Money manipulations and Madness

Money manipulations and Madness

Money manipulations and Madness

With the advent of the recent stupidity on Wall St and its
subsequent effect on the banking fraternity we can only stand
back in absolute awe at the public’s totally false and
misleading perception of how it works and what sustains it. I for
one have been warning and grandstanding for many years now (but
very much unheard and to a large extent ridiculed) concerning the
deceptive and contrived manner of our capitalist banking
practices and their associated legal quagmire put in place to
hide and protect their every devious moves. I have been called
communistic socialistic anti God and every other expletive as
well, but no one has given me an alternative expose of what I
know the truth to be. All these critics do is suggest I am
uninformed or extreme in my viewpoint or alternatively call me a
crank. But here we are and now all the chickens are coming home
to roost and my detractors are running for cover to try and
protect what little depleting wealth they have left. Little do
they realize we have seen nothing yet compared to what is

Barry Smith and others for many years were trying to warn the
people, especially the church and the saints, that such a time as
this was coming and coming with great propensity. Here we are and
guess what? The foolish blinded church has and will be caught
more severely than the unchurched because the Christian community
does not have the ruthless resolve needed to deal with such
foreboding ominous decisions taking place at present.

The Banking cartel is a very elite and small group of German
Jewish neoconservative individuals, whose self proclaimed mandate
is to own and control the entire planet and all its wealth and
resources including every man woman and child alive. They have
had plans afoot for many generations now to totally and finally
implement a system which would control and dictate their terms to
every individual on earth. Their God, as the scripture states, is
their belly - in other words they want it all. They want to
consume everything and everyone according to their personal
ideals, exploiting all others for their own evil intent.

What most folk do not realize is that they have been putting
in place the legislation over many centuries now that will
enhance their degenerate totalitarian schemes and as a result we,
the public, now have absolutely no power over our own future as
they have become so powerful we can no longer stop them. All we
can do now is pray that God will intervene and hasten His coming
as the Epistle of Peter instructs us to do and try and get the
message of salvation out to as many as we can while we have time.
I am saddened that we now have no option but to accept our lot
and await the coming one to deliver us from this evil.

I do not have all the answers but I certainly have a book and
a Saviour that does have all the answers and it is He who will
guide and direct my thoughts and actions in these days if I let
Him and the same goes for us all. He will show us what we are to
do when these ills come upon us, but you must be alert to them in
order to be ably directed through them as they unfold. If you are
not aware of the signs you will not be looking for them so you
must get into His Word the Bible. Jesus instructed us so clearly
that these times would come and that when they arrived we were to
be alert and watching that these things would not come upon us
and catch us unawares. I am at a loss to know why it is that God
fearing folk and preachers alike refuse to acknowledge that these
things maybe JUST MAYBE the actual signs and events Jesus
foretold us of.

What we are seeing in the financial arena is the final melt
down of all the systems that we have been used to in commerce, so
that they can integrate all systems together as one and then
implement a totalitarian control over every individual on earth.
All the legislation has been passed into and through the
international judiciary, allowing the legal and justifiable laws
of every sovereign nation on earth to be brought under this
unilateral system - all commerce and industry, along with all
trusts and foundations so that they can no longer operate outside
the jurisdiction of international law. And all this has been done
right under our very noses but no one seems to care. Each week
new legislation is introduced building upon the old making it
more and more difficult to operate a business in any degree of
privacy or independence. It is all done to sound so good and
beneficial to us but it is actually becoming more and more
controlling and dictatorial.

Just take for example the issue of terrorism. We are
constantly told to be on guard, which literally suggests we trust
no one. We must inevitably spy on one another and report on one
another, monitoring even our own parents and loved ones, even
children, because their behaviour may even be inappropriate. We
are told and instructed daily now to be watching neighbors’
and reporting them to police if we see any thing suspicious.

As each new fraudulent operator of big business is exposed,
after which they do their deals and they seem to walk free, we
innocent end up not only paying their debts but suffer the
imposition of more and more intolerable policing of the laws
because of their dishonourable actions. What we do not realize is
that each exposure of fraud is actually an opportunity for the
authorities to implement their police state and as such much of
the dishonesty does not come from the small man or the public,
but from the big men at the top. The list goes on - politicians,
lawyers, judges, police chiefs, government officials,
departmental heads, and the like. Why is this? Simply, it creates
the very opportunity for them to strengthen and implement their
police state totalitarianism. So they welcome the crime in many
cases as it affords them the very situation in which they can
operate their life long plans. If you were to uncover the actual
sources of it, you would probably find it is actually organized
crime at the highest level.

Pedophilia is a classic example it is not so much the little
man in the street that is behind all this sadistic practice, it
is your top judges, your top lawyers and politicians, public
officials and wealthy elite, as well as the unreal world of media
personalities whose sense of values is so warped and distorted
they are considered by most to be just plain weird. That is where
ego’s are stroked and preened and money buys anything it

Everyday someone in this nation is charged and fingered in
crime and sick compromising actions that make the average mans
hair curl. But we have become so accustomed to it now we
don’t even bat an eyelid. We have become desensitized by
the continual vile soap opera and series on TV and we seem to
enjoy it all the more the more sadistic it becomes. The more vile
television is, the more suggestive it becomes and the more
bizarre and sinister its reality shows become the more we lap it
up. What do you think God thinks of it all? Do you not think He
grieves over what He sees and what He hears?

I tell you when God calls it a day and says enough, imagine
how men’s blood will cry out from the ground on which it
has been spilt. The number of innocent lives cut short because of
some greedy individual wanting assets and some one else’s
chattels, or some depraved individual wanting sexual
gratification to satisfy his own twisted pleasure or some deviate
seeking to exploit someone else so as to benefit himself. What a
race we have become - we are worse than animals, they do not even
treat their kind like we do. No wonder the Bible tells us God
will have to step in to mans’ affairs and cut them short
because we would destroy everything of value if we had enough
time and opportunity.

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