Climate Change: Part 1- One World Government

CLIMATE CHANGE: PART I - ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT            By S. Anderson Copenhagen Climate Change Conference - A One World Government Agenda The United Nations held a world conference on climate change from December 7th to 18th 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark. On the surface this conference appeared to be organized […] Read more »

Massive Earthquake Off Haitian Coast 7.0 – Poorest Country in Hemisphere Devastated

Massive Earthquake Off Haitian Coast - Poorest Country in Hemisphere Devastated Earthquakes can be heralded by changes in the ionosphere the earths upper atmosphere on the edge of space. Just before the earthquake struck Sichuan province in China there were odd visual disturbances and they were caught on tape. One […] Read more »

Who we are

Our Background The Omega Times has been a monthly online magazine which has looked at world events in the light of Bible Prophecy.  Initiated by the New Zealand 'End Times' evangelist and author Barry Smith the ministry and publication was taken over by Brian Hay and the late Allan Rasmussen.  […] Read more »

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