Prepare While You Can

Prepare While You Can

Prepare While You Can

For thirty years, I have been
writing, speaking, imploring, and begging others to make
rational, concrete plans for a time in life that would offer no
quarter, give no mercy, and that would in a word
be--catastrophic. We are coming face to face with that moment.
You have so little time left to do anything that will give you a
fighting chance. National Guard units are training, preparing for
urban combat. The US has just reached agreement with
Canada’s armed forces to come in to this country and assume
combat roles should they be needed in American cities and towns.
The Federal Reserve’s last ditch effort to stem the
"blood loss" in the sub-prime and other currency
markets has failed. The dollar has been abandoned for Euros.
Israel has demanded that all of the financial aid received from
Washington be paid in Euros. The ultimate irony and slap in the
face. Oil, dairy, wheat products, gold, silver, copper prices,
the list goes on, are racing for the stratosphere with no end in
sight. An implosion has begun with no known method of stopping or
reversing until critical mass is reached. It will be followed by
an explosion in the economy and the political realm unseen since
founding this nation.

The ultimate tragedy is, this was
preventable. It could have been slowed or reversed at any time if
a courageous and morally upright Congress had revealed the root
causes for the disaster. If the socialist "generals" in
Congress had been defeated or at least their programs thrown out
at the time of their introduction, billions would have been
saved. If the truth and our first president, General George
Washington’s advice had been followed, every conflict since
WWII would have been avoided. Lack of foolish and unnecessary
regulations, taxes, and frivolous lawsuits, would have allowed an
explosion of small businesses to thrive. The lack of a Federal
Reserve System would have allowed the US to remain a creditor
nation based on assets rather than suffering under a crushing
debt imposed by the feds dictatorial control over the
people’s treasury. Instead, we saw year after year, decade
after decade, and now century after century of greed, bring
ultimate ruin to America. Although we did not want it, we must
accept our responsibility for this debacle and now prepare for
what is coming. Friends, you must begin NOW if you have not done
so, to protect yourselves and your family from this pending

If you hesitate, you will be
caught in the maelstrom that is the next six months to five years
of life Pick your poison. If you like global warming and believe
that is going to do you in, well then, build a refrigerated
secure basement. If you like the Planet X scenario, then prepare
for 800 mph winds and basically a "pole shift" that
will leave nothing at all. If you live in a nuclear target city,
or worse yet (worse??) yes, in a sanctuary city, then get out and
get out quickly. Here is what you must do.

Consider geography carefully. I
don’t care where you live now, choose your "Ride &
Hide" (ride it out and hide from the enemy) location with
great wisdom. Coasts are bad, arid regions are bad, rural
northern and mountainous regions are the best. Why? Fewer people
mean fewer morons to deal with. Weather considerations, wild game
availability, timber resources, fresh water, tillable soil,
survival off the utility grid is doable, herding small numbers of
livestock is possible, also grazing horses can be kept. Being at
least 50 miles from the nearest interstate or major highway is
preferable, the same with commercial airports and nuke plants.
Holing up with really close friends or family is the ultimate
best so that expenses, work loads and practical skills are shared
to your best advantage. Be ready to leave your city home with
only one or two hours alert time. You may not even have that.
Practice getting home, loading, and leaving at least once. Notify
only those in your group that would be affected. Tell no one else
what you are doing. Keep your gas tank full and an extra 5-10

Securing the land with a rugged
structure(s) and reinforced underground shelter can be expensive,
however; it is an absolute. Stocking that domicile with stores of
enduring foods, food components (flour, raw sugar, yeast, salt,
etc.) medicines or natural remedies (apple vinegar, honey, olive
leaf extract, etc.) an electric generator and at least 500
gallons of diesel, 100 gallons of kerosene for lamps, tools.
There are many sites available to assist you in stockpiling long
term necessities right at NWV.

You will be happy to know that
your govt in Washington has assisted these efforts to protect
your family from ANY kind of disaster by making it a felony to
harbor many items (as listed in the Patriot Act II). You know, be
wise, be prepared, but if you go more than a week’s worth,
we’ll put you in one of 800 non-existent Halliburton model
"stay for a while, we’ll leave the lights on "
Washington style long term family "vacation" detention
campsites built with illegal or prison labor, right here in the
good old US of A. Moving your money freely will become even more
difficult as banks begin to restrict the amounts that can be
transferred from savings accounts and other short-term investment
vehicles under their immediate control. Using personal checks
outside of your own community will become increasingly difficult,
soon. Bank drafts or money orders will do for a while, but many
real estate, large business or supply companies will require that
you jump over difficult hurdles so that they are not left to
chase you down for payment.

Securing advance amounts of
medical supplies, especially prescriptions and antibiotics (Tami
flu, Amoxicillin, Keflexin, etc.) will be very difficult as most
insurance companies will only reimburse for 30 days or less. If
you have any serious dental issues, (abscessed teeth), surgeries,
glasses or other necessary medical needs, get them done, now.
Consider transferring available 401K, IRA accounts, or other
liquid plans into gold or silver before their availability or
price are literally beyond reach. A penalty for withdrawal is not
desirable, but highly preferable to empty or inaccessible
accounts next month or whenever.

Have GPS chips removed from your
newer vehicles, laptops if possible, and prepare to leave your
cell phones in the lake 100 miles from your retreat. Leave your
ID chipped pets at the humane society and any animals you raise
for food consumption must be newly born and chip free The same is
true with the REAL ID. That card is also becoming, state by
state, the final nail in the coffin of personal liberty. Consider
it the mark of the beast (I don’t know if it is, but it
could be). The personal ID chip is without a doubt that mark, I
personally believe. I will not UNDER ANY CICUMSTANCES take that
chip, no matter what it ultimately costs me. That is why, among
many reasons listed here, common sense and the urgency that is
coming at you like the freight train from Hell, you must complete
your personal retreat plans, NOW.

Are you getting the picture dear
friends? Laugh at me if you will. Marginalize me and others who
are begging you to make this effort while you can, but hear this:
YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE A CRISES. That is the absolute truth and the
absolute facts of life. You will be among the first victims of
the event or its immediate aftermath. Roving gangs of real
pirates and sadistic tormentors will only seal your fate in a
most cruel fashion.

Ask yourself this single question.
What do you have now that is so worth keeping (suburb mortgaged
home, SUV, boat, hockey equipment, a JOB that is killing you,
etc.) over your life and that of your family? Is your morning cup
of Starbucks worth this effort? For God’s sake, WAKE UP!!
If you haven’t really cared who or what the Federal Reserve
is, well, don’t worry about it now. Just get your money out
and do something with it while you can. If you haven’t
followed the presidential debates, then don’t watch them
now, either. Decide for yourself what you are going to do for
your family and this nation by becoming independent and
"free" in spite of this and the world
government’s absolute determination to rule you completely
and forever. Can you let go of football and beer long enough to
answer that single question? I’m ready, some of you are
ready, many of you are not. If you refuse to get ready, then I
bid you farewell. You were never my fellow countryman to begin
with. God help you.

Your last consideration must be in
terms of self-defense. This will draw the ire of many morons who
were just waiting for this. To you, I say, don’t ever buy a
gun. You would only eventually supply a criminal with one more
weapon. To everyone else, think shotgun, first. A 12 gauge, 20
inch rifled barrel chambered for 3" shells. Buy at least
1000 rounds of OO Buckshot for defense, 1000 rounds of slugs for
large game, and 1000 rounds of #6 shot for small game and birds.
The make of the weapon is your choice, but I would stick with
Remington or Mossberg as my first pick. There are others, check
with a reputable sporting store to assist you. A Ruger .22 rifle
and a 1000 rounds will do for quieter small game. A .308 and 500
rounds will do for long range whatever you need to do
shooting—if you get my drift.

A good four wheeled vehicle of any
kind for off road use rounds you out. I’m pretty good at
spending your money, hmm? Forget the vacation that would have
cost you that anyway. Forget the new $50,000 truck that you just
couldn’t live without. You will LIVE if you use that money
wisely. You have just weeks or a few months—MAYBE—to
be positioned for any possibility. Natural ormanmade. If I am
wrong, sell it in a couple of years to someone who still sees the
need and you’ll be free to be at risk again.

This is the article that many of
you have been pleading with me to write for over six months. I
did not want to present it prematurely and yet it’s
anybody’s guess as to when it will be too late. There is a
risk for the writer of such messages. The risk is that many will
still ignore it, stick their heads in a little deeper or laugh
nervously as they dismiss the content with, "he’s a
typical right-wing worrier, this just can’t happen."
Well, I pray to God Almighty you are right and I am wrong. But
then again, no matter what happens, I’m ready, my family
and I have a good chance ……………
are you ready, do you have any chance at all? © 2008 Greg
Evensen - All Rights Reserved

Greg Evensen Greg is an award
winning former Kansas State Trooper. Printed by