Does A Jew Need Salvation?

Does A Jew Need Salvation?

Does A Jew Need Salvation? Messianic Judaism

This phrase in itself I
trust is fairly self explanatory but allow me to define it a
little more;

Messianic Judaism or better written as a Judaism that
recognizes its Messiah Jesus, as opposed to those who do not
which are in turn termed orthodox Jews. Even amidst these various
sectors of Jewish society there are multiple varied positions and
expressions of belief and political persuasion held. Such as
secular Jews, orthodox Jews, Ultra orthodox Jewry etc etc. This
apart from all the independent nationalistic groups such as
Ethiopian, European Indian.

Where as already discussed, Jewish philosophy embraces the
Babylonian Talmud. The ability to recognize and honour Jesus as
the Messiah becomes absolutely impossible as in the Talmud, the
bigoted Rabbis spell out in detail the absolute blasphemy from
their dogmatic opinion and intransigence to the fact of Jesus
Christ being their promised one.

In fact the Talmud relates to Jesus as an imposter and then
sets about, through the written depositions of the Lawyers
(Rabbis), to legally refute any association that Jesus may claim
to the Old Testament prophecies. So adamant are they in their
castigation of Him that they even relegate Him to the lowest of
the low and subject Him to their preordained sentence of being
boiled in his own excrement in eternal hellfire for His lies and

If you happen to wonder why it is that the only sacred book
that is under extreme attack today is the Bible, the Word of God,
then it should not surprise you to know that it is all directed
from a small but powerful sector of ultra orthodox Jewry at the
highest influential level of educational and legal authority

The Hindu holy books, the Buddhist holy books, the Koran, and
all the others would never allow their truth to be subjected to
the siege that Christianities doctrine is undergoing.

When a Jewish man or woman comes to the realisation that Jesus
Christ is the true messiah, he does not have to refute his
‘Jewishness’ but does have to come to the point of
the acceptance of all prevailing truth and the acceptance that
the New covenant takes precedence over their Jewish tradition.
Many in this day are turning to Christianity as the Lord Himself
is revealing Himself to Jewish people individually all over the

It is interesting to note that prophetic truth makes the point
that when Jesus was taken up into heaven at His first advent, the
two men in white apparel standing in the heavens stated that
evangelism must take place on a expanding scale till the
uttermost parts of the earth had been reached. The actual
uttermost parts of the earth from Jerusalem in the order
mentioned (from Jerusalem to Judea to Samaria to the uttermost
parts of the earth) is New Zealand. New Zealand is the most
farthest nation or geographical place from Jerusalem. When you
consider the last national body of people to be evangelized for
Christianity mentioned in the Book of Revelation before the
return of the Messiah is the city of Jerusalem itself, then you
have to conclude we are on the homeward run concerning the
national recognition of Jesus Christ as being the true Jewish

When the nation of Israel rejected Jesus at His first advent
and said "crucify Him and let His blood be upon our heads
and the heads of our children" they invoked a curse that
Jesus said on the mount of olives in the Olivet discourse in
Mathew 24 would bring about the destruction of them as a nation,
as a people of God and as a system of belief including their
temple and sacrifices etc. He wept with these words.
"Jerusalem, Jerusalem how oft would I have gathered you as a
hen gathers her chicks but you have refused me and the hour of
your visitation henceforth your house is left unto you desolate
(this is the abomination of desolation spoken in Daniels prophesy
begun at this time of the Messiahs appearing) and you shall no
longer see me until you say blessed is he who cometh in the name
of the Lord." The Jews as a nation will be the last nation
evangelized on earth and then they will recognize Him as their
Messiah and will weep and mourn on account of Him and their
historic rejection of Him. In the meantime Jesus still loves them
and is continuing to reveal Himself to them as their Messiah and
where there is a heart for truth, Jesus Himself is making Himself
known just as He is to all people around the world at this
present moment of time.

My questions which are a genuine search and enquiry for
Biblical truth are these:

1……..Is the Bible the absolute defined inerrant
Word of Truth?

2……..If so, will a Jew get to heaven without
faith in Christ?

3……..If so, then is the first covenant still
applicable to one who is Jewish?

4……..If not, then how does a Jewish individual
get into the kingdom of God?

5……..How does God view animal sacrifice under
the second covenant?

6……..Is the first covenant obligatory on those
under the second covenant?

7……..Is Israel exempt from Christ’s
atoning work?

8……..If not, then how will Israel come to a
national awakening and when?

A Messianic Jew then, is one who has come to the saving
knowledge of Jesus Christ’s atoning salvation through the
new covenant which has annulled the old covenant as inferior.

The same laws of nature still apply just like gravity etc.
that has not changed but our hearts have now changed in their
approach to God we no longer are obligated and forced to fulfil
the laws but by our love to Christ we choose to honour our
relationship and do the things He asks of us.

The life of Christ can only be lived by the power of the
Spirit in us helping us to live it. We can not fulfil it in our
own ability. Therefore, we live it by the faith of the Son of
God, who gave Himself for us, who fulfilled the demands totally
of the Old legal covenant and then granted us a new covenant to
live by and in, through His grace divinely apportioning to us
heirs of faith as benefactors a promised inheritance written in
His new will and testament. This enables us to draw upon that God
given inheritance under His new will and testament now that He
has died passing the inheritance to us who follow by faith.

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