Balancing the Books in Banking and Bureaucracy – Part 2

Balancing the Books in Banking and Bureaucracy - Part 2

In the December issue on this subject I looked at the foundation of the reasons for God bringing this financial judgment on the nations of earth and in this issue, I want to continue that hypothesis but build upon it so you can see the grace of God in it, to bring parity and a sense of justice in it to all nations. In Isaiah 26 it tells us there, that God has observed, that when His judgments’ are upon earth the nations learn and embrace right standards and good behaviour, but when prosperity and blessing are on the earth mankind becomes indifferent to them and in turn ungrateful. He then becomes too familiar with God, in his pride and turns from God in disrespect, claiming his own hand has provided all this. What we forget is the actual detail of what God said in Genesis 12 to Abraham the Father of all believers (not just to Jews - Jacob was the father of the Jews, Abraham the father of all believers}. God spoke to Abraham saying, He, God, not only wanted to bless His own children and heirs of Abraham, (the believers), but that then God wanted through the believers, to bless all and every nation upon earth. Read Psalm 67. If that is not clear then I don’t not have any thing further to say to you, as it states there that God wants all people on earth to be blessed with enough food and wealth for all to survive and be comfortable.

Even the Jews themselves forget that Gods original intention was never to build a bigoted nation of elitists whose very existence was solely for their own inordinate pleasure but that the ends of the earth would come to enjoy the creation He himself designed. His creation was for all men, not just some. It has been said that if you were to take all men on earth and divide the money between them all, then every man would have at least three to four million US dollars. If that is so then why is it that most starve? Because of unfair distribution of wealth, all the bleeding hearts will cry out about it now saying you believe in communism and socialism, to which I respond IT DOES NOT MATTER WHETHER YOU ARE COMMUNIST OR CAPITALIST IN THIS WORLD, AS ALL MENS HEARTS ARE CORRUPT AND WITHOUT GOD AT THE HELM YOUR POLITICS AND PLANS WILL FEATURE CORRUPTION. But I am not a communist, I also am not a capitalist as they too without God at the helm are totally corrupt and depraved with a few living and trading or capitalizing (where do you think this word comes from) off the worth of the many. I ask how much money one man needs to exist and live comfortably.

So tell me, is it one million or maybe five, or would a hundred million be needed, or maybe 2 billion how much? Do you see the folly of this stupidity? We can not spend that sort of money in one life time. It is only the greed of human hearts that want to accumulate that disproportionate obscene worth for a mans own ego and insecurity. We call that capitalism. God calls it greed and we stupid men need to see it for what it is, nothing short of sin and missing Gods Mark. Could it be that by accepting the world’s standard of commerce and trade we will accept its mark or way of doing things. At the same time by doing so we reject or remove Gods perspective and way of doing business and therefore, sell ourselves into a slavery of soul, out of which it is very difficult, almost impossible to be redeemed. Try it some time, talk to someone wealthy, even Christians and see how reactionary and defensive they get when you suggest they give their money away. Any wonder there will be only a remnant of faithful believers upon earth when Jesus comes, He said so himself.

When you begin to realize that the whole financial system in today’s world is built on an illusion, as it is worthless, it then just adds justification to the already corrupt and distorted picture we have been sold. The fact is that the West as we know it is exactly the opposite of what we have been sold, it is a lie but we do not recognize it. The West is not secure and safe and just and free. We have been sold a lie and we gleefully believed it and the dissenting voices of protest which rang out in the sixties through to the nineties fell silent as they each in turn were bought off by the money of the record labels and Hollywood or they just plain died out from public lack of interest. As the scripture predicted concerning a time in the future, which is our present, we have believed the lie as the spirit of Antichrist spread his evil tentacles around the globe readying us for the final strangling choking hold. The deceit and venom we have swallowed has now anaesthetized us against the truth, and quickly when you open your eyes and look around, you realize our present system and world is simply a house built of paper cards. And it will surely fall in a single day as the book of Revelation foretells. The sad fact is that many good people who think they are on the right track, and many ignorant Christians are going to go down losing everything in the process and many will not survive or maintain their salvation as a result of it.

I find it inconceivable that so many at a time like this, turn their hatred toward God as though He were responsible for all of this. I have a situation that comes to mind right this very moment, where a young couple with several young children have just split up and separated. The reason they tell me is because somehow God did not come through for them and grant them the child of their choice and so they are now angry and offended. We warned and warned the young husband over and over that if he wanted his marriage to succeed, then he must build his house on the truth, and as Jesus said submit himself to a good Bible teaching church where he could get help and guidance. But all this was to no avail, he was not willing to do it Gods way, he wanted his freedom and the ability to choose what he felt was his way to live, and refused to believe that God would not sanction it.

We were legalistic he said, adding you are too hard, too religious, so he felt it was okay to drink and party and God was going to be okay with that. Well the sad fact is he, like most of the apostate Pentecostal and liberal Christian churches, swallowed the lie and now he suffers the consequence and like so many gutless Christians will not accept any responsibility for the outcome, as he figures it was Gods fault. Jesus warned us directly of this devilish thinking saying that because of iniquity (injustice) the love (agape love) of many Christians would grow cold and die and then they would be offended because of it and then as a result they would become bitter and betray one another. Now here it is, facing us everywhere, because pastors and churches and leaders and denominations have departed from the truth as the Apostle Paul predicted, in turn then giving heed to fables, seducing spirits and doctrines of demons, which will develop more and more until the Lord Himself appears. But the sad truth is, few churches and Christians even believe in a second appearance or advent of Jesus from the heavens any more.

So where do we go from here? I think personally we have reached the end of the road. There is no alternative, the Lord has to make an appearance soon, as this old world and mans time upon it is up. I personally feel we have destroyed everything of value and trust to a point of no return. Just listening to the news this morning and hearing the stats of the numbers of people conned out of millions by scams and internet fraud alone, the figure is staggering. They said there is 33 million dollars I think per month, being taken from innocent people - people who are desperate for financial return in their old age, and that is just what is calculated as coming from the Nigerian money scams. This is apart from the ones that have not been reported. They also said that now it has become such a lucrative system that the Mafia and underworld has now commandeered the scheme and are utilizing its method. In Australia every day now you hear of the elderly being extorted and robbed by unscrupulous dealers and scammers from workmen to door sales people. And even lawyers, police, politicians and councilors. What a world we live in.

While we were in Hong Kong recently, the whole American debacle of the Lehmann brothers collapse caught so many elderly who were coerced into investing with them. They lost everything they owned. Their houses were included in the loss as many had leveraged against them. All because of the rottenness of unworthy trusts and empty promises made even with assurances that all was totally secure and solid. Yet those at the top, knowing all along they had these junk bonds in circulation that were worth nothing and they were already well beyond living on borrowed time. American companies who sold these under false pretence have refused to replace the extorted fraudulent money, and as such anti American feeling and rage is everywhere. I talked with many leaders in the finance, brokerage and banking industry who informed me of the absolute disregard for, what I would call just common decency for their staff, coming out from their head offices in the United States, particularly New York. They were told in a downturn like this there is no time for loyalties or friendships, the axe has to come down to save the company if necessary, you must be ruthless and at all costs the company must survive. Well with attitudes like that who needs those companies.

All you have to do is look at the obscene bonuses and handouts and golden handshakes given to, not only good management and directors when in good times but also horrendous payments to dishonest and fraudulent managers and board members to realize, truth has no place in today’s business environment. Sadly this diabolic mindset is also now so intrinsically embedded in the Christian church we think that the only way of conducting a successful contemporary church is to run it the same way. What an absolute joke, this stupidity has no place in biblical Christianity, but try and tell that to the modern believer. We are so beguiled and deluded we are convinced this is the way it should be done, in spite of the mistrust and violation of scripture, human trust and dignity it creates. You look at the major bailouts in the auto industry taking place and you have to ask, how come the tax payers money is used to save the companies which actually can not sell the cars they have in stock now, what makes them think they will survive by just creating more stock that will not sell. Who can afford them and why would you buy them?

No one other than people with an imbecilic brain stops to consider that in order to sell a product you have to drastically move away from the range of manufactured products which are just bleeding the people as well as the earth and its resources dry, if you want to stay in business. At least the public itself now has, to a degree, woken up to the fact that gas guzzlers and tanks are no longer a saleable item. But the big rip off merchants and hedonistic minds of business, neo-CONS.

And politics still carry on as though all is well.

I am not a tree hugger nor an ecologist, but I am still amazed at the crazy Christians who argue as to whether global warming has any validity or not. What causes it is one thing, the results of dealing and living with it are another. Sadly no one wants to take responsibility for the fact that once again much of the cause, whether people like it or not, simply comes back to the sin nature and corrupt heart of man. Before I write further let me say I am not going to get into the argument as to whether global warming is a valid science or a nonsense. You can take your pick and decide that issue. But what I will say is this, the scripture makes it absolutely clear there are alarming crisis coming that will turn this world on its head and many of the consequences of these events are directly attributable to our abuse of this worlds resources. I am alert to Bible prophesy and make my science the Word of God, so I am telling you, I am not sure if Global warming is a once off situation or a seasonal consistent thing that occurs frequently in nature over time. Actually, the jury is still out on who is right, there are exaggerations and arguments on both sides, but what I am sure of, is that we as humans were given a mandate from God to be stewards over creation and instead of taking care of it, we have plundered it and destroyed everything God intended for our good because of our greed.

I simply ask, how little, and what do you know of human nature? It always seeks to exploit and take more than it needs to fulfill its sin motivated greed and lust. Do you not think that one of the reasons God has decreed that the earth will demand an accounting day is, as mentioned in Romans 8 stating, "the earth itself groans and travails under the effect and extortionate demands of a greedy bloodlust of mankind and awaits its day of release". How long can this continue unabated? It can’t. The Bible makes it clear in its predictions of a coming future era, when the earth itself will begin to break up and the islands will sink into the sea, greed and love of self will explode and bloodshed murder and hatred will result.

Also the atmosphere will be intolerable and catch on fire, the seas will be polluted the grasses will cease to produce chloroform, the sun will be darken in the skies, the plant life will die, men will starve as they can no longer eat the food, the suns heat will scorch men’s skin, unknown diseases will break out as sores on human flesh, need I go on. Only an idiot would suggest this is not relevant to today. May our pursuit of truth overlook the arguments of justification and seek for God the only solution.

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