Fallen Angels, Aliens & Giants

Fallen Angels, Aliens & Giants

by Bernard Powell (www.Salem-News.com)

The ancient civilization of Sumer was located in the region now known as Iraq, and was situated between the Euphrates and the Tigris rivers, an area known as the cradle of civilization.

Sumer was the first advanced civilization of human beings on Earth.

Their kingdom flourished about 6000 years ago, well before the dynasties of Ancient Egypt.

The Sumerians were the first to develop a system of writing and record keeping, they had developed an advanced form of mathematics which allowed them to divide into fractions and decimals, and they were also the first to develop a calendar, and were notably keen throughout the region in the area of astronomy.

They drew a model of our solar system with the sun at its center, a fact not known to European or modern scientists until about 300 years ago. They had the first cities and urban planning boards; they had schools which taught language and writing, as well as the sciences of the day such as botany, zoology, geography, mathematics, and theology. Literary works were studied and composed.

There is even evidence that they possessed a rather sophisticated form of technology… what many scholars and scientists believe to be early battery cells have been found throughout the region, they are known as Baghdad batteries and are at least 2300 years old.

In fact, the oldest telling of the Deluge or flood story comes from a Sumerian texts known as the Eridu Genesis. In it, the gods decide to destroy humanity for their defiance, but Enki (god of wisdom) secretly warns a man named Ziusudra, instructing him to build a huge ark and to take mating pairs of animals into it so that the earth may be repopulated after the flood is over.

Another similarity between the Sumerian and Hebrew scriptures comes in Genesis 6, where we see that the “fallen ones” or angels that have rebelled against God, come to earth and procreate with human women creating a race of hybrid, half human, half angelic beings.

These are known as Nephilim or Napal (fallen ones)
in Hebrew.  It was because of this mixing that
the Biblical account of the story tells us that God
decides to destroy humanity, because
they have become tainted with angelic “genes.”

Only Noah was found to be “Perfect in his generations,” or untainted and of pure blood.

It is apparent from detail in those records that the Sumerians believed that the offspring of these aliens were real flesh and blood members of their society.

One of the most impressive finds was a sealed nine foot by six foot room in Sippar holding a set of 400 clay tablets containing an unbroken record of the history of those times neatly arranged on shelves. Like a sort of time capsule.

The recovered records place the location of the Anunnaki laboratory where the first humans were literally produced in east central Africa in the same location on the map where the mitochondrial DNA “search for Eve” places the first woman Homo Sapiens and in the same time-period.

The writings also include detailed descriptions of our solar system matching what we now know and beyond. It describes the orbit of a tenth planet between mars and Jupiter. They say that this planet, called Niburu (which means the planet of crossing) was thrust into our solar system and collided with a planet called Tiamat.

The remaining bulk of Tiamat became Eridu or the Earth, and the fragments that were left became the asteroid belt. Niburu took orbit in retrograde, in an elongated orbit around our sun and passes between mars and Jupiter approximately every 3600 years.  

According to the texts, this information was given to the Sumerians by the Anunnaki, who came from the planet Niburu. It is believed by some that this information prompted scientists to search for the unknown planet that they refer to as Planet X.

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