Thank you for sending me the copy of your latest DVD, The
Rapture Question with Dr Kevin Conner, on the 70 weeks prophecy
of Daniel etc. I enjoyed it very much. Enclosed is a copy from a
chapter from a manuscript of a book written about 40 years ago on
the subject I produced with my mother (never published).
Generally it outlines my views on the subject, and as you are
interested thought I might send you a copy.

I was impressed with Dr Conner’s "attitude" to
the subject, in that he said he had to unlearn some previous
ideas which were wrong – and to me that is a good sign in
any student – because there are very few people prepared to
change old ideas, even if they are false. Unfortunately, some of
the book’s (‘Gladiator’) and material
I’ve previously sent to you referencing Daniel 9 (because
of heavy editing by publishers), may have given the impression I
believe in a 7 year period, which I don’t. I’ve also
enclosed a couple of previous papers I’ve written. Yours in


We very much appreciate the articles and clippings you
have sent. -Editor


Many years before Barry died I sent him an article on the
antichrist coming from Syria, and still treasure his written
reply, please consider - The prophet Daniel said the antichrist
would come from Syria, Daniel 11:40. He would have a stern
appearance, the king of the fierce countenance, Dan.8:23. He
would sign a peace treaty with Israel for 7 years and break it
after 42 months, Daniel 9:27. He will be the little horn of
Daniel 7:20. I believe this man to be the brother of the late Hafez
al Assad, none other than Rifaat al Assad. The name Assad means
lion of Damascus in Arabic, but the name was changed in the
1920’s from Wahash which literally means wild beast,
literally the mark of the beast, Revelation 13:1. The 7 heads and 10
horns of Revelation 13:1, refer to the members of GAFTA (greater arab
free trade area) a trading block that came into place in 1997,
signed by 17 members of the Arab League in Amman in Jordan and
later ratified in January 2005, the future economical power base
of the future antichrist, in my opinion Rifaat al Assad.



A school where my daughter goes in the UK is going cashless! A
disgrace. The letter is attached, please feel free to circulate.
Won’t be long before Australia follows suit.


The letter referred to describes the system and we print
the following paragraph from this letter as an example of how
hitech and advanced the cashless/mark system has come. - Editor
(Read the lead article this issue.) Here is the paragraph - There
will be a number of questions about this new process. It works by
having an account for each pupil, into which money has been paid
in advance. Pupils identify themselves at the till point by
placing their thumb into a reader, which recognises who they are.
The person at the till also has access to a digital photograph of
the pupil and the amount of money in their account has the
appropriate sum automatically subtracted from the balance. This
system requires that a photograph is taken of the pupil and
stored in the system, which we intend to do in January. These
images are not available to any other organisation and will only
be held whilst the account is active; pupils who have not given
us permission to use their images will need to do so separately
for this purpose or they will be unable to access the system and
buy lunches. The thumb reader does not take a fingerprint –
instead some but not all elements of the print are recognised by
the machine and converted into algorithms which are then recorded
digitally. We understand it is impossible to make an image from
this information, so no fingerprint of the pupil is kept by the
system and the information is meaningless to any other
organisation. Nevertheless, if parents object to this system, we
will have access to a number of swipe cards which can be used as
an alternative. These are, of course, much easier to lose; most
schools that have started using this system have not found the
cards popular.


I have been an Omega subscriber for some time now. Could you
guys please explain the Kyoto Protocol in more detail for us and
what the ramifications are for our nation? I read up on it this
morning on the Internet as I was wondering why our new PM Rudd
(grrr) is so hell bent on making changes to it. What is behind
all this? Is there some control that will be handed over to One
World Govt advocates as a result of further commitment from our
nation? I personally believe that climate change is a big
‘raspberry’ just like the YK2 bug. So I am just
curious as to what lies behind it. Thanks for your work of
dedication and carrying on Barry’s work. He certainly would
be pleased. Looking forward to your reply.


Unlike the YK2 bug, climate change will not go away
because of the powerful support of the greenies,
environmentalists and conservationists. Because of normal
fluctuations, sometimes taking centuries or even millennia, in
regular earth changes, climate change is unproven, but there is a
case to show there is a current warming trend. We think that in
issues such as pollution, we do have a need to address this, as
Genesis records that man was given stewardship over the earth.
Wikipedia records the following regarding Kyoto – "The
Kyoto Protocol is a protocol on climate change with the objective
of reducing Greenhouse gases that cause climate change. It was
agreed on 11 December 1997 at the 3rd Conference of the Parties
to the treaty when they met in Kyoto, and entered into force on
16 February 2005.

As of November 2007, 174 parties have ratified the protocol.
Of these, 36 developed countries (plus the EU as a party in its
own right) are required to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the
levels specified for each of them in the treaty. One hundred and
thirty-seven (137) developing countries have ratified the
protocol, including Brazil, China and India, but have no
obligation beyond monitoring and reporting emissions. -