Militarism, Mystics and Maniacs…

Militarism, Mystics and Maniacs...

It is a sad state of affairs when much of our policy and most of our military is driven by an imbecilic desire for global supremacy. Folk might think I am exaggerating here by using the emotive language that I have chosen here in this context. But let me assure you in no uncertain terms, that everything I am saying here is very factual, and in no way exaggerated. The subject which I am about to mention here, is one that many are fearful of touching and should the powers that have control of this directional mindset take exception to what is being said here, then it could be a fairly dangerous path to pursue.

But I am now of the persuasion, that the ultimate plan they intend to implement is so far advanced that it would take a miracle of God’s divine intervention to turn it around. For what it is worth I do not believe, that will happen, because we as independent self willed individuals, have opted to exercise our God given free will and exclude God’s methodology from our consideration. Am I saying that God could not intervene and that redemption could never happen? NO I AM NOT! God could intervene at any moment and supernaturally change the course of action and its subsequent following destiny, if He so chose. But I do not believe he will, as it was not God, who consolidated our present directional course of action in place but we ourselves.

Let me first explain, - I am at present in Melbourne, Australia in the midst of the hottest daily temperatures on record and observing the greatest forest fire tragedy to hit the nation of Australia in its entire history. So far the count of death is two hundred people and a thousand houses burnt to the ground and that is not the final count. What I am constantly hearing around me whilst here is, where is God, how could he do this? My simple and straight answer to that question is this; don’t blame God for what we have set in motion. We demanded God exit from our self promoting liberal mindsets and lifestyles.

Also we refused to hold the line of truth thus conforming to a society based on honesty and justice. We as a people abandoned biblical morality and removed the sanctity of life from our law. We dishonoured the unborn and endorsed the liberal baby snuff squad who, demanded full term abortion, basically by request. We placated the liberal, dishonest lawyers, homosexual judges and politicians and corrupt coppers. We justified abortion and liberal morality accepting it totally and endorsing it as sustainable necessity, which defies our Christian heritage and its God given principles. Foolishly, then we have the audacity to question and wonder why we suffer all this outrage in Nature.

Crazy rationalistic minds of so called wise men constantly tell me, they do not believe there is such a thing as a God of the Bible and even if a God does exist, they say they would not want to know him, because ….. Who wants to know a God, who says He is love yet, would send a person into such a grotesque place as hell. This pathetic, childish mentality COULD BE CONSIDERED LAUGHABLE, IF IT WAS NOT SUCH A SERIOUS ISSUE. My mind simply does not compute nor is logically capable of justifying this stupidity and unsound thinking. You see, the Bible states God created both a heaven for mankind to eternally enjoy and a hell, for the Devil and his evil angels including those who hate God. If that is so, then we must make our choice as to where we will spend eternity. We have only these two alternatives from which to select. Realise also the ultimate destiny we attain is not God’s choice but ours, that is part of our God given human heritage to choose and exercise free will.

The Bible states God did not create hell for mankind, but for the wicked devil and his evil angels. But when we as individuals, state we want nothing to do with holiness or forgiveness or respect or purity or truth, we are in effect saying we want to be governed by the opposite of what God stands for. Let me explain; if God is total love, then to be where He dwells we must accept what He is and become like him. The problem is we want the right to love when it suits but also to seek revenge when it suits. Secondly, if God’s nature is to forgive, we must also forgive unreservedly like God in order to dwell where He dwells. Further heaven is a place of unreserved acceptance and honesty, so in order to be a part of heaven we must habitually practise unreserved acceptance and honesty. Sadly though, we want the right to embrace people unreservedly, but to be ruthlessly honest, we want that option only when it suits us to be so. Yet we also want the option to retain the right to reject ones and be covert and secretive when it suits also.

If God is compassionate then we must be like him, in order to live eternally where he lives. The truth is, we only want to be compassionate to the degree it is acceptable to us and on our terms. But we also want the right to withhold compassion and mercy when it is not our desire to extend it, especially at times when we feel we have been offended or taken advantage of. The issue here is, when we say we do not want to respond as God responds and act as God acts, then we are in effect saying we want to retain control over our own personal emotive responses and retaliatory reactions. We are actually saying we do not want to be controlled by the character of God. So the fact is, by taking up that position and philosophical reasoning, we can not dwell where God is.

Where God dwells is a place of total truth, honesty and justice, a place of forgiveness and love where no hate or fear dwells, a place of absolute transparency and acceptance. Thus we can not possess, hate and love, forgiveness and resentment, thinking that we can retain these ungodly attributes as well as godly ones and live where God lives. Heaven would become exactly what earth is, ruled by ungodly natures not by righteous ones. Ungodly desires and habits can only reside and go to the opposite place to where God dwells and we know what that alternative place is, where God does not dwell. It is called HELL. Simply because it is possessed by hellish hate, rejection, suspicion, and resentment and unforgiving, ungodly, alienating attitudes that creates strife and division.

Hell is the exact opposite to everything that God is by nature. A place of hate controlled by fear and darkness ruled over by unrelenting torment, seething in attitudes of eternal resentment and remorse where no forgiveness is known nor tolerated, that is what hell is. Now let me ask the question - Who is it, that determined any solitary man should go there? It was not God but the individual concerned, they themselves, determined their own eternal destiny. Because they rejected all that God stands for, they automatically choose to reside in the place which is exactly the opposite of what God’s nature is…….. PERIOD.

So now in reference to the title of this article, let me say this. There are only two sources of inspirational direction, from which we as humans can draw spiritual energy, for our lives here on earth. They are either Heaven or Hell, hope or hate, faith or fear, sinfulness or saintliness. We are the ones who make that choice, not God and most of today’s society has chosen to live by every attitude and precept which is the total opposite of what God would desire we choose for ourselves and our future.

When it comes to the folk who control and administer the plans for our global future, they without doubt draw their inspiration from hell itself. George Bush senior and junior, Clinton and many others learnt very early, the art of deceiving people. In fact they were carefully tutored in that professional political enticement, which in turn enhanced their diabolic ability of persuasion. They all have convinced the Christian community that they were Christians themselves, until it was no longer important for them to keep up the charade. The very self evident signs and lies were there for all to see. If only the public had been astute enough to discern them. But not many did and most did not want to believe them even when the facts were staring them in the face. We would rather believe a lie than believe the reality of truth. Truth requires a response from us as individuals and we have become the most effective of all generations using hypocrisy and acting. We have perfected the art of playing out the part of the righteous, yet never holding society to its standard, nor devoutly following it ourselves, JUST EMPTY PLATITUDES, AND WORDS. How true that James should say, "by talking yet not doing we do not deceive any one other than ourselves."

Well our society now suffers the consequences of that folly. There has been the Bush family cabal and their Clinton funded cohorts as well as the new administration of Obama who are all from the same humanistic and deceptive insidious evil camp fed from the same money tree. Obama by the way is a 32nd degree freemason. These political opportunists have been involved in lies, deceit and the occult as far as their history goes back. Remember it was George Bush senior who headed the CIA in Reagan’s administration. What most do not know but which was open for all to see, if they had, had an ear and an eye for the truth, was that Bush’s personal chief of command in many of his sinister covert plots was a Colonel named Michael Aquino, operating out of the American Presidium. This man headed the Psy ops and mind control training division known as Project Monarch and he was deeply involved in Satanism and the occult. Not on his own cognition by the way, but by consent with the Bush cabal’s personal involvement.

Remember also that Prescott Bush, George Dubya’s grandfather was a NAZI who funded Hitler through the Second World War along with Rockefeller, making a fortune in the process by selling Hitler the much needed oil for his war. Grand pappy Bush also had intensive involvement in I G Farben Ltd, a German pharmaceutical company that manufactured the gas which poisoned many Jews in the gas chambers. He was charged in the USA after the war for trading with the enemy and that is absolutely factual information. The present Pope Cardinal Ratzinger also worked for that company.

I will end this article here and pick it up a little later on but the point is Colonel Michael Aquino, a Bush fingered stooge, was the Great High Priest of the temple of Set complete with his own high throne. He was a devout follower of satanic abuse and occultic ritual and sadly most of these top military personal who command the New World militaristic agenda are devout and overt Satanists. All you need do is research, what went on at Abu Graib and Guantanamo Bay military prison camps under Bush, Rumsfeld and Chaney’s direct authority. Learn how they condoned systematic satanic ritual abuse and research the truth to see what I am talking about here. Just do a web search, check also on the name of a Christian woman who was the converted daughter of one of these military goons now expired. Her name is Pam Schuffert. There is a great deal of controversy about her and yes she maybe a little extreme but what she states is verifiable and factual, check it out.

Finally let me make one thing very clear; God is not the destroyer, Satan or the Devil is called that. In scripture the angel of death is known as the destroyer. He is further referred to in the New Testament book of Revelation as the angel called Appolyon in Greek and Abbadon in the Hebrew language. In both languages the names simply mean the destroyer and add further to that the truth that God is the author and giver of life. One should realise that it is not a loving God’s desire to destroy and kill. Jesus said the Devil is the one who comes to rob, to destroy and to kill.

The fact is when we as a people and nation choose to reject God and his standards of living from our selfish greedy way of life, we automatically hand our communities and cultures along with our families over to the only alternative left and that my friends is a demonic, ungodly, humanistic secular society devoid of a biblical conscience of Godly righteousness. The fact that angers me is that we who elect these ungodly courses of action without considering the consequences then have the audacity to accuse God of injustice in his treatment of us, it’s a joke. We shut God out of our lives and then blame him when he doesn’t respond when it suits us to demand his support.

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