Police State Democracy

Police State Democracy

Police State Democracy

It has been well said that whatever happens in America,
the rest of the world copies a year or two later. You have been
warned – now read on…

What exactly is profiling, and when did profiling become
mandatory and automated?

I can remember, as I’m sure most of you can, when the
term "profiling" hit the mainstream consciousness
through mass media. I can personally recall hearing on television
programs how mass murderers, child molesters, and career
psychopaths could be profiled by professional profilers. Now,
I’m sure that profiling was not new to investigative law
enforcement and Ph.D psychologists and psychiatrists, but to the
general public, profiling desensitization came in the form of
mass media and serial killers. In other words, it was sold as a
good thing to catch bad guys. But…

It was also introduced to the public at the exact same time
that profiling became a globally, technologically, and automated
human information gathering system. We the people witnessed the
birth of the interconnection of the world’s largest
databases, which collect ALL information available about all of
us – from senior citizens to newborns. All of our
"data", which has been steadfastly and continuously
collected by our medical systems, our educational systems, our
governmental organizations, and our banking and credit
corporations, was suddenly and technologically capable of being
linked together and equally downloadable to even larger data
bases, which are governmental data bases. Then you add the
"security" and paramilitary initiatives following 9/11,
and we now have even more and larger information-collecting
databases, which store all electronically retrievable information
on each and every American person.

What we have learned in the last 30+ years is that ALL our
health and medical records - including all pharmaceutical records
- insurance records, tax records, political affiliation records,
licensing and credentialing information, educational records from
pre-schools, vocational schools, to doctoral degrees; all
mandated educational assessment and other testing results
records, our mobility and travel records via our credit cards,
our gasoline usage – also via our credit card records; our
financial and banking records, our mortgage and financing
records; our major purchases and repairs records, the models and
colors of our automobiles through the DMV, our driving history
and traffic violation and crash records, our energy usage records
– we’re talking water, natural gas, oil, propane,
electricity – and our food consumption records through our
super savings cards that we have been told provides huge savings
if we use them; our library records, our telephoning records, our
cell phoning records, our "tell-a-vision" viewing
records via our cable and satellite subscriptions; our department
store purchases - certainly our Wal-Mart purchases, which through
their use of RFID tagged merchandise, I think it would be fair to
say that these electronic profilers may actually now come home
with us in our shopping bags for whatever reasons; our firearms
purchases and records - on and on and on - everything we do,
anywhere we go, everything we need to survive, anything we buy is
collectible information – AND IT IS COLLECTED, downloaded,
and electronically STORED in governmental data bases.

Now, let’s talk for a minute about how we have been
groomed and manipulated, through our daily use of computer
systems, to selfprofile. There are now entire sites – some
of the largest and most popular websites in the world - that are
solely dedicated to collecting the information provided by all of
us self-profilers.

Take MySpace, for instance. It’s a site whereby you
socialize electronically by putting your entire life online
– your likes, dislikes, opinions, problems, desires,
photographs, on and on. And how about those "find a
mate" sites, where you literally tell every intimate detail
about yourselves – from political affiliations, health
issues, employment information, hobbies, vital statistics, your
desires, likes, dislikes, your religions, on and on - all in the
name of finding a perfect mate.

And then think of all the other websites where, again and
again and again, we have "created our profile" on data
entry screens. Your computers actually tell you that you are
entering information to "create your profile." All our
online buying sites, research sites, all our chat sites, our
credit card sites, our technical service sites – and we
have told literally everything about ourselves at the prompting
of our computer screens. We have thrown the intimate, personal,
and financial details of our entire lives into cyberspace –
voluntarily – because our computer screens prompted us to
do so. People, how naïve and positively stupid have we
become – that we follow the rules and suggestions of
electronically displayed words? "Big Brother" on
steroids, people, and with multi-millions of us in blind

Let us also consider our educational systems. Parents, how
many "governmental" forms is one required to complete
to enroll a child in daycare centers, public or private schools,
or universities – either physical paper forms or data entry
screens or both? Then there are the records kept on our children
by educational counsellors, teachers, social workers, special
needs teachers and advocates, Teen Screen advocates, literacy,
social, emotional program specialists, Individual Education Plan
advocates, and equally, just consider the mental health invasion
into the public school system, where children who are flagged by
their teachers for "social/emotional" problems are then
re-directed straight into the hands of "community
partnership" mental health workers who, in turn, then
re-profile the children AND their entire families.

Do you think all these educational and mental health systems
don’t collect and download their information to their
funding sources, which are governmental agencies? You know for a
fact that they do! We are talking about rampant data collection
and data basing FOR governmental funding sources, people. The
government is collecting every bit and piece of information about
ALL of us that they can possibly retrieve from their grantbased
servants. You see how this works? And then consider the mandatory
census forms that ALL American people are required to submit
under threat of arrest for failure of full disclosure. If you
know anything at all about "community partnerships,"
you know that all community partners share clients, which means
they share your collected data with each other and their
governmental grant masters.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, let’s consider all the
health-based sciences. Do you not find it remarkable that while
the medical community - and I use the word "community"
with all contemptuousness – while the medical community and
geniuses can cure NOTHING, they can create just about anything
– key word being "thing."

They can make hybrid plants; they can mix the genes of plants
and animals; they can clone plants, animals, and people; they
have indeed mixed the DNA of humans and animals; we know for a
fact that they transplant animal body parts into human patients,
that they are combining DNA with nanotechnology discoveries, and
perhaps have mixed the DNA of humans with crash site aliens in
our world of rumours, suspicions, speculations, and dialectic
misinformation. Rumours abound that select people are being
remade into super gene’d beings. Rumours abound that
soldiers are being nanoteched and bioteched into super soldiers.
Science non-fiction appears to rule the day.

We are told that medical researchers can cure diseases, but
they don’t or won’t at this strategic point in world
history – where, as we know, depopulation is mandated, and
it’s globally sincere in strategic and documented efforts
to reduce the human population by about 3/4 in order to ensure
nature’s "sustainability". Yeah, well I’ve
got some wetlands to sell you in a biosphere reserve if you buy
that dialectic load of manure.

Tell me something, folks – when was the last time you
heard of a super-elitist dying of cancer – an epidemic
cancer? Think about it. While American people are contracting and
dying of epidemic cancers, suffering with chronic sinus
conditions, watching their children and grandchildren suffer with
epidemic autism, ADHD, ADD, childhood obesity - while American
people now contract diabetes and have renal and liver failure in
epidemic proportions – epidemic in the last 15 to 20 years;
while the legitimacy of the famed food pyramid – coupled
with genetically modified and bleached grains, artificial sugars,
genetically modified produce, mass produced and highly
vaccinated, hormoned, and highly guarded meat farms, the fluoride
in public water supplies, and the highly, highly suspicious
bottled water industries – meaning bottled water
corporations; while the absurdity of the famed food pyramid,
which has been challenged since day one and turned average sized
people into a nationally overweight population – tell me
why "science" is unable to come up with anything
anything at all – to serve the health needs
of the American people. Tell me why the super elite don’t
seem to suffer from OUR health conditions?? Perhaps it is because
they do not shop at their "enforced" transnational
superstores or eat or drink the same foods that we have been
forced to digest.

The truth be told is that our parents and grandparents, who
were eating meat, saturated fats, lard, sugar, were smoking
cigarettes, and certainly drank from time to time, AND who rarely
used prescription drugs unless genuinely sick, were FAR, FAR
healthier than we are today, while our genius medical researchers
and scientists can crack the genetic code and create just about
any insidious thing – the key word being "thing"
that they choose to create. So, on this note, why are ALL
American people being manipulated into providing genetic or DNA
information, which AGAIN is data based? Our DNA is now REQUIRED
to be collected and data based. Be careful what you sign, people,
when you give or receive blood or enter into any
"healthcare" or "public safety" system.

We know for a fact that they can create super viruses to
super-charge the power of diseases. Gosh, why would they want to
do that? Shall we ask the depopulation academicians, commissions,
and/or the microbiologists who haven’t been disposed of
quite yet? What a world, people, what a world we have allowed to
develop while we sat back for 70 years watching
"tell-avision". Let us ask ourselves why the concept of
privacy is now a radical and revolutionary act of criminal
selfishness. Why are we under the microscope – even to the
molecular level? Why indeed. Human freedom is ending. Let me say
that again: Human freedom is biometrically ending –
permanently. Yet, stupidly, we continue to ask ourselves -

We have previously learned that in 1933, with the Act of March
9th of 1933, the United States was declared in a state of
emergency. In 2007, we are still operating under this declared
state of emergency. Remember that this 1933 state of emergency
was declared at the request of the Federal Reserve Bank of New

Since that time, we have witnessed a steady decline in the
powers of our Constitution, which in translation means that we
have steadfastly witnessed the erosion of our constitutional
rights - meaning the personal rights of every person in this
nation. Equally, we must realize that this is not a solely
American phenomenon. This is happening in the rest of the free
world – all of the free world. Why? Because the world is
coming under the auspices and dictatorship of a new world order,
a world government – which says that mankind CANNOT be free
and CANNOT have rights. In translation, we are not Godly people.
We are people of, for, and by the use of the world’s elite.
And that means that we are owned and operated by man’s laws
and not God’s laws, which is why the primary religion of
the West – the Christian religion – has become the
religion of enemy combatants, political radicals and dissidents.
The state all "emergencies" ushered into play is the
state of the complete deception of the new world governing order.
In America, we call this state of deception our 2-Party governing

On that note, I want to relay a story told to me by a
co-worker. She told me a story about her grandchild, who is
three-years-old. This child’s uncle, upon leaving for Iraq,
gave to this three-year-old niece a tiny camouflage- covered
Bible. This child, not yet a reader, took her tiny Bible to her
preschool. When her teacher saw the Bible, she immediately sent
it home and told her parents to never send this book to school
ever again. We’re talking a three-year-old non-reader, and
a child who is unaware of the Christian religion, but who simply
brought to school this gift from her uncle. Will treachery never
cease? More to the question, will teachers in the United States
ever stand up to the treachery in our school system – of
which they are ALL more than aware?

We must also consider that Presidential Executive Order 13397
placed the Department of Homeland Security over all Faith-Based
Churches in the United States. This is the premier paramilitary
system operating inside of our now undefended nation, and which
now stands as an administrative authority over most of
America’s Christian churches. One cannot help but to wonder
about the profiling requirements of our faithbased churches as so
directed by this paramilitary system.

You just might want to ask your church leadership if you are a
designated faith-based church – one that takes government
money in exchange for commanded missions and compliance –
and what kind of information is delivered to the Dept of Homeland
Security – remembering that all grantfunded organizations
are, in fact, required to submit reports to their funding sources
about the accomplishment of their mandated grantor missions. Any
organization who receives government money is REQUIRED to report
as directed. Are congregation members named in these funding
reports? I strongly suggest that you demand to see the mandatory
reporting forms, and the types of information that your church is
forwarding to their grant masters.

I’m sorry to say that I have another and current example
of profiling data base systems which is the Employment
Eligibility Verification System.

The EEVS proposal would require ALL PEOPLE— both
citizens and non-citizens — to obtain and present newly
proposed documents such as a Social Security Card and
driver’s license compliant with the Real ID Act in order to
work or continue working. The EEVS data basing human compliance
grader would mean that EVERYONE would have to obtain PERMISSION
from the government to obtain a job and every time a new job is

The Employment Eligibility Verification System (EEVS) would
require every person in America to carry a new and improved
biometric Social Security card containing information about the
cardholder such as fingerprints, retina scan and DNA —
essentially another national ID - AND present a Real ID-compliant
driver’s license to qualify for any job or income. In
essence, NO ONE will be able to work in the USA without DHS
approval. And, guess what? This bill forecloses judicial review
of any profiling errors. Therefore, if it is falsely determined
that you are disallowed to work and to earn money, tough beans!
Starve and weep!

About 16,000 employers nationwide are currently and
voluntarily participating in the EEVS Basic Pilot Program, but
this federal mandate requires expansion to mandatory use by every
American employer, which will affect at least 140 to 160 million
American and non- American workers – and, again, all in the
name of "security".

Well Americans, be secure in knowing that you are all but one
grade away from destitution, national shunning, and targeted
enemy designations of this state of treasonous affairs. And once
designated as such, I refer you to history, to Halliburton
civilian labor camps, and to other potential atrocities. Now you
know why they have been steadfastly preparing for total
"civilian management" under the guise of
"terrorism". We are one to two years away from our Real
ID designations – 12 to 24 months – and only God
knows what other "legislation" will magically appear
from America’s 2-Party dictatorship. Would someone tell me
why American presidents and vice-presidents have no limits or
oversight – whatsoever?

It would appear that they’ve learned everything there is
to know, and that very soon, our personal report cards will show
themselves in one way or another. The question is - how will you
rate as a global citizen of mankind’s new governing
dictatorship? Are you what is desired, or are you unfit? Are you
loyal enough to the new governmental masters? Are you a good and
useful enough community servant to Corporate profit and cheap

Are you fit and compliant enough to police the world and, if
commanded to do so, to act offensively against your own nation
and people? And most importantly, are you desirable enough, on a
genetic level, to deserve to live, or are you slated for
elimination under the auspices of sustainable compliance with
depopulation ratios and the "common good" of the global

Are you healthy enough to remain alive, or are you a financial
drain on your community due to your ill health, your old age,
your diseases, your genetic imperfections, or even your weight?
Or should you be a reasonable community member, and opt for
euthanasia to free your community of your personal burden? Should
medical care be denied to you? Should you be forced to die for
the good of your community – much like billions of dogs and

Pray and do what you can to preserve America and our
Constitution. Keep talking - don’t give up. We are all in
this together. Keep the faith, and remember that God loves all
mankind. Never give up freedom willingly.

© 2007 Nancy Levant - All Rights Reserved - Used by
permission. Nancy Levant is a renowned writer for Constitutional
governance and American culture. She is an opponent of deceptive
governance and politicians, global governance by deception,
political feminism, the public school system, political economics
based upon manufactured wars and their corporate benefactors, and
the Federal Reserve System.