The Earth Shall Have Her Day of Reckoning

The Earth Shall Have Her Day of Reckoning

I am not a greenie, nor an
extreme ecologist and I certainly am no tree hugger, but I do
believe we are created by God as stewards of that which was
placed into our hands and as such are to take care of our earth.
The greed, vice and selfish avarice of mankind has treated our
world and even space with such abandon and disregard is it any
wonder that our day of reckoning is at hand.

Though most will not accept this apocalyptic religious view
point I present, I am convinced all will soon see its reality.
You see, all creation as we know it, is held together as the
scripture says, by The Word or breath of Gods mouth. Science has
now proved that all matter is held together in a bond or link of
what is called molecular structure. Electrons neutrons, atoms,
and particles which make up our solid structures are just simply
held together by a simple attraction of various base particles.
Hence, these no longer are position of alignment or attraction,
they by chemical or mechanical reaction can have violent

It is interesting to note that when all matter is surveyed
under Magnetic resonance Imaging (MRI), both animate (lifeless)
and inanimate (living) objects have a distinct aura or life force
(luminescence or pulsating energy) about them. In a very real
sense both the living and non living (such as stones and
materials) give off a form of energy that demonstrates a type of
life is emanating from them. That life or energy effects nature
and other objects around them. Take the example of magnets which
in turn can affect a persons’ health by creating a negative
or positive atmosphere around them. Or look at the more intense
form of nuclear radiation or microwave and tell me it does not
have an effect on the surroundings about it.

In an experiment conducted in the CIA front so called
university known as The Stanford Research Institute in
California, they bombarded the Hope diamond with ultra violet
light. The Hope diamond, which is the largest blue diamond in the
world is supposed to have a curse placed upon it by Tibetan monks
several generations ago. Apparently the diamond was stolen from
the third eye of a budda in Asia and was taken to Europe to be
sold. It was broken in to two parts a larger and a smaller. Both
parts, one in the United Kingdom and the other on the continent
have been associated with disaster and grief where ever they have
gone. The lives of people who have had the parts in their
possession have suffered incredible trauma and grief beyond
belief. When Stanford researchers bombarded the diamond it turned
blood red and began to pulsate under MRI spectrometry like a
human heart.

The eeriness of this experiment entailed a further part in
which they assumed there was some sort of energy being created,
emanating from the diamond which caused them to wonder what would
be the result upon other surrounding objects. When they placed
live flora and plants beside the pulsating energy the flora began
to wilt and become affected. This just proves the fact, that
nothing lives or dies to itself, as the scriptures tell us,
everything in life has an enhancing or alternatively destructive
effect on everything else around it. The Bible states this,
nothing and no one lives or dies to itself but it has an effect
on everyone and everything around it. Nature itself is so
balanced that when one part is degenerating so will the other.
All nature is in harmony with each part and when one is troubled
and disrupted all nature suffers, animate and inanimate.

It is interesting to note that Jesus said if humanity would
refrain from crying out praise to the Son of God as he entered
Jerusalem then nature itself and the very rocks would cry out in
praise and adoration. Also in so many scriptures particularly the
Psalms truth is revealed by the fact that nature itself e.g.
trees mountains heavens and all of creation sings, worships,
bows, claps rejoices etc. etc.

If there is a truth that we as humans have not learnt it is
this, that all of nature is interconnected and in harmony and
each has its part to play in enhancing and benefiting the other.
We perhaps are the most selfish community of creation types upon
earth, we have not given honour to the other parts as we should
have . We have treated earth like it is our own resource to
pollute and destroy at will and there are so many chickens coming
home to roost now as the analogy suggests it is nothing short of
apocalyptic and frightening.

The Book of Romans in chapter eight instructs us that the
whole of earth as a body, and creation as a unified whole, is
crying out for rehabilitation and relief from the tyranny we as
humankind have inflicted upon it. The Bible further adds that our
absolute disregard for creation has caused such anguish in our
world that in turn is like a festering sore which without some
major intervention can no longer be sustained nor continued.
Earth and nature itself cries out under the effect of mans bad
stewardship, that does not even bring in to consideration the
issues of the animal kingdom, the fish or the birds, let alone
the destruction of forestation and wildlife.

I am writing this article from the lounge of a friends holiday
home in Akaroa, New Zealand and while here with my wife, family
and grandchildren we visited the old marine Museum. I was
horrified to see old photographs of the entire Port hills of
Canterbury covered in huge forests. The trees were massive in
size and some up to twenty feet around their girth. But as always
money is the great power that drives the greedy and affluent, so
what happened to the trees. They were all stripped and milled to
make some tin God a throne of self importance upon which he could
rule and pontificate. Just like today, things have not changed,
these psychopaths and insecure usurpers of power manipulate the
other unfortunate minions who can not think for themselves, or so
they would have us believe. Like Abraham Lincoln once postulated
when declaring "Those who rise to the pinnacle of power in
politics are the least worthy to be there and to rule the destiny
of others by virtue of the fact that their desire for control and
influence over society will always make them the dictators of
others destiny".

As the title of this article states I believe EARTH AND
earth shall cast forth her dead and the sea also and all things
in the earth under the earth and above the earth. Finally at the
intervention of God himself with the manifestation and appearing
of the promised one the Messiah Jesus will return and then earth
will rejuvenate and return to its original balance. No wonder the
Bible says that He will then rule the earth with a rod of iron
because that is about the only way nature will have a chance.

The Bible further states that unless the intervention takes
places at Gods personal behest there would be no flesh animal or
human left alive upon earth. What an indictment on humanity that
we short sighted and ignorant despisers of respect could
degenerate to such a state. The most base of lessons is still
contended with by even the most simple as well as the most
profound. We have learnt nothing. Jesus said "Mans happiness
consists not in the abundance or amount his possessions"
Jesus further stated do not hoard to yourself treasure on earth.
My question is how much money does one man need before he
considers himself able to be secure. Finally a sin of
immeasurable dimension is the sin of plunder, where a nation is
plundered and poisoned by the greed of another and no one takes
it to heart that the poor are stolen from and their inheritance
raped by the sick blood lust of neo-cons and internationalists
crazed by the raw taste and pursuit for power and entire control
of humanity.

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