Roman Catholicism – Mystery Babylon

Roman Catholicism - Mystery Babylon

Roman Catholicism - Mystery Babylon

This is the second part of our response to the unacceptable,
inflammatory and dishonest act of Pope Benedict XVI who approved
a document saying that "non-Catholic Christian communities
are either defective or not true churches", adding that
"the Roman Catholic Church provides the only true path to
salvation." As a result, we say, "people in glass
houses shouldn’t throw stones." Read on, and you will
see why!

As we observed in part 1 of Roman Catholicism, the Apostolic
succession did not begin with the Apostle Peter. Even if it did,
which of course it did not, the apostolic succession would have
been broken many times by the un-Christlike behaviour and the
factional warfare that sometimes decided the Papacy. It is the
documented scurrilous and antichrist actions of a hopelessly
corrupt system that will make up the bulk of Part 2 of this

Let us remember as we read the warning contained in the Bible
about such men and systems – "By their fruits you
shall know them."
I also remind our readers that our
great opposition is to a system, not against individuals. Within
Catholicism are many Godly men and women, although it defies
logic as to how they maintain purity and holiness in the midst of
such apostasy, heresy and deception.

As you will see as you read on, it is impossible for the
Catholic Church to claim Apostolic succession from Peter when the
installation of many Popes were so bizarre and unbiblical
regarding the choice of the man, that one is left wondering how
this rotten system has survived. Popes were not always elected by
an enclave of Cardinals. Far from it! Some were installed by
either a Roman mob or an Imperial army, while others were dumped
from office by the very same means.

On more than one occasion, a Pope was found in bed with
another man’s wife, and executed on the spot by the jealous
husband. If that constitutes Apostleship and Apostolic
succession, and validates the title "Vicar of Christ",
then we might as well throw the Bible away. One example, in case
you are overtaken in unbelief, is recorded here in all its filthy

John XII (955-963) was obsessed with sex and had many regular
mistresses. The Catholic Encyclopaedia describes him as "a
coarse, immoral man, whose life was such that the Lateran was
spoken of as a brothel, and the moral corruption in Rome became
the subject of general odium..." He was so besotted with one
of his mistresses that he gave her the golden crosses and cups of
St Peter himself. Otto the King of Germany was crowned by John as
the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, so that his army could save
him from mobs who were eager to remove him.

Later, after Otto had left Rome, John offered the Imperial
crown to another. When Otto heard about this and returned with
his army to sort this out, John fled to Tivoli from Rome, taking
much Vatican treasure with him. Otto then opened a synod to
decide John’s fate. Witnesses recounted acts of fornication
with numerous women, the blinding of a man, the murder of a
Cardinal, also called John, and unbelievably, to the Pope himself
toasting Satan at the altar of St Peter. Before Otto’s
synod could bring its ruling however, Pope John XII was killed by
the husband who found the Pope in bed with his wife.

If that sounds horrendous, try this. Several Popes were
installed in Peter’s chair as Pope by prostitutes! We have
the authority of Edward Gibbon, who wrote in ‘The Decline
And Fall of The Roman Empire’ the following –

"The influence of two prostitutes, Marozia and Theodora,
was founded on their wealth and beauty, their political and
amorous intrigues. The most strenuous of their lovers were
rewarded with the Roman mitre (Papacy). The bastard son, the
grandson, and the great grandson of Marozia – a rare
geneology – were seated in the Chair of St Peter. Truly
fact is far stranger than fiction!

During the Council of Constance, three popes, and sometimes
four, were every morning cursing each other and calling their
opponents antichrists, demons, adulterers, sodomists, enemies of
God and man. One of these Popes, John XXIII (1410-1415) "was
accused by 37 witnesses (mostly bishops and priests) of
fornication, adultery, incest, sodomy, simony, theft and murder!
It was proved by a legion of witnesses that he had seduced and
violated 300 nuns. His own secretary, Niem, said that he had at
Boulougne, kept a harem, where not less than 200 girls had been
the victims of his lubricity. Altogether the Council charged him
with 54 crimes of the worst kind".

The question is, "Is the thread of immorality that has
marked Catholicism over the centuries still operating
today?" Sadly, the answer is a resounding ‘yes!’
It would take a book to record the excesses, but in an article
like this, the examples must remain limited.

It was reported by the Kansas City Star in January 2000 that
AIDS has quietly caused the deaths of hundreds of Roman Catholic
priests in the United States although other causes may be listed
on some of their death certificates. The death rate of priests
from AIDS is at least four times that of the general population,
the newspaper said.

In Los Angeles, more than 100 people in the nation’s
largest Catholic diocese have complained to authorities in recent
months of sexual abuse by priests. Officials with the Archdiocese
of Anchorage said national guidelines adopted at a Roman Catholic
Bishop’s conference are flawed, but a crucial first step in
publicly dealing with paedophil priests!!

Joey Faust records in the "Jesus is Lord" website
the folly of the doctrine of celibacy. He says Rome prefers
priestly celibacy with concubinage to priestly marriage. Faust
records some of those who have been compelled to flee to escape
chastisement, or perhaps death, from outraged husbands, fathers,
brothers, or lynching by the community at large. He lists The
Most Rev. Bertram Orth, lately Archbishop of Victoria, British
Columbia; The Right Rev. Thomas F. Brennan, formerly Bishop of
Dallas, Texas; The Right Rev. Timothy O’Mahony, late
Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto, Canada, formerly of Australia, and
Cork, Ireland; The Right Rev. Monsignor Capel, formerly of
England; The Right Rev. Monsignor Fowler, formerly of Sioux City,
Iowa, and Philippine Islands; Rev. W.R. Thompson, formerly of
Portland, Oregon; Rev. Lawrence Erhardt, formerly of Chicago;
Rev. F.J. Knipper, formerly of Troy, Ohio; and Rev. Levis T.
McGinn, formerly of Brooklyn, New York.

Some of the above were guilty of the crime of sodomy - a
crime, alas, to which Monks, Priests, Prelates, and even Popes,
the ‘Vicars of Christ,’ are not strangers. The number
of similar offenders is legion, and no wonder! The vast majority
of these members of the Hierarchy are driven into immorality by
priestly celibacy and auricular confession.

The result accomplished is just what the Vatican machine
wanted. This demoralization compels wicked Priests, Prelates and
other members of the hierarchy, of both sexes, to stand by each
other and for the Vatican system, their axiom being,
‘standum est pro auctoritate per fas aut nefas’
(stand by authority, right or wrong).

It is the same principle as is found among corrupt
politicians, who, for their own protection, are compelled to
stand by each other and for their political machine. The book
"Romanism : A Menace to the Nation" states that
"Rome, thoroughly aware of its diabolical crimes, for its
own protection promotes the shrewdest of her demoralized
ecclesiastics to the very highest offices...."

As with so many other things occurring in the world today, the
sodomy among Catholic clergy is a stage-setting sign that the
time of the end is upon us. Let us use this opportunity to help
Catholics see and admit that Rome is not infallible as she
claims, and the only way to be saved in eternity is through faith
in the Gospel.


Then there are the Nuns! They cannot be described as anything
else but victims to a Godless system. Cardinal Peter
D’Ailly said he dared not describe the immorality of the
nunneries, and that ‘taking the veil’ was simply
another mode of becoming a public prostitute. (Henry Charles Lea,
A History of the Inquisition of the Middle Ages, vol. 3, 1888,
pp. 629-631.)

Here is one example of many testimonies about problems in
cloistered convents: "I grew up in San Antonio, Texas,
living about 6 blocks from a large Catholic Church that was once
a Cloistered Convent. My step-father was an altar boy at the
church, planning to go into the priesthood, until the government
forced that Convent to open up. Then they found the bones of
babies under the floor that came from the sex escapades of the
priests (who represent Christ) and the nuns (who were
‘married to Christ’), which was supposed to mean that
when the nun had sex with the priest, they were having sex with
Christ and it was not sin. When a priest came wanting a young
nun, the Mother Superior lined them up for the priest to pick out
his victim of the day. They then went into a private room with a
bed and he got what he didn’t get at home, since priests
are not allowed to marry. When a baby was born, the Mother
Superior would suffocate the baby and bury it within the Convent.
Now to the sex sin is added the sin of murder! All for the sexual
pleasures and fulfillment of the lusts of the priests.

I personally met a dear nun who was enslaved within a
cloistered convent in the United States. She managed a daring
escape and ran for her life, then began to speak out and was a
part of the governments finally forcing them to be opened and
stop the terrible farce of religious piety and holiness behind
those walls (she testified before Congress). As soon as she
escaped and began to speak out so that the other enslaved nuns
being held against their will might be set free, (for to enter
the convent was to be sealed within its walls until death without
ever being able to leave), they began trying to murder her. While
in the convent, all mail was checked and censored and there were
no outside contacts allowed. They were slaves to Rome! Not
bringing Glory to God! But of course the poor little nuns
didn’t know what awaited them once they entered those walls
because of the lies, hypocrisy and cover-ups of the

Sister Charlotte gave a similar testimony about abuses in
convents. She left her home in the USA for a convent overseas in
1910, and later escaped. Afterwards she accepted Christ and began
giving her testimony, from which the following excerpt is taken:
"I saw scores of babies born in the convents. Most were
abnormal and deformed and seldom was one normal. With my hands I
have delivered many, many of them, therefore I know. With my eyes
I have seen the horror of it all and the world must be told of
what goes on in those chambers of horrors.

Many have said I exaggerate and that these things are not so,
but I have yet to be hauled into court to refute the charges.
They would have to open the cloisters and this they dare not do.
After being snared in this rotten system for twenty-two years, I
know whereof I speak. The child is the product of a shameful,
illicit union with a drunken priest which was forced on her. She
knows from bitter experience that the baby will only be permitted
to live four or five hours at the very most. It will never be
cleaned or wrapped in a warm blanket, for Mother Superior will
put her hand over its mouth and pinch its nostrils to snuff out
its life. This is why there are lime pits in all the convents.
Babies’ bodies are tossed in these holes to be

In a sermon "Wisdom versus Faith," delivered on
Sunday, 1st April 1962 at the Branham Tabernacle in
Jeffersonville, Indiana, U.S.A, William Branham stated, "I
went down there in Mexico myself and seen them lime pits …
. That’s what made communism spring up in Mexico. They
broke up that tommyrot. That’s what made communism spring
up yonder."


In Revelation 17:6 the woman astride the Beast is
"Drunk with the blood of the saints and with the blood
of the martyrs of Jesus".
- a fornicator and a murderer! This is undoubtedly the Roman
Catholic Church which historically has been the most intolerant
of all religions. Unless one gave fealty to the Pope, it was
considered treason, punishable by death.

For two or three centuries, many Protestants have given
figures concerning the total number of people killed directly or
indirectly by the Papacy during the Middle Ages. The numbers
given include 50 million, 68 million, 100 million, 120 million,
and 150 million. Roman Catholics typically give much smaller
numbers. However, even the smallest figure is inexcusable when
compared to the teachings of Jesus.

The Inquisition and Star Chamber were unchallenged as
inventors of horror. Southwell gives an example of persecutions
in Germany after 1630 by Imperial (Papal) troops under Count
Tilly of Saxony. They indulged themselves in - Hanging, Stifling,
Roasting, Stabbing, Frying, Racking, Ravishing, Ripping open,
Breaking the bones, Rasping off the flesh, Tearing with wild
horses, Drowning, Strangling, Burning, Boiling, Crucifying,
Immuring, Poisoning, Cutting off tongue, nose, ears, etc., Sawing
off the limbs, Hacking to pieces, Drawing by the heels through
the streets. - All in the name of Jesus Christ!!

How a Church can identify with the teachings of Christ, claim
Apostolic succession, and call itself the only true path to
salvation when it is littered with overwhelming and damning
evidence of nearly 2000 years of abominations, demonic actions
and heresy is beyond comprehension.

In our next issue, we will approach the issue of heresy, and
demonstrate how far away the Catholic Church is from pure Bible
doctrine, and accordingly, how far away it is from being any sort
of leader in the vanguard of true Christianity.