With a New Year
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the Lord and have great times of joy and delight in the ensuing
year. After all, Thessalonians tells us to "Rejoice

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I am beginning to see now why Paul spoke these words. These
are darker days we live in than what we have experienced before.
Even our ministry at The Omega Times has a harder edge to it, far
more than you would have seen in Barry Smith’s time.
Recently, I have been thinking how enjoyable, humorous and light
those crusades of Barry’s were, and I have been asking

The answer is simply that even 15-30 years ago, the end times
message was not actual or real in people’s lives. Things
had not yet started to bite, so we were immune from the darker
side of the reality of these things. Not so today! As we enter
further into the unveiling and fulfilment of Bible prophecy, it
is apparent that the future is not going to see the base nature
of man change, in fact it will be the opposite, as 2 Timothy 3
soberly points out. Omega of course, records these changes in our
political, economic and religious lives, and the trend is not a
good one.

Yet for the Christian we have this hope and the promise which
was wrought on Calvary that God loves us, has redeemed us and
desires for us to live in a heavenly home which the Lord is even
now preparing. Let us not forget that we are sojourners and
pilgrims on the earth, looking for a heavenly City which is yet
to come. -Editor