Forecasting Your Weather

Forecasting Your Weather

Forecasting Your Weather

What meteorologists and the media are not telling you.

The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA),
will provide to anyone that requests the list, a copy of
experimental weather modification programs ongoing (as well as
historical), in the United States. This list is not complete due
to the fact that many experimental weather modification programs
are "classified top secret" by the U.S. military. These
experimental programs are unregulated and are not subject to
oversight by anyone. In addition, the public, ranchers, watershed
supervisors, forestry, the Environmental Protection Agency,
states, agriculture food producers, fish and game agencies, local
counties, and anyone else that depends upon the weather, are
usually not notified in advance of these programs being

NOAA has, under its umbrella, the National Weather Service
(NWS). If the NWS is notified about these experimental weather
programs, they rarely put this information into their state and
local weather forecasts, leaving the public to believe that their
weather is "normal" or that "extreme and other
weather events" are caused by climate change or "global
warming." The NWS provides weather information to local,
county, and state meteorologists who then use this information to
add to local weather forecasts in the area where you live, but
most neglect to advise the public about these modification

The National Weather Service uses weather models in their
forecasting. These models are based on data which is collected
from a variety of sources and historical information.

There is just one glitch.

Their models may not include at least two factors: 1)
Experimental weather modification programs, and 2) Climate
changes, based on NASA studies and research. (NASA noted in an
October 2005, newsletter that increasingly persistent jet
contrails may turn into man-made clouds that
are"…trapping warmth in the atmosphere and
exacerbating global warming…" NASA goes on to state
that "…any change in global cloud cover may
contribute to long-term changes in Earth’s climate.
Contrails, especially persistent contrails, represent a
human-caused increase in the Earth’s cloudiness, and are
likely to be affecting climate and ultimately our natural
resources…") Thus, state and local forecasts may be
wrong, in many instances, because they don’t take into
consideration these two factors which can dramatically change
your state, county or local weather.

Since the late 1980s, these experimental weather modification
programs have grown in scope and sophistication. The public has
been denied access to this information, in most cases, and
weather modification has usually not been reported by the media
except on rare occasions.

The local weather forecasters usually don’t report on
these weather modification programs, on the results of those
programs, when giving local and regional forecasts. Many may not
even be aware of these programs or may have been told not to
report on them. This means that most weather forecasters are not
giving the public the true facts about the weather they are
experiencing as a result of these programs. Those meteorologists
that know about these experimental weather modification programs
and don’t report them in advance, during or after these
events, are denying the public critical information, especially
to those who depend upon the weather to grow the crops we depend
upon for food, drinking water supplies, and tree health.

The majority of agriculture producers are never told about
these weather modification programs which could cause adverse
weather like drought or flooding. Current legislation is now
pending in the U.S. Congress: Texas Senator Kay Bailey
Hutchison’s U.S. Senate Bill #1807 and Colorado Democratic
Congressman Mark Udall’s Bill #3445. These bills do not
contain provisions that require public participation in the
decision-making process, public notification, congressional
oversight at any level (other than notification of these programs
after the fact), or any provisions to protect crop production,
public drinking water supplies, watersheds or forestlands
throughout the United States. Military programs and experiments
are also allowed under these bills. The Environmental Protection
Agency is not notified and therefore not able to protect the
public and the environment from adverse weather affects or from
some toxic chemicals used in some of these experimental

On July 28, 2008, KTVU News (Oakland/San Francisco/San Jose,
California), presented a new program on weather modification. [5]
John Fowler, the Health & Science Editor for KTVU, conducted
research into this subject after being given many government
documents and other information. This Special Report was the
result of his investigation and it is one of the very few you
will see on this subject.

KTVU Program Advance Advertising Segments prior to the
Broadcast of their Special Report:

1 - "Coming up we investigate a weather modification
program underway here in Northern California." (This implies
there is only one ongoing program in Northern CA. NOAA
experimental weather modification records indicate there were at
least 13 California programs in 2007, and there are 5 or more
ongoing programs so far in 2008.)

2 - Julie Haener (KTVU News Anchor): "Ever wish you could
change the weather? What you might consider impossible is not
only possible, but is happening here in Northern California. KTVU
Channel 2 News reveals who is modifying our weather and why.
Weather patterns have been around longer than man. Should they be
tampered with now?" Rosalind Peterson: ‘Who plays God
with our crops, who plays God with different areas of the State
of California or (individual) counties?" Julie Haener:
"See the upcoming program on KTVU Channel 2 News."

(Transcript of the Special Report aired on July 28, 2008.
Note: If there are errors in any part of this transcription
– we apologize in advance as no transcript was provided by
KTVU. The items in parenthesis below were not part of the program
but added to clarify statements or visuals.)

Frank Somerville (KTVU News Anchor): "Should humans
tamper with mother nature? Weather modification is a growing
trend both here in Northern California and around the world. So,
does it work? And why do some people say it could do more harm
than good? KTVU Health & Science Editor, John Fowler, has
tonight’s Special Report."

John Fowler: "California sure could use more rain. Tinder
dry forests are burning at a record pace…" (due to a
highly unusual lightning storms which hit California between June
19-20, 2008.) "Drought proclamations have millions of Bay
Area water users cutting back or paying more. And climate experts
predict that we are in for decades of unpredictable supplies. The
State’s top water forecaster says: ‘We are on the
edge right now’…"

Maury Roos (California State Department of Water Resources):
"If the next winter is wet, everything will be fine. And if
it is dry we will be in a real drought."

John Fowler: "So what about making rain?" (KTVU
Shows a Paramount Move Clip from The Rainmaker showing actor Burt
Lancaster yelling "Rain!") "Burt Lancaster’s
character was based on a real life Californian who claimed 500
rain making successes, including a San Diego flood. Charles
Hatfield died a half century ago without revealing his secrets.
But his successors are hard at work, here in downtown San
Francisco, at PG&E’s (Pacific Gas & Electric
Company), headquarters, up on the 16th Floor, in their weather
office, where the utilities top weather man, Byron Marler,
studies charts and satellite pictures. Marler’s job is to
change weather, although he won’t say it that

Byron Marler (PG&E): "Well, we are not really
changing the overall picture of the weather in the Sierra Nevada
with the exception of causing a little more snowfall over some of
the watersheds. 5% to 10% additional water on an annual

John Fowler: "PG&E uses what are basically big
propane (ground based), gas flares in the mountains. But others
use different methods, including airplanes to scatter tiny
particles of silver iodide to seed clouds." (There are other
more sophisticated methods using a wide variety of chemicals but
these were not identified in this program.)

Byron Marler (PG&E): "Most of this watershed in the
Sierra Nevada are cloud seeded by someone."

John Fowler: "Water districts, corporate farms, even
private individuals, all modify the weather with little oversight
and no government restrictions."

Golden Gate Weather Consulting Meteorologist, Jan Null,
advises cloud seeders: "You have a lot of people
experimenting with the atmosphere, with only partially known
sorts of effects that are going to come out of it." (No
mention of the synergistic effects of these multiple California
programs or effects on California from experiments being
conducted in adjoining states like Nevada.
Note: There are lawsuits with regard to weather modification
programs in California.)

John Fowler: "So are we messing with mother

Rosalind Peterson: "Who plays God with our crops, who
plays God with different areas of the State of California or the
counties? In other words, the weather belongs to all of

John Fowler: "Former (California U.S.D.A. Agriculture
Crop Loss Adjustor) Rosalind Peterson, of Ukiah (CA), spoke (as
an invited guest speaker), at the United Nations (forum on
Climate Change), last year (September 5-7, 2007), opposing
weather modification (legislation due to negative impacts on
agriculture and watersheds). Although some studies (three
published prior to 1992) dispute it, she said pulling extra water
from clouds in one place steals water from folks downwind (or in
surrounding counties and states disrupting the micro-climates
needed for crop production)." (This program did not specify
which government studies dispute these claims.)

Rosalind Peterson: "If we are doing a lot (of weather
modification), here… (pointing to a map showing the State
of California)." (Rosalind Peterson presented a color map of
the United States showing the number, from NOAA statistics, and
the scope, number of square miles, of weather modification
programs in the United States that are now part of the public
record. KTVU declined to show the entire map or discuss the 60+
ongoing programs listed by NOAA. In addition, during the taped 1
hour, 45 minute interview, KTVU failed to mention the number of
programs ongoing in California or the vote by the Los Angeles
City Council (June 2008), to start a new weather modification
program to put more snow, each year, on the San Bernadino
Mountains in Southern California. A program that could impact
rainfall and weather across the food belts in the Central Valley
and in areas where agriculture crop production and surrounding
forestlands depend upon fragile micro-climates and
"normal" weather patterns for water and snow.)

John Fowler: "Peterson says that is sparking
‘weather wars’ across the Western states, expanding
rainmaking programs that have unknown (synergistic) consequences.
She says cloud seeding maybe making water problems

Rosalind Peterson: "I think that we could go to
conservation, I think we could take others steps for better water
usage and maybe limit those (experimental weather modification)
programs, to only a very (regulated) few, if at all."

John Fowler: "And what about unintended weather
modification such as those persistent jet contrails that
crisscross our skies. These are over Mendocino County where
military jets practice." (KTVU showed persistent jet
contrails and a military jet onscreen).

Maury Roos: "They are blocking some of the sunlight
coming in but they also trap, trap some of the heat, so the jury
is out as to what the exact effects are…but those
contrails do have an effect upon the weather and

John Fowler: "In Beijing (China), over the next few
weeks, well funded Chinese weather modification experts will
attempt to reduce smog by increasing air cleaning rain and will
try to decrease rain during Olympic events. (August 2008). U.S.
experts are skeptical."

Maury Roos: "I can’t help but wonder if maybe they
are exaggerating the amount of influence they have over

Jan Null: "It rains about half the days during the early
part of August in Beijing. The effects are probably not going to
be noticeable to anybody in the stands watching an Olympic

John Fowler: "Professional rainmakers say they can
increase or decrease precipitation anywhere conditions are right.
Proof is elusive. Forecasters can’t predict precisely how
much rain would fall anyway. Still proponents say California and
the United States are falling behind the rest of the world in
rain-making science (and) that we need to invest in technology
that might help us avoid water worries. - Health & Science
Editor, John Fowler, KTVU Channel 2 News." End (Thank you
KTVU & John Fowler for bringing to light this critical issue
in your Special Report – Rosalind Peterson July 28,

John Fowler’s statement that these programs might help
us avoid "water worries" fails to address the issue of
"who owns our weather and who will, or will not, profit from
these experimental programs"? Since there is only a limited
amount of water available at any given time, and since
micro-climates and the weather needed for crop production and
watersheds is critical in every county, this issue needs to be
addressed by the media, the public, all agriculture production
and water resources entities, and our elected officials.

Will KTVU Meteorologists now report on these ongoing programs
and where they are modifying your weather today? And remember
that United States weather modification companies are reported to
be conducting weather modification programs in more than 50
countries around the world. It doesn’t appear that our
science and weather modification programs are behind other
countries or even that they are underfunded. U.S. Homeland
Security is now funding Hurricane experiments starting in August

Who owns your weather and who decides who gets your rain or
snow? The decision is not being left up to you. The news media
and their meteorologists are not giving us all the facts about
our weather. And more and more weather modification programs are
planned in your future without your knowledge or consent.

For more experimental weather modification information and

1, Colorado Representative Mark
Udall has introduced this weather modification bill #3445 in the
U.S. House of Representatives
. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison
U.S. Senate #1807. These bill could be passed at any time in
2, This
is the link to the KTVU Channel 2 Program
that aired on July
28, 2008 on Experimental Weather Modification (John Fowler)
3, The February 8, 2008 "
U.S. Government (Homeland Security), Aims to Tame Hurricanes this
" "...The senior official responsible for
science and technology at the Department of Homeland Security,
Jay Cohen, has given his support to the new hurricane reduction
4, August 3, 2008 -
New York Times Oppose this electronic voting bill

© 2008 - Rosalind Peterson - All Rights Reserved In
1995, Rosalind, now retired, became a certified California United
State Department of Agriculture (USDA) Farm Service Agency
Agriculture Crop Loss Adjustor working in more than ten counties
throughout California. Rosalind has a BA degree from Sonoma State
University in Environmental Studies & Planning (ENSP), with
emphasis on using solar power, photosynthesis, agriculture, and
crop production. Between 1989 and 1993 Rosalind worked as an
Agricultural Technologist for the Mendocino County Department of
Agriculture. After leaving Mendocino County she took a position
with the USDA Farm Service Agency as a Program Assistant in
Mendocino, Sonoma, and the Salinas County Offices, where she
worked until becoming certified as a crop loss adjustor for the