To Achieve One World Government

To Achieve One World Government

To Achieve One World Government

"To achieve One World Government it is necessary to
remove from the minds of men their individualism, their loyalty
to family traditions and national identification."

Brock Chisholm, while director of UN World Health

1….The UN has targeted the local church for eradication
by regulating it out of business
(Ref: U N Conference on
Human Settlements
, May 31-June 11, 1976, Agenda Item

2….UN plans call for replacing all Christian based
religions with a one world religion based on the Gaia hypothesis,
the paganistic worship of "mother earth" having its
origin and roots in The Temple of Understanding.
(Ref: UN Millennium Peace
Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders
, Aug.
28-31, 2000, NY)

3….UN plans to nationalize ALL private property,
particularly privately owned land.
(Ref: United Nations
Conference on Human Settlements
, the Preamble of
which states "Land... cannot be treated as an ordinary
asset, controlled by individuals ---.")

4….UN plans to confiscate ALL profit realized from the
sale of private land.
(Ref: UN Conference on
Human Settlements
, Recommendation D.3 which reads in
part --- "(b) the unearned increment resulting from the rise
in land values --- must be subject to appropriate recapture by
public bodies.")

5….UN plans call for absolute control over where
"YOU" will be allowed to live and work.
UN Agenda 21
, and the UN Conference on
Human Settlements
, Recommendation A.1 which reads in
part as follows; "(b) All countries should establish as a
matter of urgency a national policy on human settlements,
embodying the redistribution of population...over the national

6….UN plans absolute control over WHAT you use your own
private land for.
(Ref: UN
Convention on Biological Diversity
UN Agenda 21
and UN Desertification

7….The UN plans absolute control over how many
businesses of any particular type (ie. auto body shops) will be
allowed within any given area and where they will be allowed to
locate within any given community.
UN Agenda 21

8….The UN has already assumed "total and
absolute" control of over 70 percent of all the worlds land
(Ref: UN Desertification

9….Several U.N. Treaties and Conventions require that
over 45 percent of the total land mass within the United States
be cleansed of all human activity.
(Ref: UN
Convention on Biological Diversity
, The Wildlands
, UN and US Man and
Biosphere Program
, and various UN, US
Heritage Programs

Are you aware of the fact that the UN wants to:

10….Make it a CRIME for parents to deny their children
access to immoral and undesirable material.
11….Make it a CRIME for parents to determine who their
children are not allowed to associate with.
12….Make it a CRIME for parents to influence their
children in terms of thought, conscience and religion.
13….Make it a CRIME for parents to inspect children's
bedrooms to look for drugs or obscene material.
14….Require the MASS MEDIA to provide all children with
information and material for their social, spiritual and moral
well-being and physical and mental health.
15….Grant the children of all working parents THE RIGHT to
benefit from child care services.
16….Require governments to develop family planning
services like Planned Parenthood.
17….Require prospective parents to obtain a STATE PERMIT
to have a child or children and start a family.
18….Require THE STATE to assign a "Parent
Teacher" to come into your home to tell YOU what you will
and will not be allowed to teach your own children.
19….Give THE STATE absolute control over YOUR CHILD'S
physical, mental and spiritual well being.
20….Allow PUBLIC SCHOOL CLINICS to perform intrusive and
invasive genital examinations on YOUR CHILD without your
knowledge or permission.
21….Allow THE STATE to determine YOUR CHILD'S career
as early as the third grade and no later than the seventh
22….Allow the public school system to destroy YOUR
CHILD'S individuality.