Christianity – A vanishing and irrelevant religion?

Christianity - A vanishing and irrelevant religion?

Christianity - A vanishing and irrelevant religion?

When the Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy his young
protégé and understudy about the future church of
Jesus Christ in a modern and sophisticated society such as ours,
you can not but wonder did he actually have today’s church
in mind. As you read and study the prophetic scriptures written
in the epistles named after him, you realise how pertinent to our
present contemporary world these particular scriptures are. I
personally believe after many years of research and study in
regard to these above factors, that they do in fact directly
relate to our very day. Prophecy is exactly that predictions
directed to and concerning a future time.

Much damage has been done to the cause of Christ and His
church as a result of foolish and unwise methods used by its so
called leaders and representatives. Take for instance the dark
ages and the insidious treatment meted out to those who were
considered its dissenters. Has that not caused massive anguish
and hatred toward the Bible and its followers? What about the
projected scientific theories of Copernicus and Galileo who
concluded the earth was not the centre of our solar system but in
fact the sun was. Then consider how they were treated by the
presiding religious bigots of the day in that they were
excommunicated from the church as heretics, while all the time
these discoverers were actually the endorsers of truth.

It differs little today, some wise sage declared
"when little men cast big shadows it is a sure sign the
sun is setting".
How true - human ego motivates the
proud and ambitious to raise themselves above the rest and ascend
their self proclaimed throne of supremacy. So the only way a
little man can cast a tall shadow is by waiting till the sun is
setting low on the horizon and symbolically he casts a shadow
taller than he actually is. The Bible tells us pride goes before
destruction and a haughty spirit goes before a fall. Surely God
Himself knows man better than he himself does and further as the
scripture also reveals the heart of man is desperately wicked and
deceitful above all things.

That brings me to the point of the article following, which
explains my ramblings above, concerning the attitude in most
secular governmental agencies to contemporary Christianity.

First though, let me make it blatantly clear I do not endorse
nor accept most of today’s modern approach to a non
biblical but post modern theology and perception of Christianity.
I believe it is the sell out of misguided humanistic theorists,
trying to influence mankind by an accept anything approach
philosophy. Anti scriptural anti …………
and anti Christ.

Navy Chaplain Faces Possible Immediate Discharge from the
Military for Praying in the "Name of Jesus’

Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt made his announcement in
front of the White House at a Tuesday morning news conference.
Admirals from the Pentagon have stripped Rev. Klingenschmitt of
his uniform and forbid him to pray in the name of Jesus in public
unless he is wearing civilian clothes. Klingenschmitt is asking
President Bush to issue an Executive Order allowing military
chaplains to pray according to their individual faith

Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defence
Coalition, also announced today that he is joining Rev.
Klingenschmitt in his hunger strike to support religious

Chaplain Klingenschmitt, states, "Today I’m beginning
a hunger strike, and this communion bread will be my last meal,
as I call upon the President to protect religious freedom and
issue an executive order allowing chaplains to pray according to
their faith traditions. All this week I will praying in front of
the White House at
6:00 p.m. for President Bush to have the
courage to sign this order."

Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense
Coalition, comments. By forbidding Rev. Klingenschmitt to pray in
the Name of Jesus, this violates the First Amendment and tramples
on religious liberty.

What an absolute disgrace! This should create outrage from
every individual both churched and unchurched as the thin edge of
the wedge is what will be assumed here. In other words, it will
only be a matter of time before the authorities take complete
control over what we are allowed to believe (and by the way that
is already happening all over the world right now.) This is
exactly what mind control is all about and the direct outcome to
all of this is the imposition of thought police as mentioned in
Orwell’s 1984.

If you are up with the play concerning international hate
crimes, you will be aware of the fact that these laws are not
just American centric but world wide, under the auspices of the
international criminal legislation administered by the United
Nations. These laws will be the final straw that breaks the
camels’ back. They will be the actual laws which will
become the legislative tyranny to enslave mankind in the area of
his spirituality. It is the New World Order religion which is
designed to constrain and dictate what man universally can
believe and preach.

I have in my records a document put out by one of the largest
accountancy firms in the world, whose headline advertising
promotional material states that the church leaders had better
get ready for prison. They blatantly provoke reaction by
advertising, that with the legislation coming down in
international circles, it will ultimately require registration
with governmental and taxation authorities for accreditation in
order to minister as a practitioner of religion. They state
without shame or fear "Pastor if you will not get your
church affairs under the authorities you are going to have prison
ministry". They further state that under international law,
in order to get governmental accreditation you must agree to the
taxation laws 501 c 3. These state that you can
preach that Christ is the only way to heaven and
that the Bible is the only book of truth. There is also included
in the document detail not allowing or permitting cash of any
kind to be paid to any pastor and that further all donated
articles and chattels given in appreciation of effort rendered,
must be declared as taxable income. Further that, should they not
be declared, then the recipient will be eligible for time in

This is draconian legislation designed for one reason and one
reason alone - TOTALITARIAN CONTROL, for the sole purpose of
determining what and how we will be able to practise our faith
and belief. We have been forewarned over centuries preparing us
for this day so we have no one to blame but ourselves for what we
are now facing and as the Apostle Peter predicted all this has
come about because we have been WLLININGLY IGNORANT of these

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