; 2 Thess 2:6; 1 Thess 4:15;
respectively). Perhaps the ‘Authorised’ tag was
only introduced when the RV came out in 1881? Wishing you all at
O.T. every blessing. PS – Let me know if you want any
ancient references looked up. (abridged)

Geoff Cawston

What a treasure you have in Bucks Theological Dictionary!
At Omega, we are looking at the possibility of publishing
‘out of copyright’ books like this. The 3 instances
you provide in your letter demonstrate the value of the revision
of the KJV to the NKJV and the proof that further study of old
MSS have brought greater accuracy to the original meaning of the
Greek and Hebrew. -Editor


I am a little confused about what is going on in this up and
coming election 3 weeks away.(since past – Ed) I
have some questions. 1. Barry Smith quoted in his book PS that
Unions will be finished under the New World Order. John Howard
started the ball rolling with work choices and AWA’s but if
Rudd gets in it will all be reversed? 2. Is Rudd a World
Government man like Howard? 3. Why is John Howard doing so bad in
the polling?

Andrew Camden

I hope these answers may help. We are nowhere near World
Government yet. When it comes, it’s hard to see how unions
will survive as the world will be under a totalitarian regime.
Work Choices and AWA’s are scheduled to be dumped by an
incoming Labour Government.

I have very grave suspicions about Mr Rudd regarding World
Government ideology. He certainly has a world view.

It would seem that people are attracted by a younger man and
are somewhat unwilling to accept longevity in Government. Greed
is definately a factor! If people were all Christian, they would
be happy with what they have. It seems people today are not happy
unless they have heaps of everything. The Bible says
"Godliness with contentment is great gain." Australia
is bored with Howard and with good management. God help us. They
say a nation gets the government it deserves. -Editor