Are You The One, Or should we look for another?

Are You The One, Or should we look for another?

Are You The One, Or should we look for another?

This was
the question they asked Jesus when they began to
doubt the manner in which He was fulfilling His divine
commission. More to the point, it was actually John the Baptist.
At that time he was languishing in prison. Because of the
personal injustice he perceived being meted out to him, and in
spite of his life long service to the cause of Christ, he
mistakenly assumed Jesus should declare His sovereignty and take
rulership of Israel.

This is a commonly held attitude, which prevails amongst many
minsters and churches at this present time. They call it
"Kingdom Now" theology, or "Dominion"
theology. Meaning, we the church will bring the submission of all
authority to God’s rulership upon earth, and when we have
achieved that ultimate goal then Jesus will come and take up the
headship of His reign through the church upon earth.

I suggest the main question many lukewarm Christians are
asking at this moment is the same as that which John asked.
Namely, "The Jesus whom the Western World has taught about,
of which we have all heard, is not doing what we have been told
He would, therefore is this Jesus the right one or should we look
for another? And if He is the right one then why does He not
establish His kingdom now and deal to these my unjust inquisitors
and accusers who are hassling me?"

I want to go on record here as stating, the so-called Jesus
much of the West has been presenting is not the Jesus of the
Bible and has no resemblance to the Jesus of the Bible. Rather,
this Jesus is of the evil one, a new age Messiah, one whom we
should not have been looking to for help at all. This new Jesus
of the West is of the spirit of the Antichrist, an opposer of all
that is good. He is a messiah of another gospel, a gospel that
Paul the apostle in the book of Galatians called accursed.

I believe most of the Western Church explicitly, and much of
the rest of the world church, is now in total deception as to who
Christ, the Jesus of the Bible really is. He is not the great
benevolent ‘Father Christmas’ we in the West believe
He is, He is not the forgiver of every mans sins, unless there
first be an acknowledgement of wrong and repentance. Jesus
Himself laid down a principle and that was

  1. If a man sins… then rebuke him.
  2. If he repents… then forgive him

Forgiveness can never be full or complete unless there is an
acknowledgement of sin and subsequent repentance. Then and then
only, can the cycle of forgiveness be fully and completely
attained. The offender, in order to have complete restoration,
must account for his offence by being confronted and rebuked.
Then, when he repents, he asks for forgiveness which is
then granted by the offended.

There is much confusion in Christianity over this issue. Some
say we, when becoming the offended must forgive regardless, and
therefore there is no need for repentance. That is
! The offended must not hold or bear grudges or
resentment. He must forgive, but when trust is shattered, it must
be restored by the offender showing his or her worthiness of the
newly bestowed trust the offender is seeking, by earning that
respect once more.

If that trust is not restored, you will never have the same
relationship you once had with the individuals – you now
have severed relationship. Only when repentance takes place on
the part of the offender can that relationship be returned over
time to its original position. So it is with God. If you think
you can violate God’s commandments and truths and carry on
as though nothing has happened you are deluded and deceived.

The Scriptures again tell us, forgiveness was not found by
Esau, even though he sought it with tears. Why? Because the
Scripture demonstrates his tears were tears of regret, not tears
of repentance. In other words Esau was not concerned about God
being offended by his sin. He was just sorry he had been found
out. It’s the same motive behind the blind man and the
lawyers question to Jesus in John 8 as to who sinned.
"Was it this man or his parents?" (Lets find
who is to blame and deal to him.) Or if you want another example,
let’s do a Jonah’s friends deal on him, find the one
responsible and throw him overboard. This is just an evasion of
personal liability in each case, seeking to justify our own
personal actions by laying the blame at the others feet.

I came upon a situation recently, whereby a group of people
made a misguided prophetic statement concerning the outcome of
the latest elections in Australia. It had much exposure in Church
circles but their response when it did not happen was to place
the blame of the failed prophecy back on the people rather than
take responsibility for the wrong. They stated, "The
saints did not pray hard enough".
I must confess I was
appalled at the reaction of those who follow this ministry, in
their immediate willingness to endorse and condone this obvious
inappropriate prophetic word and the subsequent lack of will to
correct it through true Biblical correction and repentance.

It shows me the church is not in a good state. The naivety and
willingness of saints to sweep fault under the carpet and then
blame people because they did not pray hard enough is not
acceptable. I personally know many earnest saints and churches
that prayed for God’s will to be exercised in the
elections. I felt God show me in the middle of last year, that Mr
Rudd would become Prime Minister of Australia with a landslide
majority. I mentioned it in my own church and to many others but
I was challenged by the prophecy mentioned above. I felt then I
must be wrong and thus went silent on the subject.

However, upon returning from overseas, I find my word was
correct and the error of others explained away. I do not want to
see anyone humiliated but I do expect to see an apology from such
leaders. It is this sort of foolishness that is making the church
look like a laughing stock. No wonder the world sees us as a
bunch of weirdos and recalcitrants.

I stand today as a ministry of over forty years experience and
I do not accept these lame excuses from high-profile Christians.
Consequently, I was disappointed to see all the wellmeaning
saints rise to defend this blatant misstatement. In travelling
the world constantly as a prophet I must be held accountable for
my wrongs, without the comfort of an escape clause of blaming
others. I would expect and welcome men of credibility to come and
correct me if I did that. Otherwise I am no different than John
the Baptist in giving occasion for people, as well as myself to
rationalise error and like John leave people asking,
"What happened……?" It undermines
credibility and causes people to ask, "Are you the one
or should we look for another?"

Is Jesus trustworthy? Is He dependable? Can He be relied upon?
Confusion in this regard to words that do not find fulfilment
just engender more confusion and ultimately bring
disillusionment. Disillusionment is a word which incorporates the
word illusion, which in turn means people will believe what is
not true or not factual because they can not distinguish truth
any more.

I am not suggesting that dishonesty is involved in this case -
just simple overzealous hype and a lack of wisdom. But the fact
remains, what we state, when it does not come to pass, is no
different than those who say but do not do. It creates the same
instability in followers, causing them to question all biblical
leaders’ integrity, sincerity and relevance.

Much of Christianity over the last ten or twenty years has
been infiltrated by humanistic opinions and doctrines of demons
suggesting to us that God is this great benevolent one in the sky
whose sole purpose is to exist for the welfare and good of His
subjects and to provide our every need without asking anything in
return nor requiring any conditional response on our part. Paul
writes in his epistle to Timothy that in the last days men shall
be lovers of self rather than lovers of God. They will be lovers
of pleasure grasping at every lustful obsession and self
gratifying desire. They will have a knowledge of God but will by
their very actions deny his Lordship over them and at the same
time will be proud, arrogant, boastful, blasphemers, despisers of
all that is good, truce breakers, unholy etc. This is where the
church is at and we must take a stand for righteousness and hold
people accountable. Not in legalistic ways, nor in a dogmatic way
but we must hold people accountable and then restore them in a
Biblical way. I would want that to happen to me should I go off
the rails.

More and more we will, and are already seeing the noose of
liberalism closing around the neck of truth and beginning to
choke the very life from it. We must return to a holy reverential
fear of God and a true respect for His Word of Truth, the Bible.
On every hand we are seeing emergent Postmodernism and its
rationalistic philosophy along with its guru salesmen crawl out
from under every Christian gathering into every walk of faith. On
most Evangelical and Pentecostal church pulpits the slick snake
oil salesmen tout their new programmes and gimmicks that
supposedly will expand our contemporary churches, or should I
rephrase that by saying our temporary egos.

At the time of writing this article I have just returned from
a country where the church of Jesus Christ is under persecution
and I spent a couple of days speaking and ministering to a leader
of a persecuted congregation and his fellowship. I felt humbled
as I sat with him and asked him to tell me his story how he came
to Christ. He said to me he was born blind and could not read or
write, but his mother was going to send him to a fortune telling
school so he could earn an income when he was to leave home as
that was acceptable.

As a young man in his late teens in this particular nation it
is an imprisonable offence to own a Bible so there were none to
be found. The week he was due to start in the school of fortune
telling, a school for the blind opened in his town. His mother
felt it was better for him to go to school to learn how to read
and get an education first, so she enrolled him, and he went to
learn as a blind man to read and write.

A couple of years later he was able to read Braille and write
the same, and he was playing around with a cheap radio,
housebound in his room in a very poor neighbourhood. He heard a
part of a radio programme which said to find the reason for life
you need a book of life which is called a Bible. It went on to
say it will give you every answer you need, to every question you
have. He decided he needed one of these books of life. He asked
around but no one would talk to him as they were forbidden in his
land so he prayed one night, "If there is a God out there
then please send me one of your books of life!"

Several months passed and then one night, as he was again
housebound because of snow, he was playing with this small radio
and he heard a voice state if you want a book of life then send
to this following address and we will send you one. He got his
mother to write the letter and explained in the letter he would
need one with large print so his mother could read it to him
because he was blind.

Several weeks went by and then a parcel arrived at the post
office for him. So he went to collect it. It was a very large and
heavy box. He took it home and upon opening it he found it was
the Book of Leviticus in loose leaf because it had been typed in
Braille. I asked him how it got past the authorities. He told me
no one could read Braille so they did not know what it was.
Besides this, it was called by a funny name Leviticus, no one had
heard of it before.

He began to read it and he said it seemed such a strange book
which he could not understand, until he came to the part where
God instructed Moses how the nation of Israel was to treat the
blind. After reading it he began to weep as he said any God that
would make sure people were to take care of the blind like this
must be a God of incredible love and mercy.

The next book he received was the book of Exodus and when he
had received all the books of the Old Testament he was already
soundly converted and knew who Jesus was. I was overjoyed just to
sit with this tower of faith. He knew God and the Word and he
knew his Bible and he certainly knew truth and doctrine. If only
we would believe the Bible and allow God’s Spirit to do His
job the old fashioned way, convicting men of sin and convincing
the world of righteousness we would see a lot more of Godrevival
in society. But to no avail, we insist on our gimmicks and our
modern motivational psychology to move the heart of man and
wonder why we have no lasting success. Satan certainly has done a
thorough job on Christ’s church.

All the New Age nonsense that engulfs Eastern mysticism and
their anti God, Yoga and meditational practice is storming the
walls of the contemporary church under the guise of Godliness and
spirituality. People such as Erwin McManus and the likes of Rick
Warren, along with Robert Schuller and others, are a disgrace to
Biblical Christianity in that they think God needs their wisdom.
Job when contending with his so called advisors said in a moment
of sarcastic frustration……" NO DOUBT YOU
What he
was actually saying was, "you think you know it all and
I guess when you go to the grave wisdom will go with you, as your
conceit suggests no one else has any, not even God."

Exactly what that diabolic blaspheming impostor, the not so
reverend Sun Myung Moon of Unification Church fame, had to say in
declaring he had been sent to fix what Jesus had failed to

As if we need the likes of these selfopinionated,
self-promoting enemies of the Cross.

Society now asks in every corner of every nation, as a result
of the churches lack of credibility, truth and direction - ARE

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